Ceremonies in Nazi Germany. (1933 - 1939)

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Scene №1 Ceremonies in Nazi Germany

Police pushes people from the roadway in Berlin during Hitler's directions A. People on the sidewalks welcomed Hitler's car, the police pushes the crowd, Hitler emerges from the machine.

Hitler and Goebbels I. on the balcony before the Nazi rally.

People running up under the balcony on which the Hitler view of part of the area under the balcony (above).

Members of one of the Nazi rallies greet Hitler.

Hitler and his entourage greet women and girls, Hitler conversing with them.

Participants of the meeting welcomed standing on the balcony of Hitler, Hitler responds to the greeting.

Hitler welcomed the military, standing at the window of the car during a trip to Germany, he holds out his hand.

People gathered at the car, stretched his right arm in the Nazi salute.

Troops move on the streets of Berlin in 1939 after the end of the Polish campaign, residents of the city to welcome them, little boys salute.

Cavalry and infantry units of the Wehrmacht moves through the city streets, the people welcome them.

Women and girls embracing the soldiers and officers, give them flowers.

Members of the "League of German Girls" hug a soldier on a motorcycle.

Police are trying to push people off the road.

Legs of a woman who has lost her shoe in the crowd.

Participants of the meeting welcomed Hitler standing in front of the window.

General view of the meeting, Hitler responds to the greeting.

Members of the Nazi rally filled city street.

Girls asphalt sprinkled with flowers, street, strewn with flowers.

People running up to the meeting, the children climb on trees and streetlights.

Military and police pushed back the crowd, protesters face.

View Square, filled with people (from the top).

Berliners greet a passing car in Hitler, Hitler out of the car responds to greetings.

Types streets of Berlin during Hitler's directions.

Hitler welcomes the residents of Berlin, the car rides on flowers scattered on the pavement.

Members of the "Hitler Youth" greet Hitler, view one of the Berlin area, filled with people (from the top), past the square passing motorcade Hitler, people greet him.

guard of honor Soldiers stand at "attention", the officer comes to Hitler's car, gave a report.

Hitler welcomed the soldiers from moving cars, people in the square waving flags with swastikas.

Hitler and Goering G. welcoming the protesters from the balcony of the building, the faces of children, boys and girls hailing Hitler.

Types crowded square.

Hitler's face.

Buglers blow signal.

The personnel of the division "Reichsarbeitsdienst" sings a song while standing in line.

Hitler listens to them, standing on the podium.

Members of the "Imperial perform labor slogans" for Hitler.

Hitler made a speech.

View imperial eagle with a swastika, view Square in Nuremberg with the units aligned on it (above).

Panorama Nazi event in Nuremberg, a military band played.

Hitler and his entourage coming to war memorials and raise their arms in a Nazi salute after leaving.

By moving the platform bearers operation.

A person makes a speech Hitler rally appearance.

Evening takeaway banners of German Länder and cities, are carrying banners in front of the podium, which is Hitler.

Hitler goes to the podium and delivers a speech, a panorama of the meeting (above).

Persons R. Hess, Goebbels, Goering, Himmler G., officers and generals, listened to the speeches of Hitler, audience applause.


Adolf Hitler - a German statesman and political figure Hermann Goering - German statesman and political figure Heinrich Himmler - German statesman and political figure Joseph Goebbels Paul - German statesman and political figure Rudolf Hess - German statesman and political figure




Berlin Germany


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

History of foreign countries; Political figures; Domestic policy; Rallies; Army