Domestic and foreign newsreels (1929)

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Scene №1 Domestic and foreign newsreels

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The types of foothills in Afghanistan, which circuits are division of the British colonial troops (above).

Soldiers climb the mountain.

Is the camel caravan with military gear, the soldiers are loaded the camels.

A caravan of heavily Laden mules moving on the road.

Residents of Kabardino-Balkaria are riding on the opening of a new irrigation canal.

Passing people in carts.

Panorama of the meeting on the occasion of the opening of the channel.

Types of dams on channel and surrounding areas (top), the faces of the protesters.

The representative of the regional Committee of the CPSU(b) Andreev, A. A., solemnly cutting the red ribbon.

The rise of the red flag, faces of women.

The water flows into the channel through the open dam sites.

The view of the meeting.

Types of dam in the channel, the faces of the protesters.

The flow of water, the column lines.

The types Akbashskaya power plant constructed on the spillway channel, a sign with the name of the plant.

Hut in the Kabardino-Balkar village of, electric light in the hut.

Fountains of oil from new wells in the oil fields of the Azerbaijan SSR.

The oil puddles.

Falls unable to bear the pressure of the oil derrick, beating up a fountain of oil.

General view of the celebration of the first furrow in Kotlowski agricultural cooperatives (above).

People with a banner sitting on the tractor.

A convoy of tractors with plows moving on the field, people accompany her.

Grandstand view of the festive rally.

Tractors spend the first furrow in the field, General view of the field.

Working Kashira from the scene show the farmers "Living newspaper", singing, acrobatic show, face the audience.

The arrival of the train at the station in Moscow.

Gorky am looking to meet from the train window, talking with them.

Meeting Gorky on the platform of the station, the Bitter atmosphere of its people, face the bitter.

View of the ground in Sochi before the day of osoaviahima, face the audience.

Holiday parties are released from cells homing pigeons, pigeons in the sky, the child on the shoulders of men.

Demonstration of the action of infantry in battle.

Small unit leads a demonstration fight with the opposing faces of the audience.

Horse artillery is changing firing position.

Easy tank comes to the starting line, blow up the laid land mines, fly airplanes.

Red boost water barrier on inflatable rubber boats.

The crossing of the infantry through the water line the wooden planks, the machine-gun crew firing at simulated enemy.

Physical training parade participants walking on treadmills stadium "Dynamo".

View of one of the stands.

L. M. Karakhan on the podium.

Plays a military brass band.

Columns of athletes are on the tracks of the stadium, the view of the stands, faces the audience.

Participants in the parade are built at the stadium.

View of the football field during a match between the RSFSR and Ukraine (top), scenes of a football match, one of the kind stands.


Andrei Andreev-statesman and political figure Karakhan, Lev M. -- statesman and political figure, diplomat Gorky Aleksei Maksimovich-writer, playwright

Calendar: 1929

Locations: Moscow [820] Kaluga region [779] Kabardino-Balkar Republic [743] Azerbaijan [17] Afghanistan [250]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

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