Film-travel almanac № 38 (1968)

Newsreel №59130, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:24
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Belyakov L., Mamedov D., Shnejderov V.
Screenwriters:Aleksandrov V., Alekseeva S., Belyakov L., Berman V.
Camera operators:Belyakov L., Kiselev S., Mamedov D., Savin A.
Composers:Stihin E.
Text authors:Barashev P.
Other authors:Kiselev S., Savin A.


1. "Moscow sea". 2. "Mtskheta". 3. "In the heart of Europe". 4. "The Streets Of Stockholm".

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. The Moscow Sea.

A foam trail behind the stern of the boat.

The camera rises to the clouds.

The boat goes through the reservoir.

View of the marina.

The buoy bobs on the water.

The boat jumps on the waves.

Birch branches in the wind.

The boat is far away.

Birch trees.

Pleasure boat "Rocket".

The boat overtakes the sports yacht.

Yachtsmen hold the sail.

Fishermen on boats in a thicket of sedge.

Blooming water lilies.

Thickets of reeds.

People in the reeds.

A passenger ship and several boats enter the lock.

Seething water.

People on boats.

Water fills the channel and lifts the ships.

People pull the boat to the shore.

Country forest.

A tent among the trees.

People have lunch at a table near the tent.

View of the tourist camp from the water.

Pine forest.

A woman among the pines.

A woman draws a camp.

Sailing yacht.

People cook food on a campfire.

A yacht under sail, a motorboat passes behind it.

The boy at the campfire.

The yacht goes to the shore.

A bonfire is burning.

A fisherman in a boat.

Birds fly over the water.

The shore of the reservoir.

The beach at sunset.

Sailing yachts.

Competitions in water skiing with ski jumping, slalom and performing complex figures.

Hang Glider with skis.

The athlete falls into the water.

The helmsman looks back.

Hang Glider behind the stern.

Passenger ship "Yakov Sverdlov" passes the gateway.

The banks of the reservoir.

Monument to V. I. Lenin.

The airlock gate opens.

The ship goes to the Volga.

Deckhouse on the upper deck.

Views along the banks of the river.

The captain is at the helm.

View from the wheelhouse window.

2. Mtskheta.

The confluence of the Aragvi and Kura rivers, city view.

Jvari Monastery.

Alternation: people inspect the temple from the outside, bas-reliefs on the walls.

The upper part of the temple.

View of the monastery from the garden of Mikhail Mamulashvili.

The owner of the garden is watering the flowers.

Flowers on stones, in pots and jars.

M. A. Mamulashvili talks about his flowers.

Svetitskhoveli Temple.

Zedazensky monastery.

The ruins of the fortress of Bebristsikhe (Natsikhari).

Samtavro Monastery, details of buildings and stone ornaments.

People are walking down the street.

A woman plays a violin at the open window.

There's a bus on the way.

Monument to Arsen Odzelashvili.

I. G. Chavchavadze House-Museum.

Monument to V. I. Lenin.

Zemo-Avchalskaya HPP.

Hydroelectric dam, seething water.

Mikhail Alexandrovich Mamulashvili in the garden.

The gardener arranges a place for a new plant.

Garden decoration details.

Garden guests, a man with a movie camera.

Various varieties of tulips.

Calla lilies and roses.

M. A. Mamulashvili.

The gardener is watering the flower bed.

View of Jvari Monastery from the garden.


Mamulashvili M.A. -- Georgian florist, interior designer, Honored artist of the Georgian SSR.

Locations: Moscow region [788] Tver region [806] Georgia [83]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

3. In the center of Europe.

Transcarpathia, mountain forests.

The sign of the center of Europe, established in 1887.

Mountain landscapes.

A deer runs through the forest.

A hunter with a gun.

The deer looks around.


A female deer.

Mountain village.


Laundry is drying behind the trees.

An old cemetery and a church.

Salt mining in the mines.


A woman pours wine into a flask.

Wine "Troyanda".

Tasting, experts try the wine and make a description of it.

Trout fry in the pool.

A woman throws food into the water.

The river Tissa (Tisa).

Seething water.

The river flows through the town of Rakhov.

Children play on the playground.

City streets, passers-by.

A boy with his parents.

The girl is on the phone.

People in the square.

Campsite, mountain view.

Tall pine trees.

The road to the campsite.

The forest is all around.

Glade of blooming lilies of the valley.

Alternation: people go skiing and sunbathe in the snow.

A roadside inn.

A lantern under the ceiling.

Grilled shish kebab.

Visitors to the tavern.

The couple dines by candlelight.


People's faces.

Everyone eats shish kebab.

Boots are drying next to the grill.

Tourists take photos at the sign of the center of Europe.

4. The streets of Stockholm.

Gilded sculpture of St.

George on the roof of the Town Hall.

View of the overpass over the bayou.

A man and a woman on the observation deck.

Panoramas of the city.

The Royal Library.

Visitors in the reading room.

A man examines archival documents.

Correspondence of V. I. Lenin.

A sign with the name of the street.

The house number.

The house where V. I. Lenin lived.

The car is parked at the curb.

The walls of the town hall.

View from the colonnade on the bayou.

Passers-by on the streets.

The guards are marching.

Girls in summer dresses.

A narrow shopping street.

A woman at a shop window.

A kiosk with postcards and books.

Women view the product.

The woman goes through the reproductions.

Fruit counter.

Fountain, city sculpture.

Summer cafe.

Views of one of the central avenues.

Traffic, shooting from the car.

A man with a wheelchair.

A small child.

Young parents with a stroller in the park.

People relax on the benches.

The girl eats a cake.

View from the summer cafe site to the street below.

Customers at the tables.

Double-decker bus.

Fountain in the park on the embankment.

Motor boat racing.

Vacationers sunbathe on the benches.

Pool view.

Children play in the pool.

People sunbathe on the lawns.

Millesgorden, Karl Milles Sculpture Park Museum.

Excursion in the park.


Fountain "Europe and the Bull".

Attractions in the Tivoli Park, late evening.

Locations: Ukraine [229] Sweden [211]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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