38 Petrovka Street.. (1963)

Film-document №5830 2 parts, Duration: 0:20:09, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Repnikov S.

Script writers: Lavrov A., Lavrova O.

Operators: Monglovskiy U., Khodyakov V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Lavrov A., Lavrova O.


The film is about the operational work of the Soviet militia (police).

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Policemen on duty. Cabinet on duty in the city. Type control panel. Officer talks to a patrol car. Departure operational teams to the scene. Work at the scene, the dog is on the trail. Work criminologists. Operational staff check passengers at the airport. Working staff of the department to combat the theft of socialist ownership. Investigator to interview the offender. Precinct bypasses its territory.

Reel №1

Passing car on the street guns.

Policeman out of the car, talking to a woman.

The boy asks something traffic controller.

Gorky Street (shot zoom).

Pedestrians cross the street - CU.

Cost-controller, a policeman Vladimir Lapshin.

Policeman Alexei Tikhonovich Duykov stop a truck, talking to the driver who violated traffic rules.

Policeman runs for hiding killer catches up with him.

Hand-to-hand fighting between the policeman and the criminal.

Gun killer - a knife and a gun - CU.

The duty of the city Grigory dikes have telephones and radios.

Officers over a map spread out on the desk of the city, on which chips marked police cars move around the city.

Police car on Mayakovsky Square.

The officer radios in cars gives orders to drivers who are in the city.

Duty Victor Sevryukov minute lull in an office at a desk.

Stands museum of criminology (photos robbers, hijackers, crack a safe, weapons seized from criminals).

B. Sevryukov by telephone message about the theft, send a task force.

Police officers, played ping-pong, quickly dressed, take the necessary things, a dog and leave.

Senior officer of the Criminal Investigation Vladimir Cheltsov in the car, then leads on-site investigation, talking to residents.

Dog takes trail and follows it (night).

In the crime lab experienced working on research evidence incriminating the thief.

I caught the thief fingerprinted.

Theft leads employees of criminal investigation to the place where the loot is hidden - to the food tent on Zatsepskiy market.

Accessory to the thief - a woman-seller gives a reason (synchronous) indicates where hidden stolen items.

Policeman returns things found their mistress.

The family thanks the police.

Boarding at the airport (night).

Passengers climb the ladder.

Offender currency speculators among passengers.

Currency dealers chair (blank), next to two chairs operatives.

Security officer down the stairs with the detainee money changers.

Examine things and searched money changers.

Taken away from the criminal currency.

Reel №2

Good characteristics of a citizen Schatzman.

Help his annual salary (up to 100 rubles.

Per month).

Schatzman cottages, built on unearned income.

Haberdashery tent.

Two-storey villa Kolpahchyana citizen.

Kalpahchyana searched the apartment.

OBHS worker finds a hiding place, where to hide money from the sale of homemade slippers and shoes stolen from raw labeled fake factory stamp.

Money, jewelry, currency, seized from criminals.

Kolpahchyan, his wife, daughter, grandson.

Hands open case Romaniuk - CU.

Investigator Oleg K. Resurrection is questioning.

Responsible Romaniuk (synchronously).

Sign Sandunovsky baths - CU.

Offender is Azizov.

He is detained operatives.

Resurrection investigator conducts a confrontation between Romanyuk and Azizov (synchronously).

Policeman IN Shcherbakov - district finds in Izmailovo Park astray six year old boy, talking to an old woman, which helps to get a room, talking with children, a woman with a freelancer police Galey Trusovo working with children.

Tkachev working blacksmith who occupied Shcherbakov - Vacation Shcherbakov social worker comes to Tkachev.

Shcherbakov, takes the oath of allegiance to the people - CU.

The monument, a militia B. Petushkov who gave his life to save a child from a bully.

Orphaned children Petushkova.

Street named Basil Petushkova.

Building of public order.

Through the checkpoint is a district Zinnur Sadeq, gets in the car police lieutenant Paul F. Karpuk, talks with a group of vigilantes Nikolai Kozlov.

Police lieutenant Nikolai Gorchakov reads letters sent to him from the people he has helped.

Night Moscow.

Mayakovsky Square.

Rides the bus - MS., CU.

Traffic Lights - CU.

In the booth payphone calls girl.

Hand dials the phone number of militia - CU.

The girl said, the duty of the city responds (synchronously