The fighting in the Pacific (1943-1945)

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Scene №1 The fighting in the Pacific

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The fire on Board the American warship.

Providing assistance to the wounded Marines.

A military priest prays over the dead of his wounds a soldier.

Flying Japanese fighter.

The plane flies over the surface of the water illuminate.

Clouds from exploding anti-aircraft shells over the water.

The face of the commander of the American carrier-based anti-aircraft calculation.

Wrecked Japanese plane crashes in water near ship, burning in the air Japanese planes.

Japanese aircraft performs the maneuver flak.

American ships firing at Japanese planes burning and falling aircraft.

The plane with a broken wing falls into the water.

The commander of anti-aircraft calculation gives the command, deck-mounted anti-aircraft artillery barrage.

Clouds from exploding shells in the skies during defensive fire, the plane under fire from anti-aircraft installations.

View of the Japanese airfield.

Japanese pilots waving after departing on a mission.

Japanese aircraft attacked an American ship.

A fire on Board an American ship, plumes of black smoke.

Sailors rescue and fire division put out the fire.

Calculations of carrier-based anti-aircraft fire at Japanese planes, the cloud of exploding shells, the explosion on Board the ship.

A plane goes down with a torn wing, carrier-based anti-aircraft guns firing.

Burning planes fall into the water.

The fire on Board the ship.

Carrier-based anti-aircraft artillery reflects the raids by Japanese aircraft, the sailor gun charges.

Japanese plane crashes in water.

Unsuccessful landing of an American plane on an aircraft carrier deck, the aircraft is illuminated, the pilot pulled out of the cab.

The face of the American pilot returning from a combat mission.

The plane lands on the deck of an aircraft carrier on the "belly".

Failed landing of an aircraft on the deck of an aircraft carrier, one of the aircraft lights.

Burning on the deck of the plane, the fire, the pilot took out the charred cabin.

The coffin of the deceased soldier dumped in the sea from the ship.

The seascape.

American officers on Board the ship.

Burning an American ship, the marine unit on Board the boat.

Calendar: 1943-1945

Locations: At Sea [14]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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