Carbide.. (1963)

Film-document №5872 2 parts, Duration: 0:17:01, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Danilov L.

Script writers: Zorkiy A.

Operators: Aslanov G., Grachev I.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.

Text writers: Gorokhov V.


Kinoocherk of the Moscow factory of hard alloys.

Temporary description

Meeting the parents' committee in the 237-th Moscow school (synchronously). Discussion of the behavior of one of the students in the school, in the presence of the parents and students. The building of the Moscow factory of hard alloys. Production processes in the shops of the combine. Collection of production managers in the office of the Director of SP Soloviev (synchronously). Komsomol meeting in one of the shops of the plant (synchronously).

Reel №1

Moscow School 237 building, surrounded by greenery - LS.

Meeting of the parent council at the school with the participation of workers and engineers Moscow combine hard alloys.

At the meeting, the discussion regarding the bad behavior of a school student - the son of working Ratnikova (synchronously).

The mother and father say about his son Ratnikova (synchronously).

Old-Rudenko meeting requests trust him discipleship Ratnikova.

Rudenko, parents and other Ratnikova talking in the schoolyard after a meeting of the council.

Green yard Moscow combine carbide - LS., MS. (Summer).

The fountain in the factory yard.

Workers and engineers in the morning pass through the green lanes of the building workshops combine - LS., MS.

It takes a fireman Ratnikov, go with him and talk other workers.

Party secretary Vladimir Mihutov and deputy engineer Paul Kalitin old communist, director of enterprise Stepan Porfirevvich Solovyov pass through the factory yard, on the go talk to the workers.

Workshop production of hard alloys.

Men and women at work in the shop.

Workers are young - CU.

Assistance Group party-state control checks readiness and people for the assignment: Production of new alloy using automation.

Plant director in his office talking to the asset to move the plant to mass-produce a new product (synchronously).

Combine first shop - LS.

Works grupporg old worker Michael Filippovich Mukhin.

Furnace new furnace - CU.

MF Mukhin in the control room, talking with co-workers who talk about his passivity in social work (synchronous).

Workers and engineers during the lunch break in the factory yard.

Discuss issues related to the job.

Master offers a reasonable opportunity.

Working moments in the workshop production of tools made of hard alloys.

Ready tools.

Checking the strength of instruments in the laboratory.

Artificial lightning in the laboratory - CU.

Reel №2

Artificial diamonds - CU., MS.

Leonid S. Strength in the shop handles diamonds.

LS Silaev said about working with diamonds (synchronously).

Pupils LS Silaeva Igor Vlasov, Vitaly Ustinov, Eugene Igumnov, Georgy Morozov in the shop at work.

Young worker Boris Hrobostov, educated skilled workers, processes glowing detail.

Factory Komsomol meeting, serve boys and girls - LS., CU.

Foreman of diamond tools and shop party organization secretary Lyudmila Besfamilnaya talking to workers on the shop floor at the bench.

L. Besfamilnaya diary pages.

L. Besfamilnaya talk to women about parenting (synchronously).

L. Besfamilnaya at home with her son.

Boris Hrobostov home preparing for exams in Machinery Institute.

Paul Kalitin house develops innovative proposal, the wife talks to her children.

The house in which the workers live Carbide plant.

Rudenko speaks with Ratnikova.

Workers and engineers in the morning go to work at the mill hard alloys.