Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 607 (1942)

Newsreel №59260, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:45
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

A solemn meeting of the NSDAP, organized by the Radio of the great Germany on the occasion of the führer's birthday /53/.

Speaker of the evening will include a speech by Goebbels and the Symphony orchestra.

PNRM. the auditorium.

Goebbels comes down from the podium.

The orchestra under the baton of furtwängler, takes the 9-th Symphony of Beethoven.

Listeners in the Lodge, among them Goebbels, Ley, Japanese Ambassador Oshima.

Violin group.


The brass group.

The applause from the audience.

Goebbels shakes hands with the conductor.

2. Germany.

The führer in his headquarters.

Keitel and other generals.



They are on a walk in the Park.


Raeder with Hitler.

A delegation of the "Hitler youth" singing a song in honor of the birthday of the Fuhrer.

Hitler and children.

3. Sicily.

German military airfield.

Loading bombs on a plane.


The plane takes off into the air.

He's heading towards Malta.

View of Malta from the air.

English planes bombed the airfield.

Locations: Germany [84] Italy [110]

Reel №2

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4. Germany.

Italian submarine returning from the Atlantic ocean.

Sailors with flowers.

German u-boat returning from a RAID to the shores of North America.

The port is the boat of Lieutenant Otto ITES, the girls bring him flowers.

At the moment he became the youngest Knight's cross holder among submariners.

Distribution of mail.

Sailor with manual white mouse.

Boat in the Harbor.

Boats go into protective bunkers, which were built on the plan of Dr.


They protect against any aerial attacks.

Officers of shipyard immediately begin to prepare the boat for another sail against the enemy.

The tank is filled diesel fuel, replenished food stocks, and Vcore boat again ready to sail.

The course is West to North America.

5. Of the Soviet Union.

Eastern front.

German troops preparing for landing on the island Suursaari (Gogland) in the Gulf, an important strategic point in the Eastern part of the Bay.

Assault units had just rejected the Soviet troops from the coast of the island and cut off their escape route.

Soldiers driven gun on the sledge, driving mechanized artillery.

Now here catch up with the rest of the troops, they have completely clear of the enemy and take the island.

A snowplow clearing the way.

Part of the walk on the frozen sea.

The sun melted in some places a layer of snow, cars driving through melted snow Bay.

Messenger platoon laying down a line he's driving, unwinding the cable.

The connection between land and island installed.

Abandoned Soviet boat in the snow.

The gunners took positions.

The beginning of the shelling of Soviet troops.

The stormtroopers need to make your way through the barbed wire.

The infantry burst into the dense forest Suursaari.

Meanwhile Finnish troops conducted an attack on the other side of the island and drove the enemy.

Another part of the Finnish land reclaimed back.

6. Of the Soviet Union.

Military operations in the Leningrad area.

Destroyed the railway bridge over the Narva river.

Repair crews during his recovery, frost complicates the already difficult work.

The soldiers hammered the supports, install the part.

In the Leningrad area a few days ago he began to reign thaw.

Cars make their way through muddy roads.

Delivery of ammunition and military materials.

Are horse carts, the soldiers lead the horses by the bridle, sinking in the mud.

Stuck in the mud of the car, the soldiers dragged the machine out of the mud.

The truck draws to the side.

The driver repairs the car on a country road.

In the streets of water and mud.

Soldiers clean the streets, chop ice is melted.

Gunners have guns, podnoski shells.

7. Of the Soviet Union.

The Central plot.

Here still reigns the frost.

The soldiers are clearing the position of the shovels.

Clearing roads of snow.

On the way, drive up ammunition.

Cars in the snow.

The ambulance hit a mine planted by the Bolsheviks.

The wounded transferred to another vehicle.

Locations: Germany [84] USSR [863]

Reel №3

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8. Of the Soviet Union.

The Central plot.

A police team and squad DM is pursued by the Bolsheviks in the snow in the woods.

Detection guerrilla asylum - abandoned bunker.

The Germans bombarded the bunker with grenades.

The guerrillas surrender, there were hidden explosives and weapons, camouflage cloth, radio.

A GPU agent and his henchmen arrested SD. They admitted that they wanted to take care of a severely wounded German pilot jumping by parachute.

Woman, the wife of the agent, they are searched.

Logging floorings during the thaw.

Fabrication of the decks.

The destroyed bridge.

Aerial cableway, built by the Germans.

On the front lines.

The Germans in the trenches.

Shooting with the Soviet side.

The attack was repelled.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

9. Of the Soviet Union.

Military action in the area of the Donets.

A blast of ice jams on the Bottom to protect from the ice railway bridges over the river.

View Of The Dnieper.

During the retreat of the Bolsheviks wanted to completely destroy the plant.

However, they managed to undermine only a small part of the dam.

Organization Todt for the reconstruction of the dam.

Divers remove the wreckage from the water.

Construction and restoration work at the HPP. PNRM. the restored hydroelectric power station, its engine room.

At the front in the Donetsk region.

German infantry at rest.

This time at the forefront are the tanks.

Shooting with the Soviet troops.

German infantry in masallatah goes forward.

On the snow lie the corpses of Soviet soldiers.

German guns fired at Soviet positions.

Calculation at the guns. "Junkers" in the air.

Infantry in the battle for the village.

Sniper with optical rifle in the snowy trench.

Gunners shoot.

PNRM. battlefield.

Destroyed Soviet tanks, the corpses of Soviet soldiers.

German tanks on the March.

Locations: USSR [863]

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