Film-travel almanac № 19 (1966)

Newsreel №59179, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:45
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Demin D., Klimentjev A., Shnejderov V.
Screenwriters:Vasiljkov I., Shejnin B., Shnejderov V.
Camera operators:Aleksandrov I., Klimentjev A., Puntakov I., Holjnij G.
Composers:Stihin E.
Text authors:Ditrih A.
Other authors:Holjnij G.


1. "The steppe changes its name". 2. "Perm gods". 3. "Through Zangezur". 4. "One of the seven (pyramids)".

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. The steppe changes its name.

Dry desert vegetation.

A deep crack in the ground.

Rocky ground.

Clouds over the mountains.

Alternation: primroses, meltwater, spring streams, grasses.

Mountain streams.

Flowering shrubs.


Alternation: mountain slopes, water flows down.

Snag on the shore.

Boulders in the riverbed, a bridge is visible in the distance.

Muddy river.

Trucks are driving along the mountain road.

The construction of a hydroelectric power station is underway.

Alternation: work processes, people's hands.

Welders are working.

Unloading of equipment.

The worker is watching.

The surveyor calculates the distance.

Branches of a shrub against the background of flowing water.

The waves of the river.

Blooming poppies.

Steppe raznotravye.

2. The Permian gods.

Crows ' nests in a tree.

Hay on the muddy ground, puddles, snow that hasn't melted.

View of the church behind the trees.

The church on the hill.

The church is behind the fence.

Reflection in the water.

The bell tower.

Candles are burning in the church.

Old books.

Wooden sculptures of saints.

Sculptures of Jesus Christ.

Our Lady with the faces of peasant women.


Paraskeva Friday.

Nikola Mozhay (Nikolai Mozhaysky, aka Nicholas the Wonderworker).

God is the father of Hosts.

Various images of Christ.

Collection of wooden gods of the Perm Museum.

Locations: Uzbekistan [236] Perm [887]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

3. Through Zangezur.

Yerevan, bus station building.

Monument to David of Sasun.

People get on a regular bus.

The bus leaves the city.

A flowery lawn that divides the road.

Transport on the road, a monument in the distance on the background of the mountain.

The bus goes on a mountain road.

Panorama of the mountains, below you can see the road serpentine.

The bus passes through the gorge of the Arpa River.

Panorama of Jermuk.


Mineral Water Pavilion.

Residential buildings.


Flock in the meadow.

The shepherd watches the sheep.

Grazing animals.

The dogs are chasing the flock.

The shepherd drives the sheep.

Deserted mountain slopes.

Panorama of Goris.

Apples on the branches.

Goris streets, passers-by.

Mountain peaks.

Houses among the rocks.

Ancient caves.

"Stone Forest", aka "Devil's Nest".

Vorotan River in the gorge, top view.

The ruins of the Tatev Monastery.

View from the window of the monastery tower: people go up the mountain on foot.

Mountain forests.

Tree branches.


People climb the Zangezur pass.

View from the pass to the surrounding mountains, clouds on the tops.

4. One of the seven (pyramids).

Panorama of Cairo.

View of the pyramids in the distance.

Pyramids nearby.

People are coming to the pyramid.

Guides riding on camels.

The Pyramid of Cheops.

The entrance to the pyramid.

Funeral church.

Drawing and hieroglyphs.

Statues at the entrance.

People ride camels.

Bedouins near the caravanserai.

A man feeds a camel.

Other owners of camels and horses also feed the animals.

Tables under umbrellas.

Tourists get off the bus.

The man gives the driver a camera.

A man in the saddle, a camel rises.

A group of tourists is being taken on camels.

The bustle at the foot of the pyramid.

The top of the pyramid.

People climb the stones on the wall.

Guides lead a group of tourists along the road.

Sphinx, views from different angles and distances.

Sunset over the pyramids.

Locations: Armenia [12] Egypt [65]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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