Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 683

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

Funeral in Berlin of General Cuba, victims of the "Bolshevik attempt" in Minsk.

A memorial service in the Reich Chancellery, in the hall of Goebbels, Dr.

Ley and others, Hitler at the funeral service.

Speech by Minister for the Eastern territories, Rosenberg.

Wreaths, Hitler raises his hand in a Nazi salute.

2. Germany.

Seeing at one of the stations children are sent to relatively safe from bombing of the area.

Children with numbers.

They carry sandwiches, milk in bottles.

Children with teachers in the train cars.

3. Czechoslovakia.

The arrival of the train with the children from Germany to Prague.

Hanging welcome banner.

Camp of the Hitler youth in Bohemia and Moravia.

The day of the visit parents from Germany.

4. Poland.

The harvest festival in Waterland (the former territory of Western Poland after 1939 part of Germany).

Hitler youth camp, build boys.

On the sleeve of a triangle with the NDP. "OST Waterland".

The youth on the occasion.

The arrival of Exman, they present decorated sheaf.

Axman bypasses youth, greeted the girls.

The performance of Reichsfuhrer of Axman, he thanked the youth for helping in the harvest.

5. Germany.

Representatives from the German peasants at the reception in the Reich Chancellery.

The awards honored workers of agriculture.

6. Germany.

Rally at the sports Palace in Berlin on the occasion of honoring the soldiers who liberated Mussolini. "Savior" Italian Duce Otto Skorzeny, Goebbels and walk through the hall.

The award to General Schoerner.

People from the squad Skorzeny in front of the camera.

Goebbels speech, a part of his speech in the record.

7. Germany.

General Kurt student inspecting the flight part, it bypasses the formation of soldiers.

A presentation of General awards to outstanding pilots.

A General welcomed the soldiers who liberated Mussolini, Otto Skorzeny (with a scar on his face among comrades.

Soldiers with stripes SS shakes his hand.

8. Germany.

Sentry at the gate of the artillery of the military school.

Monument to the fallen gunners.

Theoretical and practical training in the artillery school.

Instructors with the cadets next to the cannon, at the blackboard in the fresh air.

The students sit in self-propelled artillery and leave the gates of the school.

Vehicle gets stuck in sand, the students dig the tracks.

Maneuvers on the ground.

The development of techniques of interaction with the infantry.

9. The coast of the Arctic ocean.

One of the airfields the Luftwaffe.

Pilots rest.

Preparation of aircraft for departure, loads the shells.

They are in the air.

Bombs fall on the Soviet military base.

Key words

StuG III, bf-110


Otto Skorzeny




Germany Poland Czech Republic

World War II

Reel №2


The German attack on the partisans in Istria in Croatia.

German tanks and motorized artillery attack on a mountain road.

Shootout with the Yugoslav partisans in the mountains.

Lying dead guerrillas.

Weapons seized from the defeated guerrilla group.

Shootout in the village.

Captive "bandits."

Street fighting in the streets.

German soldiers among the ruins of houses.

Marines captured the barricades used for shooting.


Arctic Ocean.

German bombers returned to the airport, flying over the convoy of German ships in the ocean.

Plaque Soviet torpedo bombers in the caravan.

Combat anxiety.

A fragment of a battle with enemy aircraft.

Downed Soviet plane crashes into the sea.

Eastern front, central portion.

The retreat of the Germans from Smolensk.

The export of raw materials and of the settlements to be left in order to "level" of the front.

Soldiers walk past the huts, which lie near the boxes, bags, rucksacks soldiers, some with visible soles of boots.

Trucks filled with bicycles.

Loading boxes in cars, cans, the compositions are sent on a journey.

Trucks drive on Smolensk near the Cathedral of the Assumption.

The city leads the column of Soviet prisoners.

Civilians fleeing from the Bolsheviks.

People go to the families of the carts.

The boys are sitting on the remains of the walls of the house, one, smiling, salutes.

Cossack on horseback in front of a herd of horses, they are carried out through the city.

The Germans were driven herds of cows, flocks of sheep, go carts with fodder.

Removing line telephony and telegraphy.

The soldiers cut coiled cable reel and loaded into the machine.

The explosion of buildings and strategic installations.

Detail showing undermining of the water tower, separate buildings, warehouses, factories.

The black smoke in the air.

German soldiers walk past burning houses, log houses are scattered.

German tanks on the positions of the soldiers camouflage their guns and branches.

German artillery is shelling the enemy.

German aircraft Heinkel-111 in the air.

They dropped bombs on the Soviet positions.

Traces of explosions on the ground.


German and Italian officers inspect the Italian fascist battalions in Trieste, which pass under German command.

General bypasses volunteer system, they are written in the list.

German soldiers on the march in the direction of Paul, the pointer near the road.

Lesson Italian port, a view of the various ships: torpedo boats, training cruiser.

The persecution of the Italian ship, which passed on the side of the Badoglio government.

The destruction of the vessel.


The Luftwaffe attacks Badoglio troops occupied the island of Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands Italy.

The German part of the ship landed on the island to perform the operation.

Soldiers in shorts unloaded boxes of ammunition, motorcycles.

Promoting inland.

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