Investigation (1998)

Telecast №58949, 1 part, duration: 0:10:05
Production: Highway Patrol
Director:Svetlaev N.
Anchor:Kolesnikov S.
Camera operators:Odonovich O.



The TV program tells about murders on domestic grounds in communal apartments and the causes of such crimes.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Says the presenter.

View of the residential area, panel houses.

Sunset sky, view of the roofs of apartment buildings.

Apartment building, cars parked in the yard.

Playground, walking mothers with children.

Swing on the playground.

Large - people on the balconies of an apartment building.

Women in the yard, sitting on benches.

A large - ajar window.

View from the window of the house to the courtyard.

View of a high-rise building.


Street, teenagers on bicycles.

View of the house.

Says a resident of the house, a neighbor of the victims.

The yard, near the entrance of the house there is a police car.

Says the neighbor.

The yard, near the entrance of the house there is a police car.

Police officers are standing on the stairwell.

In the corridor lies the corpse of a woman.

Police officers examine the corpse.

Large - the passport of the victim.

The corpse of a woman in the apartment.

The corridor of the apartment, the kitchen - there are rags, buckets.

A room in the apartment.

In the courtyard there is a group of people - residents of the house.

View of the police building.

The suspect is being taken for questioning.

The suspect, Nikolai Serdny, makes a confession to the camera that he committed the murder of his neighbor in a communal apartment, answers the correspondent's questions.

Says Prosecutor's office investigator Anton Mityakov.

Policemen are in the house, standing near the elevator.

Large - mailboxes in the entrance.

A group of neighbors, residents of a house in the yard.

View of the house, yard, parked cars.

Orderlies load the corpse into the car, there is a crowd of onlookers nearby.

Says psychologist Yuri Antonya.

The presenter is at the entrance of the house, goes down the stairs, begins to talk about another crime.

The streets of the city, pedestrians are walking, transport is going.

An ambulance is coming, a police car with a flashing light is leaving from the other side.

Residential area, courtyard of the house.

The general plan is garbage cans, there is a corpse.

A group of people is standing in the yard, an ambulance is visible behind them.

A half-naked corpse of a young woman lies near the garbage cans, the crime scene is cordoned off with tape, investigators are standing nearby.

In the frame is a man in a tracksuit.

Crime scene - an investigative team is working.

Close-up - the corpse of a woman (different plans).

The yard near the crime scene, there are people.

Paramedics load a corpse in a black bag into an ambulance.

The police on duty, at the table, the employee makes entries in the log.

Police officers at the entrance to the department.

Operatives enter the apartment.

The apartment where the victim lived - different plans with rooms.

View of an apartment building.

Large - a window in a house with a pattern on the glass.

There is a car of the investigation team in the yard, next to it is a group of employees.

In the frame is a resident of the house.

View of an apartment building.

A room, an open suitcase of an expert on the floor, a panorama on the sofa.

On the nightstand there is an ashtray, cups, a landline phone.

On the wall there is a sconce lamp and a rug in the form of an icon, a panorama of the room.

In the frame - the daughter of the apartment owners suspected of murder (in the cell).

Large - syringe.

The apartment where the victim lived was a kitchen.

Syringes, ampoules with drugs, white powder in a bag, etc. are lying on the table in the room.

Large - a bag with white powder.

A room in an apartment with drawings, inscriptions on the walls.

Close-up - the suspect's hands.

The suspect is in the frame.

People on the streets of the city.

View of a residential building.

The entrance of the house, the stairwell, the inscription on the wall - "5th floor".

Apartment - different frames of rooms, corridor, kitchen.

Yard near the house.

A female corpse near garbage cans (different plans).

In the frame is a man in a tracksuit.

An investigative team is working in the courtyard.

Large - murder weapon (kitchen knife).

The corridor in the apartment, there are bloodstains and footprints on the floor.

Close-up - the face of the murdered woman.

The suspect Ksenia Rykova leaves the cell for questioning.

Says the presenter.

Key words

Crime, crime, murder, communal apartment, residential area, high-rise building, police, corpse, drugs

Locations: Moscow

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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