Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 736-2 working material

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Scene №1

Heavy tanks Tiger II sent to the front.

Eastern front.

Estonian volunteers serving in the German army.

Evacuation of Estonia at the approach of the Soviet troops.

Planting of refugees on the ship, soldiers help children go up the ladder, the ship into the sea.

A woman feeds her baby on the deck.

The woman thanked the captain for salvation.

Latvian young soldiers take an oath to the Nazi Reich.

Passage of the soldiers, they welcomed a German officer.

Fighter Focke-Wulf 190 in-flight bombing of roads, type of aircraft cockpit.

Officers obsuzhdakyut plans for fighting.

Fog soldiers are on the road.

Towing gun.

A soldier with a cigarette.

Self-propelled guns in the woods.

German machine gunners are on the road.

The soldier in the trenches with faustpatronom.

Shoot self-propelled guns.

Burning tank T-34-85. Shelling drunk tank.

Germans visiting drunk Soviet and American technology.

Junkers in the sky.

The bombing of a building with a dive.

The explosion of the building.

German miners, who were mobilized by the end of the working day in a mine for construction work on the construction of military fortifications.

They dig trenches and trenches, build bunkers.

German military-tylovikov on defense work.

Officers-shtabniki build fortifications.

Women digging anti-tank ditches.

A column of German armored vehicles traveling along the road.

Tank "Panther" with the soldiers on the armor, the German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, infantry followed the highway, tank looking out the hatch PzKpfw IV, General von Manteuffel discusses the current problems with the officers.

Soldiers are on the field.

It shoots a machine gunner.

American armored vehicle the M3, Jeep Willys, American prisoners.

Shoots howitzer.

Panorama of the destroyed city.

City battles.

Tiger Tanks.

Key words

Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf.B «Tiger II», II of the Tiger, Royal Tiger, FW-190, StuG III, Sturmgeschutz, Ju-87, PzKpfw V,



World War II