Tonwoche № 628 (1943)

Newsreel №57731, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:05
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Occupied Ukraine.

In the fields in full swing harvesting.

Where felt shortage of local labor, to help Ukrainian farmers have German soldiers.

Women knit wheat sheaves, stacked on carts.

On the field work sent from Germany, agricultural machines, machines have replaced destroyed by the Bolsheviks.

Work on the grind.

Women and soldiers mowed.

The old man sharpening his scythe.

Farmer mows in sandals.

Sheaves on carts driven to grind.

In Romania, celebrated the Day of the Romanian Navy.

At the military board held a prayer service.

The sailors on the deck.

On behalf of the King and Marshal Antonescu, German and Romanian officers and men were awarded orders.

Passage sailors march past in front of the Minister of War and Marine Gen.

Pantatsi Minister General Shoba.

Flemish labor service organization demonstrates to the residents of Antwerp sports performances in an outdoor stadium.

Young people marching down the street in front of the drummers, are the men with shovels in their hands.

They go to the stadium, operate on the mass gymnastic exercises with sticks, balls.

Following the example of the German Labor Front in Serbia organized a national duty to rebuild the country.

Fighter knocks with a hammer on the rim, run out of the Barracks young men in shorts.

Troop marching through the village to the river bank.

The construction of diversion channels large areas of swamps will be turned into areas suitable for agriculture.

Soldiers with shovels digging clay.

On the Spanish coast of the Atlantic Ocean is the time fishing.

The ocean is teeming with lots of fish.

This year's catch of fish is particularly high.

Fishing boats off the coast, on board pull a big fish.

Some fish weigh several hundred kilograms, often come across instances of a 3 meter long.

A crane lifts fishes tails.

The lake San Moritz Switzerland held a week of sailing competitions.

In the competition participated by representatives of all the famous Swiss yacht clubs.

Athletes ran out of the hotel, on the shore there is a setting sail.

The moments of the race.

The boys-fans on the beach.

The winner is the champion of Zurich Willi Peter.

In Toulouse, the French took the championship in swimming in 1943.

Hoisting the flag.

The outdoor pool competing men and women.

At a distance of 400 meters in men won Aton Sayara and got the cup the head of state Marshal Petain.

In all parts of the great German national-socialist assault CA parts are sports performance.

Young people with poles in their hands perform gymnastic exercises at the stadium.

Pictures of military-sports classes at the stadium in Prague.

Mass exercises with poles.

Among the audience a lot of German soldiers, they smile, applaud.

Competitions on the run with obstacles, athletes climbs through the shields, then there is a relay race.

School Physical Education SA Standarte "Feldgerrngalle" and state labor service stand at the stadium with mass gymnastic exercises.

Locations: Ukraine [229] Romania [182] Belgium [22] Serbia Spain [205] Switzerland [212] France [77] Germany [84]

Reel №2

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Eastern Front.

Military attaches from various European countries visit German positions in the area south of Lake Ladoga.

The attaches get off the train, they are met by the military leaders.

Attachés talk, inspect the equipment.

Guests get into assault motor boats, sail along the river to inspect the positions of one of the German battalions.

Types of banks, fragments of structures, bridges.

The central section of the front.

German position, an officer at the map in the field headquarters.

The enemy group was wedged into the German positions.

German artillery and mortars take the Soviet units under fire from the flank.

Guns are firing, hidden under the bushes.

German tank counterattack.

The battle continues well into the night.

A German officer looks at the map.

Soldiers load six-barrelled mortars, shoot.

In the dark, German tanks are driving, flashes of shell bursts are visible.

The soldiers sleep in the trench.

The next morning, the artillery continues the battle.

The attempt of the enemy's breakthrough was eliminated.

The Soviet units suffered very heavy losses in men and equipment.

View of the broken Soviet tanks.

Strait of Messina.

After six weeks of hard fighting with superior enemy forces, during which the enemy suffered heavy losses, the German units crossed from Sicily to Italy.

The German troops have taken all the military material with them, and equipment is being loaded on the dock.

The enemy's attempts to prevent the passage of German troops to Italy with strong air formations were in vain.

German anti-aircraft artillery repulsed air attacks.

German ships with equipment and soldiers are sailing, bombs are falling in the sea.

A downed enemy plane crashes.

Located on both sides of the Strait of Messina, the German anti-aircraft batteries formed an aerial fire barrier, under the protection of which the German soldiers were able to safely cross the Strait, while heavy air battles took place over them.

Artillery shot down a large number of enemy aircraft.

The German ship lands on the shore and is immediately unloaded.

Motorcycles, trucks, and soldiers are coming down with ammunition.

A young soldier with machine-gun belts on his chest.

Downed enemy four-engine bomber on the ground, German soldiers inspect it.

General Hube, who led the heroic resistance of the German units, is one of the last to leave the island.

A military airfield on the Mediterranean coast.

Pilots in the ranks.

Major Plumbin, the commander of the torpedo plane squadron, gives the order to attack the enemy's convoy of ships.

Pilots prepare for the flight, put on life jackets, get into cars.

The pilots ' pets, dogs, also want to take part in the flight, they jump into the car.

In the cockpit is a tropical heat wave.

Sea view from the air, ships are visible.

Bombing of the enemy's caravan of ships, the release of torpedoes from the air.

As a result of the operation, 70 thousand tons of valuable enemy cargo were sunk.

The remains of the enemy caravan are burning.

Locations: USSR [863] Italy [110]

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