Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 728

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

1. Germany.

Helps young people to agriculture.

Boys and girls at harvest.

2. Germany.

German fishing boats in the sea, the fishermen haul network with the fish.

Caught eels.

The reichsminister of the Tank gives orders to the advanced fishermen.

3. Germany.

For actor-comedian Claus, pricse in front of the wounded soldiers in the hospital.

4. Italy.

The fighting in Northern Italy (near Ravenna and Florence).

Anti-aircraft fire on U.S. aircraft.

German soldiers in the downed machine.

Heavy street fighting in the village.

5. Eastern front.

Start of German bombers.

A massive aerial assault on the Soviet rear.

Shooting at ground targets with strafing.

German General and pilot-major Rudel discuss the tasks of the operation.

Fragments of air combat.

Counter-attack of German infantry and artillery.

Soldiers are wounded by the Church, and first aid.

Infantry running in the dust, tanks in the attack.

Fighting in the streets of the city.

Fires in the night.

6. Western front.


German SS General Sepp Dietrich awarding Iron crosses excelled in the fighting soldiers.

German machine gunners.

A fragment of the battle with the Americans.

Shoot machine guns and small-caliber guns.

Battery of heavy guns.

The commander gave the order, fire, charge the gun, it shoots.

Disguise the guns from enemy aircraft.

German artillery shelled the American bombers.

Adjustment of the target, firing the gun.

Key words

Focke-Wulf, Junkers, Panther tank, the fw-190, ju-87 and PzKpfw V



World War II