Tonwoche № 616 (1943)

Newsreel №57746, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:52
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. In Chisinau are celebrations dedicated to the reunification of Bessarabia with Romania.

By train arrives Marshal Antonescu, he met military and local administration.

Bypass honor guard.

Solemn liturgy in the cathedral in the presence of Antonescu.

The parade and demonstration in front of the marshal, goes orchestra musicians in national costumes, the people in national costumes, national army.

2. In the Bratislava University held a ceremony of awarding the title of Honorary Doctor of Law of the University of Friedrich Wilhelm in Berlin, the Slovak Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr.

Adalbert Touquet.


Tuck in the mantle passes through the hall, he greets German guests fascist wave of his hand. 3. Youth organizations of the Spanish province of Murcia show The stadium mass gymnastic exercises, the girls act with balls, Vechta young men with swords.

Youth depicts various figures at the stadium: a star emblem. 4. Germany.

In the theater, variety shows are training future circus and variety artists.

The girls at the bench, they do the bridge splits, somersaults.

Girl doing somersault several times, photographing rocking. 5. In Oslo is a traditional relay race on the city streets.

The parade of athletes, spectators.

Running for 12 km, German athletes took the first 3 places. 6. Belgium.

Horse racing at 5000 meters hurdles.

Placards with the participants.

Spectators watching competitions in binoculars.

Racing go over rough terrain, falling horses.

The winner of a horse Cymru. 7. Denmark.

The opening of the new bridge, named after the Queen Alexandrina, was held in the presence of the Queen and the heir to the throne.

The bridge is 750 meters.

On the bridge passing cars, then there is a crowd.

View of the bridge from the field where grazing cow.

Locations: Moldova [145] Slovakia [198] Spain [205] Germany [84] Norway [165] Belgium [22] Denmark [60]

Reel №2

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8. The ceremony of handing over documents for land ownership to honored Ukrainian peasants.

German officers pass through the crowd, they are presented with bread and salt and flowers.

The speaker speaks.

Delivery of documents, a view of it in the hands of a peasant.

The food is served in the fresh air, with peasants and Germans sitting at the tables.

9. Eastern Front.

The northern section.

German artillery shelled Soviet positions on the other side of the bay near Murmansk, where the Soviet artillery barred the way to German ships with its fire.

Under the cover of aviation, the German ships continue on their way.

Explosions in the bay.

The ships are releasing a smoke screen.

PNRM. across the bay.

10. Kuban Front.

Map, points Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Kerch.

Fresh German reserves are being ferried across the Kerch Strait.

Artillery, tanks, cavalry sail on ferries.

Troops cross the pontoon bridge.

A military echelon is going to the front.

Arrival of mail at the front, distribution of letters and parcels to soldiers.

Rest of the soldiers: they eat, read letters.

A soldier cuts his comrades ' hair, gives them a mirror to look at.

A soldier bathes in a tub, he is poured from a bucket.

Warriors smoke, lie on the ground.

Several people are engaged in the garden, watering the plantings.

Someone is doing the laundry, someone is chopping wood.

Officers in the headquarters over the map.

German observer on the tower on the front line, a signalman sits with a phone.

German mortars are firing, explosions are visible on the field.

German soldiers in a wheat field.

Soviet soldiers surrender, the Germans try to communicate with them.

A skirmish with the Soviet troops begins, the machine gunner shoots.

An orderly provides first aid to the wounded.

The gunners are firing from a cannon, the soldiers are sitting in a trench with rifles and machine guns.

Locations: Ukraine [229] USSR [863]

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