Syberia is on a Screen 1952 № 3

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Producer West-Siberian newsreel studio

Director: M. Lukackij

Operators: A. Suhomlinov, E. Kachin, N. Staroschuk, I. Andreevskij, A. Rejzentul.

Other authors: Zvuk - L. Polezhaev.

Reel №1

Formation of trains at the station Inskaya Tomsk railway.

Novosibirsk Institute of Shipbuilding students take exams during the winter examination session.

City Rubcovsk.

Spill in the forms of metal foundry Altai Tractor Plant electrical.


Ski competition teams skiers cities, regions and territories of Siberia.

Skiers at a distance.

Key words

Trains. Higher Education. Metallurgy. Tractor engineering. Sports.