Film-travel almanac № 44 (1969)

Newsreel №59124, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:35
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Arceulov O., Zak V., Kuznecov V., Nosarev V., Shnejderov V.
Screenwriters:Arceulov O., Berman V., Zak V., Nosarev V.
Camera operators:Klimentjev A., Petrosov O., Potievskij E., Puntakov I., Sologubov N.
Composers:Stihin E.
Text authors:Gastev A.


1. "Samarkand is 2500 years old." 2. "Kargopol". 3. "Colors Of Indigirka". 4. "In Laos".

Reel №1

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1. Samarkand is 2500 years old.

Samarkand, views of the square and the Registan architectural ensemble; the complex is under restoration.

People pass by the Gur-Emir mausoleum.

Details of the dome decorations.

Types of the mausoleum.

Courtyard of the Bibi-Khanym mosque.

Marble pedestal for the Koran.

A man passes under the trees.

An arba is coming down the road.

People enter the mosque.

Master on the roof of the ancient Chorsu shopping center.

Views of the Shahi Zinda architectural ensemble; there are people on the territory of the complex.

Portrait of Ulugbek in stone.

Ulugbek Observatory.

The inner courtyard of the Ulugbek Madrasah.

Sherdor Madrasah.

Mosaic fragments and other design details.

Views of the entrance to the madrasah.

The seller of tortillas.

A man drinks tea.

People work with archaeological finds.

Excavations in Afrasiab.

The ruins of the potters ' quarter.

Samarkand of the XX century, streets, transport, people.

A group of students is walking through the park.

People on the bench are reading books.

Panorama of one of the city squares.

The restorer and his student.

Old ornaments on the columns and walls.

Mosaic of the dome.

2. Kargopol.

Clay is crushed by hand.

The master sculpts a toy.

Coloring of toys.

Ready-made toys, flames in the background.

Firewood is burning.

Elderly people drink tea.

Snow on the roofs of houses, smoke pipes.

A flock of birds over the houses.

Wooden houses.

Snowy, rolled-up road.

Alternation: wooden houses and elements of their painting under the roofs.

A tractor is driving along the road.

Two-storey house.

Birch branches, the sun in a haze.

Winter landscapes, snowstorms.

Two boys walk through a snowstorm.

A bucket swings on a well crane.

A sleigh is coming along the road.

Snow sweeps the house.

The muzzle of a horse harnessed to a sled, the breath turns to steam.

People at the entrance to the library, a bicycle passes by.

A bus is coming down the street.

Church domes.

An electrician repairs the wires.

The plane warms up the engines.

The plane begins to take off.

Locations: Uzbekistan [236] Arkhangelsk region [768]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

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3. Indigirka paints.

Oymyakon plateau, basin of the upper course of the Indigirka River.

Yellowing larch trees overhang the river.

The surface of the water.

Views from the water to the shore and the crumbling forest.

Thickets of larch trees on the rock.

View of the Chersky ridge.

Movement on the river (shooting from the bow of the boat).

Mountain view, wooden boat on the shore.

A jackdaw on the rocks, a bird flies away.

Clear water, rocky bottom.

Snowy peaks.

Winter forest.

Branches of bushes stick out of the snow.

A frozen river, an ice field.

Spring streams.

The river boils in shallow water.

Buds on the branches.

The first foliage.

Young needles on larch trees.

A strong wind is blowing.

A broken tree, with a view of the river and the mountains beyond.

4. In Laos.

Fog over the jungle.

Mountain waterfalls.

Thickets of grass, jungle on the rocks.

A stone statue.

People sit on the grass in front of the pagoda.

The monks collect alms.

A woman takes off her shoes in front of the entrance to the temple, people approach from behind.

Alternation: a statue of the Buddha, praying people in the temple.

People come out of the temple.

Top view of the village, in the lowland fog.

A woman collects yarn in a basket.

A man is whittling bamboo for a wicker basket.

Hot coals and tools.

The blacksmith blows up the fire in the furnace.

Farmers plant rice.

A girl with a net.

A man plows a water-filled field.

Mountain view.

View of the Mekong River Valley.

Fishermen throw their nets into the water.

Fish on the bottom of the boat.

Fishermen collect tackle.

Grinding of grain.

Women sew clothes.

Tall palm trees.

Small children.

A woman with buckets goes into the house.

A soldier with a machine gun.

Clouds at sunset.

Locations: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) [750] Laos [121]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823] Spring [825]

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