Maintenance and repair of fire-fighting vehicles special purpose (1975)

Documentary №59344, 1 part, duration: 0:18:47
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Vasilinenko V.
Screenwriters:Golodnickij E.
Camera operators:Ignakov A.
Sound mixer:Ershova L.


The film tells about the features of maintenance and repair of fire trucks and other special vehicles

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The fire department on duty - employees work at the consoles, take calls from residents of the city.

Shots with employees at the console.

Large - the log of receiving requests.

Large - poster with quotes from Gilyarovsky.

The teacher-an employee of the fire service in the classroom - stands with a pointer near the layout of a multi-storey residential building.

Large - the face of the teacher.

Firefighters in class at their desks - listening to a lecture.

A female employee of the dispatch service, at the remote control, talking on the phone - directs the fire brigade to the address.

Large - the selector buttons are switched.

Firefighters in the classroom in class - run out of the classroom at the alarm signal, run down the stairs, down the corridor, put on overalls, helmets and ammunition, run to the cars.

The gates of the fire station open, fire trucks with sirens and flashing lights leave.

Cars stop, firefighters unwind hoses.

The fireman is talking on the radio.

View of a fire hose that is connected to a divider with taps.

Close-up - the hand draws a diagram on a piece of paper.

A staircase extends to the roof of a two-story wooden house.

The streets of the city, the roadway, a bus is going, fire trucks are driving behind it with a siren and flashing lights (removed from traffic).

Firefighters take out special equipment from the car.

Firefighters at the river, collect water with a hose that goes to the fire truck.

Firefighters climb the stairs to the roof of the house (taken from below).

The driver is at the base, near the fire truck - paints the surface of the mirror of the car from the back side.

The driver checks the equipment of the car, opens the tanks, takes measurements.

The support device (extendable leg) is checked.

Large - the strength of the fastening of the hydraulic locks is checked.

The correctness of the automatic operation of the locking mechanism of the right and left springs is checked.

The driver is in the cab, checks the free shift and the clear fixation of the gearbox, power take-off and gimbal transmission.

The driver is at the car, checking the oil level.

Checks that the working fluid in the hydraulic system tank is clean.

The driver is in a special pit, inspecting the car, twisting something, and so on.

The driver checks the serviceability of the control handles and their free movement.

Large - hand on the lever.

The driver of the fire truck who took over the shift reports on the condition of the car to the head of the guard.

The driver sits down at the table, takes out a notebook, makes a note in the notebook.

A fire truck pulls into the sink, water jets wash the car from below.

Fire truck in the repair box.

Special devices determine the working condition of electrical equipment.

Large - scale devices.

The driver's face.

Large - an arrow is moving on the device.

Fire truck in the yard.

Large - the support devices (legs) are extended.

The movement of the fire truck ladder is checked.

The driver is watching the stairs.

The general plan is the movement of the fire truck ladder.

The protective cap keeps the rope from jumping off the stem seat and protects the stem itself from dirt ingress.

Large - extension of ladder elements.

Large - the movement of the stairs.

Special marking with degrees - to determine the level of the slope of the stairs.

Large - extension of ladder elements.

It is shown how the rope is laid on the coil - in rows of rows, without overlapping.

Extension of the ladder parallel to the ground.

The course of the additional knee is checked by the driver manually.

The locking device is regulated.

Tightening the terminal screws and stripping the contacts when oxides are detected.

Large - extension of the ladder.

The lateral alignment of the ladder is checked.

Large - metal plate with a scale of degrees.

The absence of leakage in the oil transfer is checked.

Large - the tank, the window of the device, the arrow is moving.

Stretch ropes are checked.

Large - the device, the arrow is moving.

Scratches are eliminated on the surface of the rods - the driver examines the rods, wipes them with a rag.

Close-up - a hand with a stopwatch.

A fire escape is being extended.

Close-up - a hand with a stopwatch.

A fire escape, a panorama of the building, employees checking the boundaries of the security field below.

A scale with divisions and numbers is drawn in chalk on the asphalt.

Large - hands repair the locking device, tighten the nuts.

The contact system is being put in order.

Large - the condition of the contact rings is checked.

The rings are wiped with a cloth.

Removes the sludge in the filters.

The employee takes out the filter, washes it.

A new filter is being installed.

Panorama of the yard of the fire station, buildings, a fire truck with an extended ladder - the practical operation of a stationary carriage trunk is checked.

At the end of the stairs, there is a jet of water from the trunk at the top.

Fire truck in the repair box.

Large-scale technical magazine with operating instructions (pages are flipped).

Key words

Fire truck, fire station, firefighters

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The communication and lighting service bus is in the box for maintenance.

Military mechanics inspect the bus.

Large - the face of a military man.

Employees (military mechanics) take out special equipment for inspection, check the connection.

Large - electric power plant on the bus body, hands connect cables to sockets.

Large - lighting devices light up.

The employee checks the operability of the connected pantographs, presses the buttons on the control panel.

Close-up - there is a spotlight on the roof of the bus.

The protective automation unit is inspected - the insulation resistance, current collectors, and branching boxes are measured.

Large - a special electrical measuring device, the arrow is moving.

Employees are on the bus, sitting at a table, checking communication consoles and radio stations.

The military is on the phone.

Large - hands pick up the phone, turn the levers on a special radio communication device.

The military is on the phone.

In the frame, an employee checks the operation of a car pumping station.

Large - readings of instruments and sensors.

Large - schedule maintenance of fire trucks.

In the frame - a fire pump and a diesel engine.

An employee checks the presence of oil, fuel and water in the filling tanks of the pumping station, lubricants in the fire pump bath.

Panorama of the dashboard.

The employee checks the presence of starting air in the cylinder, the voltage on the banks and the level of electrolytes in the batteries, the serviceability of the gas-jet vacuum system.

Large - the face of a working employee.

An employee opens the walls at the top, checks the equipment.

Panorama of equipment, valves, etc.

The official car is in the box, standing under a special pit.

View of the control panel, instruments, sensors.

Employees check the serviceability of the engine, instruments, etc.

There is a sign on the door - "tech post", a panorama of the office with various equipment.

An employee flushes the fuel filter.

Large - washed oil filter and air filters.

The employee inserts the filter into the box, leaves.

Large - the master checks the reliability of the fasteners.

Large - diagram "Map of lubrication of aggregates".

Fuel tanks and pipelines are flushed.

The employee checks the condition of the generator, the regulator and the starter starting relay, the adjustment of the air distributor, the fuel supply and the operation of the injectors.

Large - scoreboard with toggle switches, hands switch toggle switches.

The engine units are fully lubricated.

Large - "ZIL-131 lubrication map".

A fire truck drives into the inspection box.

Employees open the car body, climb inside - begins checking the condition of hoses, winches, stationary, carriage fire barrel and other equipment.

Large - an employee in the back of the car is talking on the phone.

The military man in the cockpit is talking on the phone.

Fire hoses are laid out on the ground, unfolded.

Large - marks are made on the sleeve with a marker.

Large - sleeves are attached to pumps.

An employee turns the faucet, water is supplied.

Large - the arrow on the device trembles.

Various tests of fire hoses are carried out.

The sleeves are rolled into another roll with a 90-degree shift of the sleeve fold.

The employee rolls up his sleeves.

Panorama of a special fire truck designed to eliminate fires at petrochemical and gas industry enterprises, etc.

This is a powder extinguishing vehicle.

An employee conducts a visual external inspection of special vehicles.

The presence of compressed air or neutral gas in the cylinders, the serviceability of the connecting fittings, the presence of a fire extinguishing agent in the container is checked.

Different frames with equipment, devices.

The employee visually determines the serviceability of additional electrical equipment.

The mechanic twists the part, a panorama of the suitcase with tools.

The mechanic twists the part, a panorama of an employee near the car with a fire barrel in his hands.

Laboratory, an employee checks the humidity and composition of the extinguishing powder.

Large - the face of an employee.

Large - several containers with powder.

The employee studies the composition, enters the research results in a special journal.

Key words

Special transport, maintenance, service station, fire truck, laboratory

Seasons: Summer [824]

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