Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 668 (1943)

Newsreel №59109, 3 parts, duration: 0:23:10
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Sending German teenagers on summer vacation.

Children carrying suitcases.

Landing on the ship, mourners waving their hands.

The ship goes by inland waterway to the Baltic sea.

Boys and girls in the cabins, salons, on the deck.

The distribution of lunch.

Letters home.

Arrival at Stettin.

Children arrive at the destination.

Accommodation in boarding houses.

Children on the beach.

2. Germany.

Symphony concert at a military tank factory.

The orchestra plays the "Rakoczy March," Berlioz.

3. Germany.

Girls who voluntarily joined the auxiliary forces Luftwaffe.

Girls in the Dorm minding my own business, lunch.

Things in the classroom, classes radiodelu, telephony, etc.

Distribution of mail.

In his leisure hours.

The game of table tennis.

Physical education, sports and games, kayaking.

Departure to the front part of the Luftwaffe first graduates.

4. Germany.

Dortmund, protest at "Westfalenhalle" against air terror Anglo-American aviation.

A procession of residents with banners and placards, past the ruined, charred buildings.

The arrival of Goebbels in Dortmund 18.06.43. Machine of Goebbels passes through the streets of the city.

Arrival at "Westfalenhalle".

Goebbels speech speaker in the retelling.

Goebbels of retribution to the terrorists.

A snippet of the speech in the recording.

Calendar: 07/1943

Locations: Germany [84]

Reel №2

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5. Germany.

Military exercises in the rear parts of the Waffen-SS: battle of infantry with tanks.

The undermining of the tanks.

Inspection results of fire training of tank.

6. Italy.

Admiral Ricciardi attends the German submarine, was staying at the shores of the Mediterranean.

A guard of honor.

Awarding of the German sailors of the Italian medals.

Day of the Navy in Rome.

Laying a wreath at the Admiral Ricciardi at the monument to the fallen soldiers.

King Victor Emmanuel rewards Italian and German sailors medals.

The military attaches of the allied and friendly countries.

Relatives of the victims receive awards for their loved ones.

7. Germany.

School of submarine classes in the audience.

The teacher leads the lesson using a glass model of a submarine.

The model in the training pool, an imitation of lifting the boat from the ground.

Construction of students.

U-boat commanders receive instructions on how to conduct training flights.

Cadets take place in submarines.

Submarine at sea, alarm.

The boat is immersed.

The students observe the actions of the crew in the situation to combat anxiety.

The educational explosion of a torpedo.

Cadets perform various operations on Board a submarine.

Calendar: 07/1943

Locations: Germany [84] Italy [110]

Reel №3

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8. Finland.

The arrival of the SS General Steiner in Helsinki.

It was a parade of Finnish volunteers joined the battalion of the Waffen-SS. The commander of the battalion.

9. The battles near Leningrad.

The shelling of the city by German heavy artillery

(see the city).

Fires in the area of Soviet troops.


calculation at the guns.

Shoot the German machine gunners.

German squad Forsey

ruet river on a motor boat.

The German attack on observation post

Soviet artillery.

The Germans in the ruins.

Interrogation of Soviet prisoner.

10. The southern section of the Eastern front.

The fighting in the Kuban.

The recon team

out on a mission.

Report to the commander.

German artillery begins

the bombardment of the enemy.

The destruction of a Soviet tank.

German planes

fly in the air, the pilots in the cockpit.

German air RAID on the rear of the

the Soviet forces.

The flying bombs on target, explosions.

A series of explosions.

Key words

Dornier Do 217, Junkers Ju 52

Calendar: 07/1943

Locations: Finland [76] Leningrad region [785]

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