Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (1961)

Footage №57631, 1 footage, duration: 0:08:15

Scene №1 Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin

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Morning sunrise.

Yuri Gagarin undergo a medical examination before the flight into space.

To tie shoelaces suit Gagarin.

Gagarin in space suit.

Gagarin gets into the interior of the bus for the journey to the starting place.

The bus goes to the starting place, Gagarin in the bus.

Gagarin gets off the bus, says goodbye to his teammates on the cosmonaut corps.

Gagarin, accompanied by members of the State Commission is to the spaceship (top).

Gagarin rises to the elevator, waving goodbye.

Elevator starts to rise, the view of the launch site of the elevator.

View the bottom step of the spacecraft "Vostok" before starting.

Gagarin is taken into the cabin of the ship, the last check before the flight.

The operator at the control panel monitors the actions of the astronaut.

Gagarin before the launch in the cabin.

SP Korolev, General Designer begins to command into the microphone, sound answers Gagarin (synchronously).

Operators at the control panel, starting from the head of the periscope takes command (synchronous).

Korolev gives the command into the microphone, spacecraft launch, the operators at the control panel.

The ship "Vostok-1" starts to rise.

Shadow at the cosmodrome on the spaceship taking off.

Flapping spaceship.

Those people who listen to TASS news about the first human flight into space.

Jubilant people on city streets.

Messages in the newspapers about Gagarin's flight, people read newspapers.

Telephone operators at the switchboard of the international telephone service.

Entrance to the newspaper "L'Humanite" in Paris.

Editorial staff prepared a room with a message about the Gagarin flight.

People abroad are reading in newspapers reported flight Gagarin into space.

People on the streets snapping newspaper.

Portraits Gagarin Soviet and foreign newspapers, preparing portraits for printing.

Solemn meeting in Moscow in honor of Gagarin's flight into space, people are holding homemade banners with slogans.

The demonstration goes through the Manege Square.

Demonstrations in honor of Gagarin in the USSR and abroad, face demonstrators.

General view of the meeting in the Red Square in honor of Gagarin's flight.

The operator in the Mission Control Center monitors the screen, the screen - the person Gagarin.

Gagarin's brother - Boris gives interviews (synchronously).

Clouds in the sky.

The lander after landing.

Laying parachute.

Gagarin talking on the phone after landing.

Gagarin passes accompanied by the military, people greet him.

The fighters escorted the aircraft with Gagarin on board.

Gagarin in the cabin.

Helicopters dropped leaflets.

People Vnukovo airport in anticipation of the arrival of Gagarin in Moscow, Gagarin's wife Valentina Atmosphere.

Plane with Gagarin on board, accompanied by fighter comes in to land, the people waiting at the airport.

Gagarin down the ramp, walking on the red carpet, people greet Gagarin.

Gagarin hugging relatives, people on a city street watching on TV live broadcast from Vnukovo.

Motorcycle escort accompanies Gagarin car, people on the streets of Moscow greet him.

Gagarin out of the car responds to the greeting residents of Moscow, people greet Gagarin.

The car drives with Gagarin in the Kremlin.

A general view of Red Square, filled with people.

Gagarin welcomes people from the rostrum of the Mausoleum on Red Square, the faces of people walking past the mausoleum.

General view of the St.

George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Buglers blow signal.

Gagarin's face.

Marshal Rodion Malinovsky hugs and kisses Gagarin.

Photographers are taking pictures.

LI Brezhnev Gagarin presents the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union, he congratulates him, standing next to MP Giorgadze Plane with Gagarin on board lands in one of the airports in the USSR.

People are running to meet Gagarin Gagarin down the ramp, face Gagarin.

Gagarin with bouquets of flowers in their hands sits in an open car.


Gagarin Yury - cosmonaut Sergei Pavlovich Korolev - Designer of rocket and space technology Brezhnev Leonid Ilyich - state and political figure Michael Giorgadze Porfirevich - state and political figure Rodion Malinovsky - commander

Calendar: 1961

Locations: Moscow [820] Kazakhstan [114] USSR [863]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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