Leningrad chronicles № 5 Two centuries of glory. (1984)

Newsreel №59665, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:22
Production: LSDF
Director:L. Stanukinas
Camera operators:N. Volkov, V. Donec, V. Djyakonov, D. Mass
Text authors:T. Yanson
Other authors:G. Sisoev


The issue is dedicated to the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Leningrad Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Kirov, the history of the theater, its staff.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the auditorium of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theater.


Scenes from opera and ballet performances on the stage of the theater, the faces of the artists.

One of the singers performs an opera aria.

A duo of ballet dancers comes out to bow.

View of the auditorium, seat covers, lighting fixtures at the back of the stage.

View of the auditorium during the solemn meeting in honor of the 200th anniversary of the theater, the audience in the hall and boxes applaud.

Artists of the theater on the stage give a standing ovation (panorama).

The faces of the artists.

View of the auditorium and the theater stage during the solemn meeting.

The artists and the audience applaud.

Leading artists of the theater in the presidium of the assembly.

First Secretary of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the CPSU Zaikov LN delivers a congratulatory speech (synchronously), the artists listen to the performance of Zaikov.

View of the auditorium, everyone stands up, applauding.

Zaikov attaches the Order of the October Revolution to the banner of the theater.

Panorama of the presidium of the meeting, members of the presidium and guests applaud.

Zaikov ties the ribbon of the order on the pommel of the banner of the theater.

The faces of the applauding participants of the meeting.

Ballerina Irina Kolpakova opens a big concert in honor of the anniversary of the theater, Kolpakova performs the adagio from the ballet "Sleeping Beauty".

Kolpakova gives interviews, talks about the satisfaction of her work, the availability of conditions for creative work (synchronously).

Opera soloist Lyudmila Filatova gives an interview (synchronously).

Ballerina Alla Sizova talks about the hard work of ballet dancers (synchronously).

Pas de quatre performed by ballet dancers A. Sizova, G. Komleva, G. Mezentseva and I. Kolpakova on the stage of the Kirov Theater.

View of the auditorium and the chandeliers on the ceiling.

Foreman of shipbuilders V. I. Drozhzhin talks about the patronage of the Admiralty Plant over the theater, about the mutual patronage of the theater and the plant, about the distribution of theater season tickets among the workers (synchronously).

Boris Shtokolov performs an aria from the opera "Ivan Susanin", next to Galina Kovaleva.

Panorama of the Moscow Kremlin (top).

A meeting of the theater team at the Leningrad railway Station in Moscow, a brass band plays.

Artistic Director of the theater Yu.

Temirkanov during a meeting at the train station.

The faces of the artists.

The face of the chief choreographer Vinogradov.

Artists with bouquets of flowers walk along the platform.

A brass band is playing.

View of the Spasskaya Tower.

View of St.

Basil's Cathedral and the building of the hotel "Russia".

Panorama of the square near the Bolshoi Theater and the view of the theater building.

The audience in the lobby of the Bolshoi Theater before the performance of the artists of the Kirov Theater.

Stands with documents and photos dedicated to the history of the Kirov Theater.

Portraits of Fyodor Chaliapin and Anna Pavlova.

Portrait of conductor E. Napravnik.

The audience looks at the stands with photos.


Zajkov Lev Nikolaevich -- statesman and politician Kolpakova Irina Aleksandrovna -- ballet dancer, choreographer Filatova Lyudmila Pavlovna -- opera singer Sizova Alla Ivanovna -- ballet dancer Kovaleva Galina Aleksandrovna -- opera singer Shtokolov boris Timofeevich -- opera singer Temirkanov Yurij Hatuevich -- conductor, theater and public figure

Calendar: 1984

Locations: Leningrad [848] Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Actors of the theater in grimubornykh are preparing to go on stage in the opera "Eugene Onegin" during a tour in Moscow.

Yuri Marusin is preparing to go on stage.

L. Filatova in front of the mirror in the makeup room.

View of the auditorium of the Bolshoi Theater.

Artists behind the scenes before the start of the performance.

View of the hall, the audience applauds.

The heads of the Bolshoi Theater greet their Leningrad colleagues before the performance, a panorama of the auditorium.

The audience is watching the play.

A ball scene from the opera "Eugene Onegin".

The audience in the hall applauds.

A scene from the opera with the participation of Yu.

Marusina as Onegin.

Artists behind the scenes give interviews to a TV crew.

The audience in the lobby of the Bolshoi Theater.

Composer R. Shchedrin speaks about the feeling of delight and admiration that arises from the opera "Eugene Onegin", about the newly discovered musical nuances, congratulates the collective of the Kirov Theater on its 200th anniversary (synchronously).

Backstage, ballet dancers prepare to take the stage in Minkus ' ballet La Bayadere.

Galina Mezentseva performs.

Spectators with flowers at the entrance to the hall.

Solo performance by Vladimir Petrunin.

Scenes from the ballet.

Olga Chenchikova performs the part of Gamzatti.

The audience applauds.

Ballerina Raisa Struchkova gives an interview (synchronously).

View of the Bolshoi Theater building in the evening.

Fragments of the opera extravaganza "Mayakovsky Begins", staged on the stage of the theater, Vladimir Morozov performs the main role.

The audience applauds.

The author of the play Yuri Temirkanov and the composer Andrey Petrov together with other authors go on stage to the applause of the audience, the view of the stage.

Posters of theater performances in foreign languages, views of Madrid, New York, scenes from ballet performances.

Yuri Temirkanov in Rome on the Tiber embankment.

Playbill of the entrance of the orchestra conducted by Temirkanov.

Temirkanov during the rehearsal.

Panorama of the symphony orchestra, Temirkanov at the conductor's desk.

View of one of the streets of West Berlin.

Posters of performances of the soloist of the theater S. Leiferkus.

People are walking down the street, Leiferkus among them.

La Scala Theater building.

Poster of Yuri Marusin's performance in La Scala.

Panorama of the part of the square in front of the theater.

Marusin walks around Milan.

View of the Kirov Theater building on a winter evening, it is snowing.

A solemn meeting dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the theater.

Temirkanov conducts the orchestra.

The theater staff on the stage, a panorama of the auditorium.

Temirkanov at the conductor's desk, panorama of the stage.


Filatova Lyudmila Pavlovna -- opera singer Marusin Yurij Mihajlovich -- opera singer Schedrin Rodion Konstantinovich -- composer, pianist, public figure Mezenceva Galina Sergeevna -- ballerina Petrunin Vladimir Petrovich -- ballet dancer Chenchikova Oljga Ivanovna -- ballerina Struchkova Raisa Stepanovna -- ballerina Morozov Vladimir Mihajlovich -- opera singer Temirkanov Yurij Hatuevich -- conductor, theater and public figure Lejferkus Sergej Petrovich -- opera singer

Calendar: 1984

Locations: Moscow [820] West Berlin [858] Rome [874] Madrid [873] New York [856] Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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