Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 706 (1944)

Newsreel №58983, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:05, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Angoek, Valjter Frentc, Burkhardt, Villi Aubele, Ekeljt, Ernst Eljzigan, Hut, Kudike, Gans-Yurgen Museholjd, Gans-Ioahim Hornshu, Heljmut Pryufer, Rajsgen, Jozef Shafgans, Rihter, Viljgeljm Ernst Bashtanier, Rammeljt, Viljcek i drugie.

Reel №1

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Game Short in the series about Thomas.

In this story, Thomas berates his mistress Frau Shmeller for wasteful spending power, but he does not take care of her.

Thomas hears on the radio singing tenor, which offers a look at yourself in the mirror.



Robert Ley / Head of the Imperial Service Labour / visits a political training school for wounded soldiers and officers.

It bypasses the order of cadets on the parade ground.

Lei talks with students in the classroom.

Teacher teaches classes on tactics, responsible student in a glove on the right hand injured.

Students are prepared to engage in a room.

They are in the library at the huge globe.

Sport activities, young people are doing a somersault through the back four comrades.


Help people in coal mining.

Elderly man pulling a cart filled with coal on the track, pour it on the waste heap, back to mine.

Shakhtar in the mine with a drill in hand.

Women in part-time work, they were loaded into the truck coal shovels, roll out to the surface.

Men using the lever and pull the cable trolley on rails.

Two miner, breaking formations meet each other in the punched holes, shake hands.


The population is hiding in a bomb shelter after the air raid signal.

People sit on benches waiting for a release.

Men in helmets defense playing cards, a girl plays with a doll.


Winter Camp members of the fascist organization "Front Desk".

Education walking on skis without poles.

Combat soldiers teachings, they go skiing in camouflage with a gun and a scraper for the wounded.

The men descend from the hills occupy the position of lying down and shoot at targets.

Fighter constructs of ski poles and sets the bar at her shotgun.

Downhill skiing on the whole team.


Performing swimmers in the pool.

The massive jump in the water with different heights.

According whistle coach athletes jump into the water one after another.

Comic jumps.

Synchronized swimming girls, they depict a rose, then the wheel.

The audience applauded.


Teaching teens to various professions in the training workshop of the German aviation industry, the guys behind the machines.

Children learn to solder, grind, weld.

Items are measured with a caliper.

Experienced workers devote future engineers in all production technicalities.


March 16 - Day of Remembrance of the fallen heroes.

The funeral ceremony in the pantheon of the fallen soldiers, dedicated to the memory of soldiers killed in the war.

The grand building, bypassing the troops.

The line of the Wehrmacht and navy officers.

The laying of wreaths.

Crown of the Fuhrer holds Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz.

The ceremonial passage of soldiers from the division "Grossdeutchland" by Doenitz.

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Reel №2

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Eastern front.

On line Zhitomir-Kirovograd, Nikopol.

In one of the squadrons of the Luftwaffe.

Aircraft Messerschmitt and Heinkel-109, 111 are in the field, getting stuck in the mud.

Tractor leveled field.

Mechanics deploying aircraft.

Another plane pulled by a tractor.

Mechanics barely walk through mud in high boots, shovels clean chassis.

German reconnaissance plane sent to flight.

The commander of the squadron, holder of the Knight's Cross, Major Heinrich Höfer takeoff watching through binoculars.

Pending reports all aircraft are on alert.

Aerial bombs loaded into the aircraft.

Major Höfer supervises the start of his squadron.

Aircraft Junkers-88 and six Heinkels-111 in the air, there is a bombing of the Soviet position.

German stormtroopers reflect the attack of Soviet fighters, there is a dogfight.


Italian Front.

Fighting in Nettuno area.

German soldiers are on the muddy roads.

Bad weather and heavy local conditions hamper actions of the troops.

Soldiers loaded on horse ammunition, lead through the mud.

Unloading at the firing point in the mountains.

Soldiers in wet clothes on holiday, they eat, smoke.

An observer looking through binoculars.

The shelling of the enemy grenade, exploding shells in the distance seen from the settlement.

Soldiers run in the ruins of houses.

German tanks in the attack near the town.

Fragments of the battle with the Anglo-American troops at Anzio.

The commanders of the card.

Shoot German guns, mortars.

Soldiers lie cacti.

The battle continued until dark, the distance can be seen the fires.

Military operations in the Vitebsk region.

Pictures of the winter campaign, snow-covered village.

German trucks on the road.

clearing roads from snow soldiers, they help to drive cars.

Delivery of ammunition and food for the horses, ride a cart with a load.

The wagons stopped in the village, the locals at the unloading boxes.

The caravan of carts and sleds path continues on snow-covered terrain.

Soldiers in camouflage moving through the snow towards them go carts.

Soldiers go through the forest, in a pause drink from a bottle of schnapps, which is transmitted to each other.

Road Map to the Mueller group, which is located in the forest.

German bunkers with humorous names of the input observation point on the tree, which is a ladder.

Signalman with telephone upstairs overlooks the neighborhood.

Installation of barbed wire.

Obergefreiter Schreiber, holder of the Knight's Cross, with his office in the trench.

Artillery fire on the advancing Soviet troops.

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