Investigation Check the mother shot in the head. (1998)

Telecast №58946, 1 part, duration: 0:10:07
Production: Highway Patrol
Director:Svetlaev N.
Anchor:Kolesnikov S.
Camera operators:Odonovich O.



The TV program tells about a young man who killed his parents.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The presenter is in the basement of the heating main, says the introductory word to the program.

View of the building of the Kursk railway station.

The area next to the train station, people are walking, a police car is passing.

People on the square in front of the station, near the entrance to the platforms of suburban trains.

View of the station building, stalls.

The territory near the station - a police car is passing.

Different plans of the station - people on the square, near the stalls, there is a traffic police car, cars leave the parking lot, etc.

Close-up photo of the suspect's car.

Photo of a car in a criminal case.

Close-up photo of the suspect's car.

Photo in a criminal case - various jewelry.

View of the building of the Kursk railway station.

Police car at the station.

The duty part of the police department - employees at the console, working, talking on the phone, etc.

The operative opens the trunk of the suspect's car.

Large - trunk, things, traces of blood.

The duty unit, an employee comes out of the door with a machine gun.

The investigation team is inspecting the crime scene in the area of garages on the street of Prokhodchikov.

There is a large travel bag between the garages.

Close-up - bloodstained clothes are visible in the bag.

The investigation team at the garages - examines the corpse, things.

Large - the legs of a corpse.

A forensic expert near the corpse, with a briefcase.

A large-bloody corpse of a woman.

The investigation team is near the garages, there is an official car nearby.

Large - a dog in a muzzle, tied to a tree.

The investigation team at the garages.

The corpse of a woman in the snow at the garages.

A large-bloody fur hat.

Large - the keys are in the hands of the operative.

The signs on the building are "Yaroslavl Highway 49" and "Department of Internal Affairs".

Large - the iron door to the cell closes.

A major suspect is Yuri Chopchiyan.

The duty unit is an employee at the remote control, talking on the phone.

A photo of the crime scene, arrows are drawn.

Photo of jewelry.

A policeman enters the office.

Corridor of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The duty part - employees work at the tables.

A page from the criminal case is Chopchiyan's confession to the murder of his father and mother.

Chopchiyan answers the correspondent's questions.

Large - Chopchiyan's eyes.

Footage of the investigative experiment - Chopchian in handcuffs with operatives and an investigative team at the crime scene near garages.

Large - part of the corpse.

Chopchian is handcuffed in an operational car. police station - an employee opens an iron door, enters a room with cameras.

Large - Chopchiyan's criminal case is on the table.

Says Olga Sidorkova, a neighbor of the victims.

Chopchiyan's family photos.

Says Sidorkova.

There are family members of the neighbor in the room.

Says Sidorkova.

Pipes, there is smoke.

Train station, platform, crowd of people.

Evening, city streets, traffic.

Close-up photo of the murder weapon (revolver of the nagant system).

Different photos from the criminal case.

Chopchiyan's family photos.

A table with fingerprints in a criminal case.

Different photos from the criminal case.

View of an apartment building.

A sealed door in the apartment of the dead.

Chopchiyan's family photos.

Photos of Chopchiyan's murdered mother in a criminal case.

Close-up - the hand shoots a pistol.

A large travel bag near the garages.

A large-bloody fur hat in a bag.

The investigation team at the garages - examines the corpse, things.

Close-up photo of the dismembered body of Chopchiyan's father from the criminal case.

Photo of a hacksaw from the case.

Different photos from the case with the dismembered corpse.

Large - splash on the water.

Moscow, city streets, traffic.

Shop doors, people come in and out.

The territory of the Kursk railway station.

View of the courthouse.

The sign on the building is "Moscow City Court".

Courtroom, cell-cage for the accused.

Large - a page with the verdict of the court to Chepchiyanu Yu. V. Station, platform - the presenter says the final word.

Key words

Crime, murder, crime, Kursk railway station, police, duty station, investigation team, corpse, criminal case, fingerprints

Locations: Moscow

Seasons: Winter [823]

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