Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 737 (1944)

Newsreel №57667, 1 part, duration: 0:11:35
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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In memory of Pilot Oberleutnant Helmut Lent, who was shot down on the Eastern Front.

Lifetime photos.

Lent with his comrades in the raid.

The funeral of the pilot.

The coffin in the funeral hall, sits the famous pilot Galland.

Goering expresses his condolences to the relatives.

He's giving a funeral speech.

Laying wreaths.


Eastern Front.

On the Prussia-Warsaw line.

The replenishment is sent to the front.

Trains with equipment, tanks, fuel.

Tanks on the eastern border of the Reich.

German troops on the march.


General province.

Defeat of the Warsaw Uprising.

SS Ober Gruppenfuhrer, Police General Erich von Bach (Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski) accepts the surrender of the rebels.

The rebels surrender their weapons to the Germans, they are sent to German captivity.

March through the streets of destroyed Warsaw.

Polish General Tadeusz " Bur " Komarowski, commander of the Polish Home Army, who signed the surrender agreement on October 2.

France. "Anarchy" in Paris after his release.

The arrival of De Gaulle.

The population welcomes the general.

A shootout in the center of the city near the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Panic among the residents.


Border area in the west.

Poster "War to Victory".

A security checkpoint.


The ruins of the city.

Evacuation of the civilian population.

Evacuation of children.

Putting them on the bus.

Refugees from border areas.

Herds of cattle.

A procession of young people from the "Hitler Youth" with shovels in their hands.

Women dig trenches.

Soldiers of the RAD / Imperial Labor Service / on the construction of defensive fortifications.


German flying units on the Western Front.

German bomber.

The destruction in London caused by German aircraft using V-1 missiles.


Western Front.

Aachen district.

Using their material advantage, the Anglo-American troops attack the German units, firing batteries.

In the bunkers are the German reserves.

Soldiers at the grenade launcher.

They are firing at the enemy.

British planes bomb the German positions.

Marines on a combat operation.

They are among the ruins of the house firing at the enemy.

A German sniper is shooting.

Close-ups of German soldiers.



A solemn rally of Hitler Youth volunteers born in 1928, going to the front.

Taking the oath of allegiance to the Reich and the Fuhrer.

The General makes a speech.

Close-ups of young soldiers.

Locations: Germany [84] UK [232] France [77] Poland [177]

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