Subjected To Accusation.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lisakovich V., Makhnach L.

Script writers: Aleksandrov V., Radovskiy D.

Operators: Buslaev U., Voroncov V., Generalov N., Mikheev I.

Composers: Geviksman V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


About the work of militia and the Criminal Investigation Department.

Temporary description

Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, the city of Moscow, Leningrad, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai Kanevskaya village. The work of police, criminal investigation to solve crimes: robbery store, theft of building materials, the collective grain speculation, and other frauds. Conduct operational-search measures, detention of suspects. The interrogation of the accused, witnesses (synchronously). The representatives of the militia at the meetings of the public. Meetings of the militias. Examples of indifferent attitude towards people. City of Moscow. Senior Sergeant Kozlovsky, who saved four-year old boy. An employee passport OA Cotton to help people separated by war, to find each other. Discipline on logging for speculation M. Gerasimov.

Reel №1

The street is the people, passing cars (evening).

Goes a police car.

Police officer on the radio is on duty (synchronously).

Duty at the phone records.

Police car rides, stops at the Riga department store, which robbed.

Criminal investigator with the dog enter the building department, carefully inspect the place and the traces of the crime, remove fingerprints, collect evidence.

The dog is on the trail of the killer.

Work in the forensic laboratory.

Photos fingerprint criminal.

Outlaw put in the car.

Interrogation of 19 year-old thief (synchronous) - CU., LS., MS.

A group of teenagers on the street, drinking beer, smoking.

Antonov policeman talking to the guys (on the street).

Public meeting, to discuss the behavior of teenagers.

Parent conference room officers.

In the car planted partner Denisenkova Mantsera - fence.

The investigator questioned Mantsera Borisov, Denisenkova mother Denisenkova (synchronously).

Reel №2

Bashkir Criminal Investigation Officer Alexander F. Palau (in civilian clothes) with other police officers (evening) - LS., MS.

Multrabota: PNRM. by folder with criminal cases.

Arrest warrant and arrest the head of the supply department houses the largest trusts Kogan, who is accused of vacation for bribes materials.

Is the car "Volga» - LS., MS.

Retired postman brings Balabanov.

Senior Certificate Balabanov, who receives a monthly pension for fictitious documents - LS.

Balabanov his car.

Car number - CU.

Searched the apartment Balabanova: Found money, checkbooks, bonds, 3% of the loan.

Wheat field - PNRM.; Ears - CU.

Harvest combine - LS., CU.

Ride the machine with the grain - LS.

In the Krasnodar region village Kanevskaya counsel police officers.

Discovers a group of policemen in the attic Gregory Shtepa collective 17 bags of grain stolen from farm and bought the other plug.

Confiscate grain is loaded on the machine.

Police officer a log.

Interrogation of the other plug (synchronously).

Committee members of the party-state control check in the kolkhoz accounting reports.

Warehouse Pavlo Kozin weighs on decimal scale grain (does underweight by one division, which corresponds centners).

Ivan Ye Hudoshkin working at Seversky grain paragraph and note that the director Nikitoshenko protects crooks in the kidnapping of the grain, is on the court points - MS., CU.

Head of the Laboratory Chugunova determine grain moisture, weighing it.

On the street are the terrorists, one of them call the police and report suspicious people loading iron machine (synchronous).


In New touchstone Leningrad region loaded into the machine hardware.

Operatives suited to the car to check the documents gruzyaschih iron.

Iron in a cache in one of the courtyards.

Policeman a log.

Reel №3

The investigator questioned business executives enterprises (synchronously).

Zhdanov, mediator, talking to male customers.

Loading of iron tipper in the factory yard.

Machine without checking the leaves from the plant and a nearby sand pit box truck filled with sand (autumn).

The highway is a machine.

Moscow highway, - CU.

The car stops at the house.

Operative worker checks a driver's permit and makes unload truck.

Found under the sand iron.

Iron loaded into a police car.

Go caught red-handed crooks.

The "case" Zhdanov Sauschenko - CU.

The investigator questioned the defendants (synchronously).

The "case" for allegedly Petrov KA - CU.

Vasiliev investigator examines "the case."

Columns of numbers: statement on wages Petrova - 60 000 - CU.

Billabong Ohta, floating logs (winter) - LS.

Interrogation investigator Petrova (synchronously).

Resolution Petrov catch timber from the port of Leningrad - PNRM.

An investigator looks at the floating forest.

Ice drift.

Floating in a log raft - LS.

Reel №4

Vasiliev and investigator Captain rafts flights Anikin look at floating timber.

Investigator questioning witnesses (synchronously).

Is part of a forest (summer) - PNRM.

Go two men, one of them - Stambuldzhan.

Sochi beach.

Hotel Administrator "Sochi" responsible travelers, that there is no space.

New apartment: employee offers apartment.

Private building owners offer their services, among them - Stambuldzhan.

Two-storey house Stambuldzhana - LS.

Many beds in the room for a rest.

Stambuldzhana savings book.

Dining car of "Moscow - Sochi."

Director of the dining car Stambuldzhan believes in the accounts.

Invoices for the wine purchased in store - CU.

Surplus food, hidden in a nearby car in a box for clothes.

Stambuldzhana questioning by the police (synchronously).

Good houses.

Hands hang lock - CU.

Hang locks - CU., LS.

Dog - CU.

Detention and interrogation in the police Arlapova swindler.

Head of savings bank S. Fox for exposing Arlapova handed a gift.

Minister of Public Order Police and Commissioner Tikunov Volkov thank him for his help.

I. Antonov work shop repair and mechanical plant of Volzhskiy talking to boys Tolia Aponasenko - MS., CU.

At the Belarusian station is Sergeant Kozlowski, who saved four boys, caught under the wheels of the train.

Rush police motorcycles, cars (winter snowstorm).

Reel №5

An employee of the passport OA Khlopkov working.

Documents with photos of Paul Cooper and his mother.

Encountered after 20 years of separation, father and son thank Olga Alexandrovna.

Students in the classroom - PNRM.

Kolpakov nurse at work.

Kolpakov (Sally) after work makes deals with foreign tourists.

Student doula who helped Sally - CU.

Things are of foreign origin, found in spiv Duleeva.

Naval Station, is a foreign ship, ready to sail - LS.

One of the departing foreign visitors invited into the car.

Pull Sally.

Group of black marketeers in the street.

Money and foreign things black marketeers - CU.

Caption: "The brigade headquarters."

Meeting vigilantes.

Notebook former spiv Max (Maxim Gerasimov) - CU.

The text in the book: the credo spiv - CU.

Gerasimov, exiled from his native city, working in the forest lumberjack (winter).

Tractor pulling logs - LS.

Letter vigilantes Director Forestry Administration, which runs Gerasimov, asking them to write about it.

Forest (winter).

Loggers in the forest, with Maxim.

Cut down trees.

Falling trees - CU.

Lumberjacks at work - CU.

Loggers have lunch in the forest.

Letter teams of woodcutters in the 12th national teams with a positive review about Maxim - CU.

The village of woodcutters (winter) - LS.

Pass loggers.

Youth passes (summer).

Police in adjusting the booth, on a motorcycle.

The passengers in the bus.

The people on the streets.