Highway Patrol (№ 1 ) Release from 04/01/99 (1999)

Telecast №59208, 1 part, duration: 0:14:00
Production: Highway Patrol


The next issue tells how the "Highway Patrol" program is created. Editorial staff talk about their work.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The official car of the "Highway Patrol" program drives into the yard, the car is at the entrance of the editorial office, the driver and another person leave the car salon, go to the editorial staff standing at the entrance.

The screensaver of the program is the cutting of frames from various accidents, incidents, etc.

Poster "TV6 Moscow, phone number".

Employees put a sticker with the program logo on the company car.

Different plans of the car - in the frame the name of the program "Highway Patrol", the logo of the TV6 channel, etc.

View of the official car (taken from above).

Archival footage - the first plot of "Highway Patrol" on January 1, 1995.

The car of the "Highway Patrol" is driving through the streets of the city.

In the frame - a broken car, next to the sign "pedestrian crossing".

Different shots from the accident sites - broken and abandoned cars.

An employee is talking on the phone in the studio, voicing the statistics of the accident.

Footage of wrecked cars.

The official car of the program is near the truck that got into an accident - boxes with cargo (bottles of vodka) are dumped out of the body.

Leonid Orlov, the program manager, speaks.

Large - a bouquet of flowers on a shelf, a cardboard car "Highway Patrol".

Leonid Orlov speaks.

Various shots from incidents - fire, house collapse, train accident, road accident, a suicide man on a bridge, an accident on a heating main, a corpse in a bag near a broken car, the collapse of a building wall.

Stanislav Skripnik, the program operator, speaks.

The view from the window of the official car - an ambulance is going ahead.

Driving through the night city, the Kremlin is visible.

Fire, firefighters extinguish the fire.

Rescuers near the hatch, one of the employees descends into the hatch.

Stanislav Skripnik speaks.

Footage from the explosion of a house in Naro-Fominsk in 1997.

Rescuers are dismantling the rubble.

Stanislav Skripnik speaks.

Says Andrey Sharov, the driver.

Says Alexey Khovrin, the correspondent of the program.

Says correspondent Georgy Osipov.

Says the editor-in-chief of the program "Highway Patrol" Andrey Chereshnev.

The editorial office of the program, the information service - operational duty officers (information editors) work.

The girl at the table is talking on the phone, writing down information, the man at the table is typing on the computer keyboard.

View of the office, working employees - different shots.

Large - a landline push-button phone rings.

The girl picks up the phone, talks, writes down information.

Says Tatiana Ponkratova, information editor.

Large - a special receiver.

Tatiana Ponkratova speaks on the radio.

In the frame is Andrey Kuzin, the editor-in-chief.

Studio, editing - there are monitors, equipment, editors are working on assembling plots.

Says Nikolai Vavilkin, the director of video editing.

The process of voicing the program - a sound engineer, actress Elena Valyushkina and the host of the program Sergey Kolesnikov are working in the studio, reading the text with headphones at the microphone.

In the frame - Kolesnikov and Valyushkina.

Large - a cassette is taken out of the betacam player, the employee puts it in the case and leaves.

The crew of the "Highway Patrol" leaves the editorial office, goes to the car.

The driver gets into the car.

Large - flashing lights on the roof of the car light up.

The car leaves the yard.

Cars of the "Highway Patrol" on the street, passing by the Christmas tree.

Key words

Crime, accidents, incidents, Highway patrol, correspondents, editorial staff

Locations: Moscow

Seasons: Winter [823]

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