Tonwoche № 551 (1942)

Newsreel №57704, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:11
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Destruction in Paris on the Place de la Concorde after a raid by British aircraft.

Residents dismantle the ruins.

There's debris everywhere, planks, rocks, PNRM. through the ruins.

Men pass stones from the basement along the chain.

On Concord Square, a funeral rally was held for the dead citizens, wreaths and flowers are carried to the coffins.

Speech by the head of the Vichy government, Marshal Petain, to the crowd.

A funeral ceremony dedicated to the memory of those who died in the war is being held in the Berlin Cathedral.

Priests pass by.

Service in the presence of the public, the diplomatic corps, the military.

The soldiers lower their standards.

Hitler's arrival at the funeral rally.

At the pantheon on Unter den Linden, he exchanges greetings with Gross-Admiral Raeder, Field Marshal Keitel, Milch, Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler, and together with them he goes to the pantheon to lay a wreath.

Hitler adjusts the ribbons, salutes the fallen heroes, and leaves the pantheon.

Veterans and disabled people of the first and Second World Wars at the pantheon, Hitler walks around disabled soldiers sitting in chairs, talks with them.

Ceremonial march of the battalion of guards, sailors, flag bearers.

Rally of residents and Latvian volunteers on the square of Riga.

They are addressed by Commissioner General Drexler and Arbeitsfuhrer Ulrich.

The solemn passage of the volunteers, the orchestra is in front.

The group goes to the train station, the residents see them off, the children run.

At the train station, the recruits receive food, they carry boxes, bundles of sausages, a barrel, and carry pots from the truck.

Farewell to the family, couples exchange their last kisses.

Recruits shake hands with a soldier-front-line soldier, throw him in their arms.

The train with the volunteers sets off.


Latvian nationalist Atenis Mathias, who was awarded the Iron Cross by the Germans, is at home on a visit, he is with his family.

Mathias visits a military hospital, talks with the wounded, the Knight of the Iron Cross Karel Stevins.

Mathias delivers an anti-Soviet speech in front of a microphone.

Locations: France [77] Germany [84] Latvia [122]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A paramilitary camp of Romanian youth in the mountains.

Guys in uniform come out of the building, pass by the attendant in the chef's hat, take sandwiches from the tray, eat.

Sports activities in the camp, the guys do exercises in the snow.

The instructor teaches the children to ski.

They go in a chain, a ladder, go down the mountain.

A two-team snowball fight.

In Berlin, the Deutschlandhalle hosts competitions of gymnasts from Germany, Hungary and Italy.

Men perform floor exercises, exercises on the uneven bars and on the crossbar.

Some of the shots were taken by rapid.

Poglavnik Ante Pavelic near his residence in Zagreb.

He inspects a brand-new Mercedes, given to him by the German side.

In the audience hall, the German representative reads out the text of the award of the Order of the Grand Cross of the German Eagle to Pavelich.

The presentation to the order was signed by Reich Chancellor Hitler in Berlin on July 24, 1941.

The German representative shakes hands with Pavelic and passes him a box with the order.

In Budapest, in memory of the recently deceased German Reich Minister of Armaments, Dr.

Todt, an exhibition of his construction projects in Hungary and Bulgaria was opened.

Bust of Todt in front of the exhibition.

Mock-ups of Todt's construction projects: motorways, bridges, road upgrades.

Eastern Front.

German soldiers make explosions of ice jams on the river near Leningrad.

They cut through the ice with a saw, drop explosives into the wormwood.

Ice floes float on the released water under the bridge.

Soldiers jump on the ice.

Eastern Front.

The central section.

The Germans are building a railway bridge to replace the one that was blown up.

The construction involved the forces of the local population.

Men drag logs along the shore with the help of ropes.

Working machines, clogging supports.

The diver goes under the water to repair the damage, he is lowered by a welding machine.


A plane carrying General Field Marshal Rommel, who arrived from Africa, lands on a snow-covered airfield.

He is met by the general, in the car they go to the Fuhrer's headquarters in Scharnhorst.

Hitler meets Rommel and presents him with an award - the Iron Cross.

Fighting in the area of the Valdai hill.

A German general arrives at the position of a French volunteer battalion, awards the soldiers with the Knight's Cross.

Soldiers with awards on their chests.

Fighting in Karelia.

In the village there is a German transport.

A shield with a painted skull.

A column of trucks goes into a snowstorm on the road, there are soldiers.

A soldier leads a horse with a sledge through the snow, soldiers on a sledge pass a locality.

Soldiers of the Legion "Wallonia" in the offensive, firing a cannon.

Soldiers go through the snow field, lie down.

Battle with a Soviet tank.

Soldiers in camouflage uniforms move on skis behind tanks.

Capture of the village, burning huts.

At the destroyed houses lie the corpses of Soviet soldiers, weapons.

The Germans are leading Soviet prisoners, a column of local residents.

Northern section, Lake Ladoga.

Carabinieri in camouflage riding on a sledge, which is attached to the guns.

Skiers pull sleds with weapons.

Explosions are heard, soldiers fall to the snow.

German soldiers on skis roll behind the riders, holding on to the ropes.

The gunners deploy the cannon, shoot, explosions are heard in the forest.

German tanks are driving through the forest, breaking trees, soldiers are moving behind, a combat attack.

The damaged Soviet tanks remain on the field.

Locations: USSR [863] Germany [84] Romania [182] Croatia [56] Hungary [100]

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