In the world of crystals. (1947)

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The popular science film about the crystals, their study and use in various industries.

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Reel №1

Figure cave.

The camera moves back, exhibits on the shelves.

Druse of rock crystal.

Miner produces crystals.

Samples of other gems and crystals.

The rack with the samples, the scientist takes with crystal shelves.

Academic breaks the crystal hammer.

Animation: the structure of the crystal.

crystal processing file.

The crystal was placed in the solution.

Crystal restores the form.

The scientist pulls the crystal from the solution.

The crystals on the shelf.

Cans with solids.


Scientist conducting experience with a drop hyposulfite melt.

Crystallization hyposulfite under a microscope.


Crystallization acetamide under a microscope.

Examples of substances crystallization.

Ammonium chloride (ammonia).

Crystallization of ammonia.

Scientist looking through a microscope.


Experiments on crystallization salol with changes in the conditions in which the sample is.

Key words

Mineralogy. Scientific research. Experiments.

Reel №2

A scientist in a laboratory.

Artificial crystals of Rochelle salt.

The technology of growing crystals at the factory.

Scientist pulls out a crystal.

The crystal is sawed into wafers.

Plates Rochelle salt.

Parts made from the plates.

microphone device.


Speakers device.

Radio equipment.

Details gramophone.

Spare parts for mobile phones.

The technology of cultivation of artificial ruby.

Alternation: Scientist watching oven multrabota (crystal growth process).

Crystal removed from the oven.

Ready artificial crystals gems.

Ruby rod.

The rods and crystals.

Stones for hours.

Hourly mechanisms.

Models hours.

The device meter.

Closed electric meters.


Scientists in the laboratory.


Professor A.V.Shubnikov. A.V.Shubnikov transmits crystal counterpart. A.V.Shubnikov looking through a microscope.

Crystallization of substances under a microscope.

Key words

Mineralogy. Scientific research. Experiments. The piezo elements. Piezoelectrics.


AV Shubnikov - Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, crystallography, crystal physics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor.