Investigation Drugs: Nigerian network. (1998)

Telecast №58952, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14
Production: Highway Patrol
Director:Svetlaev N.
Anchor:Kolesnikov S.
Camera operators:Odonovich O.


The TV program tells about the struggle of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with criminal Nigerian groups, drug suppliers to Russia.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Large - dropper, says the presenter.

The presenter says he is standing by the bed with a patient in a hospital ward.

A woman on a hospital bed, a panorama of a dropper, a presenter, enlargement on a dropper.

The apartment, the task force is taking over, Nigerians are detained in the apartment.

Large - a jar and a bag of white powder.

Coarsely - powder in a spoon, the same powder is set on fire on a piece of foil.

Large - a special forces soldier with a machine gun (face is not shown).

There are bags and bundles of drugs on the table, the hand takes the package.

The Nigerians detained in the apartment are lying on the floor, on the bed.

The operative searches the Nigerian, takes a bundle out of his pants.

Large - doses of drugs packaged in small envelopes are poured out of the bundle onto the table.

There is a white powder in the unfolded envelope.

A large-scale drug addict is injected with a needle.

Says the narcologist Pavel Mikhailov.

The streets of the city, Nigerians are walking.

Large - the building of the Peoples' Friendship University in Moscow (RUDN).

View of the university buildings, the surrounding area.

A large-detained Nigerian.

The policemen lead the detained Nigerians into the elevator.

Says Viktor Shushakov, Deputy Head of the Department for Combating Drug Trafficking.

A Nigerian detainee is lying on the bed.

A large - open suitcase with a hiding place.

On the floor there are detained Nigerians, a police officer conducts a search.

Says the Nigerian.

The detained Nigerian sits down on the sofa.

Detained drug dealers at the police station.

Drug dealers are taken out of the apartment and out of the entrance.

Large - the sign "Duty station" is lit.

Says Viktor Shushakov.

Night, a street in a residential area - employees are detaining Nigerian drug dealers.

Large - hands behind his back in handcuffs.

Says the detained Nigerian.

Large - hands behind his back in handcuffs.

There's a girl standing by the wall.

On the table are seized evidence - drugs, raw materials, etc., a girl is sitting next to her.

Large - different bundles with seized drugs and raw materials for the manufacture of drugs.

Large - white beads pour out of the jar.

Says the detained Nigerian.

The detained girl (drug courier) answers the correspondent's questions.

Large - there are a suitcase and bags on the floor.

Large - large bag with white powder.

Airfield, airplane, sleeve for disembarking passengers.

People on the street of the city.

Parking at the airport, carts with luggage are being driven.

Says Viktor Shushakov.

The general plan is Shushakov's office, the presenter is sitting next to him.

Different office plans - a large map on the wall, a picture, a calendar.

Says Viktor Shushakov.

The plane is in the sky, landing.

Planes on the runway.

Evening landscape - moon in the sky, power lines.

A detained Nigerian drug dealer is behind bars.

The other detainee is a Nigerian.

Large - a bundle with evidence on the table.

A window with the inscription "Duty station", behind the glass, an employee near the remote control, talking on the phone.

Large - Interior Ministry employees demonstrate seized drugs.

Detained Nigerians in the apartment.

Large - hands unwrap a bag with a drug.

The detained Nigerian is facing the wall.

Evening, view of new buildings, smoking chimneys of the plant.

Says Viktor Shushakov.

View of the office, map on the wall.

Says Viktor Shushakov.

The fence, the roof of the house, crows are sitting on the wires of the power line.

Detained Nigerians in the apartment.

Large - on the table are evidence, drugs, protocols.

The task force detains a Nigerian drug dealer, he resists.

A police officer checks the hands of the detained girl.

Large - syringes, bags of drugs on the floor.

The detained Nigerian answers the correspondent's questions.

The presenter says, the camera pulls away, shows the ward, medical equipment, a gurney.

Key words

Crime, drugs, drug trafficking, task force, RUDN, detention, search, evidence

Locations: Moscow

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