Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 640 (1942)

Newsreel №57607, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:46
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Rome, Mussolini speaks to the fascist parlamentom.s assurances of the desire of Italy to fight side by side with Germany.


Berlin Sports Palace.

Speech on the Reich Minister Goebbels Nazi meeting about the purpose and the work ahead during the 4-year plan.

Students - workers and soldiers.

Asia South-East.

US sphere of influence in Asia.

The military operations of the Japanese and American forces in the Pacific from December 1941 / schemes, maps /.

Fighting in Singapore.

The Japanese infantry in the jungle.

Shootout with the British, the Japanese have guns.

Japanese soldiers go through the mud.

Truck Crossing.

Soldiers with guns on the road.

Japanese planes bombed military targets in Singapore.

Captured British and Australians.

The shelling fortifications in Singapore.

English Lieutenant General Arthur Percival delivers Fortress Singapore February 15, 1942.

The Japanese on the streets of Singapore, views of the city.

Attack on the Japanese island of Celebes, Japanese planes in the air, they bombed British positions.

The landing of paratroopers in the city of maenads.

Japanese infantry advancing inland.

Key words

Pacific front

Calendar: 1942

Locations: Germany [84] Italian

Reel №2

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Southeast Asia.

Map, operations against the Aleutian Islands.

Japanese ships are moving north.

Japanese soldiers in boats, they are on the islands, there is a detachment with the Japanese flag.

Transport ships and seaplane in the harbor.

The attack of American bombers, explosions.

Fragments of the battle.

Solemn formation of Japanese units.

Japanese planes and ships in the campaign.

THE USSR. Eastern Front.

Swearing in members of construction groups joining the active Hitlerite army.

Young soldiers swear an oath to the Fuhrer.

Most of them, while still in the construction groups, managed to prove themselves as combat soldiers.

Young men set shovels in the pyramids and march.

The roll call of the units of the Reich labor service that participated on the front line begins.

The ceremony of decorating the banner with honorary ribbons and tassels.

THE USSR. Military operations south of Lake Ilmen.

A massive raid by German bombers on Soviet positions.

Pilot in the cockpit.

Grenadiers and tanks of the SS troops before the offensive, SS Sturmbannfuhrer Otto Baum, Knight of the Knight's Cross with oak leaves and swords, on the front line with the soldiers.

Offensive, capture of the village.

A column of captured Soviet soldiers is led through the village.

USSR, the central section of the eastern front.

In places of major defensive battles.

Snow-covered trenches.

Tankers who are in reserve, paint their tanks white.

The life of German soldiers on the front lines.

Drying clothes, distributing food.

Soldiers chop wood, take them to the bunker.

Soldiers ' helmets lie on the landing, steps to the bunker, there is a sentry.

The plane brings an order to the motorized rifle unit located on the front line to take back the position that the Bolsheviks temporarily occupied.

German tanks, motorcyclists and troops are moving to the front line.

Self-propelled gun.

Shelling of Soviet positions.

The gun is firing, the crew is at the gun.

German pilot in the cockpit.

Bombing by German planes of the Soviet rear.

Key words

Kawanishi H6K prisoners of war ju-87 he-111

Calendar: 1942

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