Tonwoche № 541 (1942)

Newsreel №57700, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:13
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

French plane carrying members of the expedition led by Admiral the Balaton (?) On board sent to Algeria.

The map shows the route in the Sahara Desert through Oran, Colomb, Behar, Gao, Timbuktu.

Types of terrain with the aircraft.

For aircraft landed fleeing locals, it is a detachment of Bedouin horsemen with spears.

Admiral bypasses the operation of the French colonial troops.

French group arrived (probably Vichy officials) inspecting the construction of roads in the Sahara.

The colonial troops with the help of the local population are building roads and bridges.

Start of construction on the coast.

Negros digging the ground, the machine work.

The crane carries the bucket to the ground, pulling the trolley negros.

Cars passing for laying asphalt.

The opening of a new bridge across the river at a gathering of local residents.

Parade of colonial troops.

Spanish Falangists at the train station in Madrid, the inhabitants accompany young men recruited for the construction.

One of them is holding a pole with a sign: "The chief of the expedition."

Young people in the cars, from the window hung Nazi flag.

Native escorted young men, they passed a bottle of wine, with food packages.

Minister of Labour of Pigs escorted by the military goes on the platform, accompanies them in the way.

The train departs from the platform.

In Riga, opened an art exhibition of contemporary painting and sculpture.

At the meeting made are identical General Commissioner Drexler.

Visitors to the exhibition halls.

Portrait of Hitler, landscapes, still lifes, sculptures.

Three girls in traditional costumes near the picture with sowers.

The paintings on the theme of work.


A man comes to the woodpile, select the log, carries it to the workshop.

With the help of the machine, he cuts wood, gives it the sole form of shoe, blanks stacked on a shelf.

Women sanded blanks, grind them into machines.

Working men and women, leather tailor and sew on machines parts for top sandals.

Women are sewn leather straps for sandals, nail them to the soles.

Finished goods warehouse.

Flip-flops on a mannequin.

French circus artists perform before an audience in Paris.

Two-jugglers men with balls.

Speech with elephants, a lion.

Three men stand with the art of riding on horseback.

Tamer tiger.

Two clowns with musical instruments.


Speech ventriloquist with a doll-duckling in a variety show.

People sitting at tables watching the performance.

Ventriloquist performs an aria of Figaro, duck, meanwhile, misses its foam, and at the end vanities brush in his mouth.


From the agricultural regions of the channels peasants carrying their products on the boats.

The boats boxes with cabbage, pumpkins, squash, apples.

Weighing the goods.

Boats unload on shore, boxes loaded into wagons.

Gathering in the Bavarian village of winter things.

Letting the population skis, bellows and warm clothes for the soldiers on the eastern front.

Admission things charity.

Locations: Algeria [4] Spain [205] Latvia [122] France [77] Italy [110] Netherlands [155]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Big pile of skis on the ground.

Residents grateful for the assistance to the front.

Items in stock.

Women repairing things, to alter them.

From sewing fur jackets, hats.

Soldiers help load belongings onto trucks, then they were transferred into wagons, seal up the door.


German and Italian planes make a raid on the Cyrenaica.

At the bottom of the column is visible on the road cars, their bombing.

German artillery firing on British planes, anti-aircraft guns hit.

English plane explodes and falls on the ground, on his black smoke belching.

English pilot was taken prisoner.

Eastern front.

Northern Section, Finland.

Aerial reconnaissance aircraft sits on the snow, the pilots go.

On board camera shoot.

The study of aerial reconnaissance data in a special cabinet.

The received data is applied to the card.

Officers checked photographing, transmit data to the headquarters.

By phone messages arrive at the position.

Finnish skiing soldiers in camouflage coming through the woods.

Shoots Finnish artillery, the soldiers are fleeing the attack.

The troops in the place, run past burning houses.

Military operations near Leningrad.

The arrival of the tanks on the Leningrad front, the tanks went to the train platforms and immediately go forward.

Tankman protrudes out of the hatch, it shows how cold, rubbing the ears.

Front line, firing the German artillery across the Neva.

German infantry in the attack, the soldiers fired on the run, run past the corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Capture Soviet trenches, Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Crimea, military operations in Kerch area.

German artillery on the river bank.

Crossing the river.

On the way, go carts, trucks with soldiers, field kitchens on horseback.

Soldiers sitting in capes.

On the mountain is visible Muslim mosque.

The Romanian and Hungarian part in the march along a mountain road.

The shelling of Soviet artillery positions.

Planes "Shtukas" in the battle, the soldiers watched from the ground for air battle.

Attack infantry soldiers ran with smoke bombs fired machine gunner, the soldiers throw grenades, shoot a rifle, flamethrower.

Locations: USSR [863] Crimea [981] Finland [76] Germany [84] Africa

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