Millions At the Start.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Script writers: Kuleshov A., Prok I.

Operators: Artseulov O., Gutman I., Zakharova G., Kopalin V., Kochetkov A. S., Leongardt B., Monglovskiy U., Mukhin E., Pankin L., Fedyaev E., Khavchin A.

Composers: Zacepin A.


About the 3rd Sports and athletics competition of USSR peoples.

Sporting events


Temporary description

City of Moscow. 3rd The Games of the USSR. Competitions in athletics (running at different distances, long jump, high, pole vault, shot put, discus, javelin); equestrian sport of Rowing, fencing, artistic gymnastics, freestyle wrestling, weightlifting, swimming, boxing, cycling, playing volleyball. Winners: E. Ozolin, L. Ivanov, A. Vedyakov, T. Press, B. Brumel, T. Shchelkanova, Ch Gemini, V. Prahov, N. Kashtanova, N. Gruzintseva, I. Khasanov, K. Buhantsev , Yu Smolyakov, Sokolov, A. Medvedev, V. Rubashvili, Y. Vlasov, S. Muratova, P. Astakhov, B. Shakhlin, LA Latynina, V. Leontiev, NKrutova, Galkin, V. Kuzmin , G. Prozumenschikova, A. Ayuramov, S. Stepashkin, J. Lusis, G. Gorokhov, Yu Tyurin, V. Baykov, C. Sayhudzhin. Athletes at the closing of sport.

Reel №1

Baby taking its first steps - MS.

Walking foot boy - CU.

Nurse doing gymnastics with the child.

Girl goes to school in the first grade.

Newsreel 1961:

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in a spacesuit - CU.

Takeoff rocket - MS., LS.

Frescoes depicting the sports Olympics in ancient times.

Sculptures of athletes, created by ancient sculptors.

Close-ups of participants III Games of the peoples of the USSR (national costumes).

Olympics emblem - CU.

Column of athletes on the field of stadium.

Lenin - LS.

Viewers go to the stadium to view the stands filled with spectators - LS.

The parade of athletes at the stadium.

Lenin III in honor of the Games of the peoples of the USSR - LS.

The leaders of the Party and the Soviet state at the stadium.

Young athletes bring flowers.

Newsreel 1920 1930gg.

Historical footage of the parade of athletes and the athletes of the first years of Soviet power: athletes are on the Red Square, passing cyclists, Javelin thrower, discus thrower throws the disc are the gymnasts.

Modern Survey - Mass demonstrations of athletes on the stadium.


Athletes represent a huge multi-colored vase - LS., MS.

Athletes at the stadium is built of colored flags portrait of Lenin - LS.

Athletes at the stadium for various sports.

The race of men a hundred yards - winner Leningrad student Edwin Ozolin.

The race of men for a thousand meters in the lead and the first to finish, the athlete

Frunze Leonid Ivanov.

At a distance of 50 km participants walking race, leading Sverdlovsk athlete Gennady Agapov, it bypasses the representative of Moscow, Gregory Klimov, then traverses Klimova and the first student finishes pyatidesyatikilometrovuyu distance Pedagogical Institute in Moscow Anatoly Vedyakov.

Animation: marching feet, there are numbers 20, 10, 3, 1 - MS.

Reel №2

Spectators - LS., MS.

The viewer's head, covered the sun book "Thorns and Roses."

Discus Thrower Bukhantsev and Kovtun ready to compete (in the stadium).

Athletes preparing for the high jump.

Spectators at the race competition cyclists (located on the trees, the light pole).

Supporters argue, talk at the entrance to the stadium.

Letters fans in edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", sent to the competition of sports experts.

Hands fans celebrate in the application of competition name Prozumenshchikova

Sevastopol schoolgirl Galya Prozumenshchikova among his friends, exercising in the pool.

Prozumenshchikova preparing to start - a still picture.

G.Prozumenschikova and the other girls in the race for 200 style "brass", first finish Galya.

G.Prozumenschikovu congratulations on his victory, handed her a letter.

Galya medals - CU.

At the stadium.

Lenin photographers shoot Leningradke Galina Popova after her victory in the race for 200 meters

Race women's 200 meters: Popov bypasses Mary Itkin and finishes first run.

September 13 - the shot put competition, preparing for the performance world record Tamara Press with his coach Alekseev.

Kernel push: athlete of Moscow Lyudmila Zhdanov Leningradka Zinaida Doinikova - student trainer Victoria Alekseeva.

Coach V.Alekseev etc.

Galina Zybina, Tamara Press push core.

Winners of the contest the shot put - Leningradki Tamara Press, G. Zybina, Z. Doinikova - MS.

Women's long jump - jump world record holder, engineer Tatyana Shchelkanova (6 m 18 cm), Tatiana Kotsar from Kramatorsk (6m 1cm), Tatiana Talysheva (5 m 96 cm).

Tatiana Shchelkanova second jump (6 m 29 cm).

Winner - T. Shchelkanova - CU.

Judges prepare for the bar in the high jump with a pole.

Preparing to leap Muscovite Anatoly Ovseenko jumping from Kiev Igor Petrenko (unsuccessfully).

Jumping from sixth Gennady Gemini - a student of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute.

Athletes jump high vault - Various. plans.


Gemini takes a height of 4 m 70 cm - a new national record (shot zoom).

His congratulations.

Twins among fans.

Competition discus - Baltushkinas preparing for discus, throwing the disc.

Meta disk Ukrainian student Valentin Kovtun (53 m 59 cm), the athlete Trusenev, Moscow doctor Bukhantsev Kim (54 m 44 cm).

Bukhantsev after a speech at the stadium.

Race Men 800m - first finish Leningrad Bulyshev, followed Telp from Estonia, Ukrainian Krivosheev and Savinov from Kazakhstan (all set new records for their republics

Reel №3

Running late fans run at Stadium.

Lenin (accelerated frames).

Participants III Games of the peoples of the USSR at the stadium before the competition: Robert Shavlakadze, Javelin thrower Janis Lusis, gymnast Larissa Latynina, Tamara Manin.

Take a running start to jump Kreyers, R. Shavlakadze.

Equestrian competition - steeplechase (hurdles) - rider with a horse fall.

Take obstacles: Leningrad Boris Kirillov horse "Regina" and Muscovite Vladimir dust on horse "Saksaul."

Winner in the steeplechase at the dirt track stadium.

Men race at 300 meters hurdles.

In the race goes ahead and wins Nikolai Sokolov (RSFSR).

Responsive audience - MS.

Competition rowers water station "Dinamo" - swim kayak single - LS.

Competition canoe-twos on pyatisotmetrovoy distance.

The first to the finish line comes kayak Natalia Chestnut (Saratov) and Nina Gruzintseva (Novgorod).


Swim, kayak single (male), goes ahead Hasanov Ibrahim from Tajikistan.

I. Hasanov - medical students in Dushanbe among comrades in the street in the city and in training on an artificial lake near the town.

I. Hasanov engaged in rowing on the lake with the young rowers.

Children play at the sites in the yards of their houses: volleyball, tennis in Severodonetsk.

Children play tennis in the Estonian city of Tartu.

Young athletes involved in the stadium, built by students of the University of Tartu.

General view of the student's stadium.


Student-athletes on the construction of the house, at a dance after work (evening).

Club night - MS.

Student Alexander Medved measure blood pressure at his friend.

Students in the laboratory.

Belarusian student Alexander Medved in the gym (two-time world champion in the fight), Ukrainian athletes train on the dirt track stadium in Ukraine.

On the highway, trains Latvian cyclists.

On the sports balance beam gymnast trained Georgian Mzia Ninoshvili.

To train rural highway runners Kuban.

Athletes competing at the collective farm village stadium.

Newsreel of the early twentieth century:

Championship Wrestling - MS., LS.

Are fighters, among them - the world champion Ivan Maksimovic Poddubny.

Event participants III Games of the peoples of the USSR in the struggle.

On the carpet two world champions - the student from Minsk Alexander Medved and Muscovite Ivanitsky.

Winner A. Bear - MS.

The carpet featherweight fighters: Leningrad Alexander and Vladimir Ptitsin Rubashvili from Tbilisi.

Winner B. Rubashvili - MS.

Weightlifting competition - MS., CU.

Reel №4

Weightlifting competition at the Luzhniki Sports Palace - LS.

On the platform world champion at lightweight - athlete from Khabarovsk Vladimir Kaplunov pushes bar weighing 162, 5 kg.

Key speakers are preparing weightlifter Yuri Vlasov, engineer, and a student from Zaporizhzhya Leonid Zhabotinsky.

L. Jabotinsky squeezes rod 175 kg.

Warning light - weight taken - CU.

Yuri Vlasov raises bar weighing 185 kg.

Yuri Vlasov attempts to take the weight of 192.5 (weight is not taken).

L. Jabotinsky raises the bar in the snatch 165 kg - a world record.

Yuri Vlasov raises the bar - push.

Yuri Vlasov, first, L. Jabotinsky, the second place on the podium, medals, trophies, diplomas Olympics - MS., CU.

Performs on the uneven bars world champion, Olympic champion - Bori Shakhlin.

Performs on the uneven bars Pauline Astakhov.

Exercises on the rings does Albert Azarian.

Floor Exercise does Larissa Latynina.

On the beam supports the absolute champion of the country Sofia Muratova.

Free exercises on the mat does Moscow athlete - student Elena Tyazhelova.

Exercises on the horse performs Yuri Tsapenko from Kazakhstan, who won a gold medal sport.

Exercises are performed on the rings Muscovite Viktor Leontyev.

Athletes to jump from the tower into the water - LS., MS., CU.

Galina Alekseeva jumps - 17-year-old schoolgirl (silver medal).

Ninel jumping Krutov (gold medal).

G. Alekseev and N. Krutov - Moscow team - CU.

Jumping from the tower Yerevan Sergey grader Kocharian - national champion among juniors.

Jumping from Moscow Gennady Galkin - winner I Games of the peoples of the USSR, to win back the crown.

Swimming pool - LS. (Helicopter).

Men swim for 200 style "butterfly" - floating students: European champion Valentin Kuzmin Oleg Photinus, Alexander Maccabee and young Alex Bure.

Winner Valentin Kuzmin - a student of the Moscow Higher Technical School.

Photographers shoot - MS.

Combined 4x100m relay for women: I stage - on the back, the first stage finishes Leningradka Larissa Viktorov.

Stage II - athletes swim "breaststroke".

Galya Prozumenshchikova floats - Ukrainian SSR.

At stage III, takes the baton from Prozumenshchikova Valentina Yakovleva - Olympics champion in swimming style "butterfly."

Stage III - athletes swim style "butterfly."

First finish Yakovlev.

Stage IV - swimming style "crawl."

IV first stage finishes Ukrainian athlete Lyudmila video clip.

Winners of the combined relay - Ukrainian team Prozumenshchikova G., L. Klimov and others

Correspondents remove Games.

Profile sports experts with marks of the country's best athletes.

Boxing events - heavyweights in the ring - a Muscovite, a three-time European champion Andrey Abramov (red shirt) and Alexander Izosipov.

Winner Abramov - MS.


Boxers and judges.

Reel №5

Olympic boxing champion by artist Vladimir Sofronov III Games of making sketches.

In the ring are the featherweight boxer Vladimir Sofronov and young boxer Stanislav Stepashkin.

The winner of the meeting S. Stepashkin.

Photographer shoots.

Stepashin presenting the award.

Boxers Viktor Mikhailov, Nikolai Korolev, Algerdas Shotsikas - MS.

A. Shotsikas, who became a coach, preparing its students to enter the ring.

Multiple tennis champion Nick Lake, now a sports commentator in a hurry announcer room.

Former soccer team goalkeeper Alexei Khomich, now a photojournalist shoots Games.

Meeting of Leningrad and volleyball teams of Russia (women).

RSFSR volleyball team - winner of sport.

N. Ozerov narrators room.

Leningrad student Anatoly Mikhailov is preparing for the start of the 110 meters hurdles.

Shoot photographers.

Running man at 110 meters

With barriers (on the first track Mikhailov).

First finish Mikhailov.

Javelin - acts Muscovite, Ph.D., Vladimir Kuznetsov (removed rocking).

Javelin throwing teacher from Riga - Janis Lusis - European champion (removed rocking).

Flying spear - LS. (Rapid).

Javelin throwing Estonian teacher Marit Paama (removed rocking).

Javelin throwing Kuznetsov; Ya.

Lusis throws a spear at 79 m 63 cm (Gold Medal Olympics) - PNRM. (Removed rocking).

The Small Sports Arena Stadium.

Lenin played basketball men's teams in Moscow and Latvia - LS., MS.

Comments on the meeting of Soviet radio commentator, Honored Master of Sports Nina Eremin.

Spectators in the small arena - LS.


The gym on the Lenin Hills State University is competition fencers.

Ian commented Spaarre meeting fencers.

Comrades congratulated Belarusian athlete Yuri Smolyakova - winner of the competition fencing swords.

Fighting on the track in foil.

Galina Gorokhova - Moscow (right) and Ludmila Shishova - RSFSR.

Shishova congratulates winner Gorokhova.

Says commentator N.Ozerov - CU.

Competitions jumpers - jump champion II Games of the peoples USSR Igor Kashkarov 2 m 10 cm (unsuccessfully).

Unsuccessfully jumping Olympian Victor Bolshov.

Jumps to 2 m 10 cm Robert Shavlakadze and hits the bar (Rapid).

Jumping champion Valery Brumel, takes a height of 2 m 10 cm

Coach Vladimir Dyachkov competitions jumpers.

V. Brumel unsuccessful jumps to 2 m 15 cm (Rapid).

B. and B. Brumel Dyachkov analyze jumps.

Coaches: Assistant Professor Ivan Elfimov and Honored Master of Sports Vladimir Kazantsev at the stadium.

The race of men by 5000 meters - at the start of a student Elfimova - Yuri Tyurin № 534, the student Kazantsev - Leonid Ivanov.

L. Ivanov trains in mountainous Kyrgyzstan and coach Kazantsev.

Reel №6

In the woods outside Moscow trains Yuri Tyurin (Rapid).


Tyurin and Leonid Ivanov at a distance of 5000 meters (beginning in 5 parts).

Coaches Kazantsev Elfimov.


First finish Yu Tyurin.

Tyurin Yu and L. Ivanov after the finish.

Cyclists race down the highway at 148 km - LS., MS.

Participants of marathon running, leader Valery Kushnakov number 371 - the Russian Federation, followed by the run number 339 - Victor Baikov.

Riding a bicycle wheel - CU.

Participants bike race track.

Riders on the road wetting, served them water.

Participants of marathon running on the road - in the second half of the race.

On the course, leading from Leningrad Yuri Popov bypasses Victor Baikov.

Participants will finish the bike race, the finish line first moved Taiman Sayhudzhin - athlete from Chelyabinsk.

T. Sayhudzhin on the podium - CU., MS.

On the podium Victor Bike - champion in marathon.

Winner of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on the best expert on sports, soldiers from Ufa Victor Bykadorov on the podium, he was presenting the award and flowers.

III Games of the top prizes - CU.,.


Solemn Session III Games of the peoples of the USSR at the stadium.


Honored Master of Sport Valery Brumel Chairman gave a report of the Central Council of the Union sports clubs and organizations in the USSR Machine.

Prize Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union in the first place - is awarded a team of Moscow.

Ukrainian athletes, who took II place in the Games.

Athletes of the RSFSR, who took the place of III.

Applauding audience.

Ceremonial march participants at Olympics Stadium.


Sneaked flag Olympics - PNRM.


Lenin without people - PNRM.

V.Brumel of the guys at the stadium.

Lenin after the Olympics.