Investigation (1998)

Telecast №58950, 1 part, duration: 0:10:05
Production: Highway Patrol
Director:Svetlyaev N.
Anchor:Kolesnikov S.
Screenwriters:Muhanov A.
Camera operators:Odonovich O., Gavrilov V., Galkin A.



The TV program tells about the explosion at the Kotlyakovsky cemetery.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The presenter at the Kotlyakovsky cemetery, among the graves, says the opening words.

The presenter says, walking along the path of the cemetery, a panorama of the grave of Mikhail Likhodey.

The entrance to the cemetery, the gate, the camera hitting the sign "Kotlyakovsky cemetery".

People are standing near the grave of M. Likhodey, laying flowers - taken a few minutes before the explosion (amateur shooting on November 10, 1996).

The general plan is that the investigation team is working on the meta of the explosion at the grave.

The bodies of the murdered people are lying on the ground.

An investigative team is working.

Large - part of a burnt shoe.

The grave of a Likhodey, Sergei Trahirov is standing next to him (filmed before the explosion).

Large - a monument on the grave of a Likhodey.

There is a corpse on the ground.

The mutilated corpse lies in the bushes, not far from the explosion site.

An investigative team, forensic experts are working.

A service minibus is deployed at the cemetery, police officers with machine guns walk around.

The monument on the grave destroyed by the explosion.

Sunset, view of residential high-rise buildings-new buildings, overpass.

Moscow, traffic on the bridge.

In the frame, the organizer of the murder of Mikhail Likhodey is Valery Radchikov.

Photo by Mikhail Likhodey.

View of the entrance of a residential building, people are standing, a panorama of a bush.

People on the streets of the city.


Moscow, the city center, pedestrians are walking, in the frame - a booth-a glass of a guard.

Large - a police officer is talking on a walkie-talkie in an official car.

Funeral of Mikhail Likhodey - a friend, fellow soldiers carry a coffin.

In the photo - Sergey Trahirov.

Large - casings on asphalt.

Panorama of a machine gun with a silencer.

Orderlies carry out a corpse in a black bag from the entrance.

The courtroom, in the frame - the place of the judges.

Freeze frame video - Sergey Trahirov at the desk in the office.

Panorama of the cemetery, graves - removed from traffic.

Government House building (White House).

The building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Petrovka 38. A sign on the wall - "Petrovka 38".

View of the building from the street.

The window is large, the light is on.

Says Roman Kaberov, head of the department of the 6th department of the MOORE.

Photos of corpses from the explosion site (fragments of bodies).

The metro bridge on Kievskaya, the train is coming.

View of the city, high-rise, houses.

Kotlyakovskoe cemetery is the main gate.

Grave grave panorama (removed from traffic), the camera hitting the grave of a Likhodey.

Photo by Valery Radchikov.

Moscow, center, Garden ring, traffic.

Small wholesale market "Afghan" - the gate, the entrance to the market.

Sellers, buyers in the market, there is a trade and so on. - different frames.

Says Roman Kaberov.

A large list with surnames, some marked, hitting the camera on the name of a Likhodey.

A diagram is drawn - who was where during the explosion (people are marked with numbers).

Says Roman Kaberov.

Part of the operational table on the explosion.

Says Roman Kaberov.

The corridors of Moore.

Photo by Sergey Trahirov.

The corridors of Moore.

In the photo - Valery Radchikov.

Says Roman Kaberov.

Large - the layout of the participants of the memorial service at the Kotlyakovsky cemetery.

Says Roman Kaberov.

People stand near the grave of M. Likhodey - taken a few minutes before the explosion (amateur shooting on November 10, 1996).

Passage through the cemetery, along the graves.

Large - wires on the ground.

In the frame - the perpetrator of the explosion Andrei Anokhin, as well as his accomplice Mikhail Smurov.

Evening, city streets, traffic, traffic lights.

The plan of the Kotlyakovsky cemetery.

In the frame - M. Smurov.

Says Roman Kaberov.

Photo of Anokhin.

Says Roman Kaberov.

A country road, the scene of the incident, an investigative team is working.

Experts inspect the car.

Large - sleeve in hand.

On the road lies the corpse of Alexei Vukolov, covered with a sheet.

Panorama of the cemetery, graves (removed from traffic).

Leading to the cemetery, says the final words.

Key words

Crime, explosion, murder, crime, cemetery, corpse, Afghan soldiers. task force

Calendar: 1998

Locations: Moscow

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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