Galina Ulanova (1963)

Documentary №5770, 6 parts, duration: 0:58:54, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kristi L., Slavinskaya M.
Screenwriters:Lvov-Anokhin B.
Camera operators:Khavchin A.
Anouncers:Khmara L.


A film is about the world-famos ballet dancer Galina Ulanova.

Historical background:

The film includes footage in different years by operators during performances and concerts.

Temporary description:

City of Moscow. GS Ulanova talking with the conductor A. Roitman. Fragments from the ballets "Swan Lake", "Cinderella," "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai," Red Flower "," Romeo and Juliet, Giselle. Says GS Ulanova (synchronously). Photos of scenes from the ballets. Book Pages GS Ulanova School ballerina. Bolshoi Theater. GS Ulanova passes at the theater, in the dressing up room, in rehearsal. The audience fills the hall. Fragments from the ballet "Swan Lake". Types of family photos. Forest, river landscapes. GS Ulanova in the museum. Paintings, sculptures. Fragments from the ballet "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai. Playing S. Prokofiev. Scenes from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet. China. GS Ulanova rides in the car on the street of the city. Photos G. S. Ulanova among Chinese actors, the Chinese girls. Fragments from the ballet "The Red Flower", "Giselle". The audience applauded. Participants ballet bows. GS Ulanova at a press conference, speaks with an American writer A. Kahn - author of a book about it. USA. City of New York. The queue for tickets to the Bolshoi Ballet. Photos, portraits, sculpture GS Ulanova. Academician D. Skobeltsyn presents GS Ulanova Order of Lenin. GS Ulanova in rehearsal with Yekaterina Maximova. Fragments from the ballet "Les Sylphides". GS Ulanova passes on the Kremlin's Alexander Garden.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

GS Ulanova talking to the conductor A. Roytmanom in the Great Hall at the studio, where the scoring of the film.

GS Ulanova runs along the embankment of the Moscow River.

Fragments from the ballet performed by Galina.

About his work tells GS Ulanova (synchronously).

Photos starring Ulanova.

Ulanova's book "School ballerinas", translated into foreign languages.

Photo: Little Gal.

Drawings depicting the years of teaching Ulanova in the Leningrad Ballet School.

Photo: mother Ulanova - Maria Feodorovna Romanova (zoom).

Bolshoi Theatre.

Ulanova goes to the theater to rehearse.

On the stage is set decoration.

Lancers in the dressing room, his hands corrected ballet shoes.

Ulanova the piano turning over notes - CU.

Ulanova dance in "Les Sylphides."

Grand Theatre in the evening.

The audience in the hall.

Ulanova in the dressing room.

Figurines - Galina Ulanova.

Fragment from the ballet PI Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake."

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A fragment from the ballet "Swan Lake".

Applauding audience.

Bows Ulanova.

Photo father Ulanova - Ballet director Sergei Nikolaevich Ulanov (zoom).

Photo parents Galina.

Photography - Ulanova with a deer.

Landscapes of central: the forest, the river, and reed.

Paintings of Levitan, Serov, Vrubel (filmed in nodules).

Ulanova in the Tretyakov Gallery.

Ulanova at the pyramids in Egypt, on the deck of the ship (in New York, shot skyscrapers) to Niagara Falls.

Monument AS Pushkin in Tsarskoye Selo (sitting on the bench) - MS., CU.

Poem AS Pushkin's "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai."

Photo Ulanova - it is the role of Mary, the ballet Astaf'eva "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai."

Tsarskoselskaya statue - a girl over a broken jug - LS., MS.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

GS Ulanova with composer Sergei Prokofiev (he at the piano).

Creating the appearance of Juliet in Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet", Ulanova leafing through the book, looking the picture of the Renaissance.

Fragment from the ballet, which premiered in Leningrad


Neva embankment.

Grand Theatre (evening plan).

Fragment from the ballet at the Moscow stage (first ball, a secret wedding, matchmaking Paris, taking in the bedroom soporific powder farewell Romeo in the tomb with Juliet, Romeo's death.)

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A fragment from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" (Juliet's death.)

Composer R. Gliere (CU.) - author of the ballet "The Red Flower".

Figurine Ulanova as Chinese Tao Hoa - CU.

Ulanova rides in the car to Beijing.


Beijing (above).

Photography - Ulanova of Chinese actors, near Mei Lan Fang.

Mei Lan Fan plays the role of Chinese women.

Photography - Ulanova with Chinese girls.

Chinese women at work: with ears in his hands and the collection of tea.

Fragments from the ballet "The Red Flower" (a dance with an umbrella, sailors give Tao Hoa red flower - a symbol of freedom.)

Turns the music - CU.

Photo Ulanova as Giselle.

Fragment from the ballet Adam "Giselle" (with his dear).

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fragment from the ballet Adam "Giselle" (Waltz, scene of madness, dancing Giselle shadow).

Applauding audience.

Ulanova bows and other members of the ballet.

Applaud the French actors, including Philip Gerard.

Soviet ballet footage trips to foreign countries (the audience applauded,

Ulanova bows).

Ulanova among foreign correspondents.

American writer Albert Kahn speaks with Ulanova.

Kahn's book by Ulanova, photos from the book.


Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photos depicting Ulanova in different roles.

Fragment of "The Dying Swan" by Saint-Saens.

Streets of New York - at the entrance to the performances of the Bolshoi Theater (people sit, stand).

Books about Ulanova and her work in foreign languages.

Portrait of the artist Vireyskogo Ulanova.

Sculpture Ulanova (with motion).

NS Tikhonov presents GS Ulanova the Order of Lenin and the diploma of the winner of the Lenin Prize.

Congratulate her oldest Russian actress AA Yablochkina and a young dancer Katya Maximova.

GS Ulanova rehearsing with the Kremlin Maximova.

Ulanova to warm up before going on stage.

Ulanova danced "Chopiniana".

Ulanov is the Alexander Garden.

Movie №0

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