Tonwoche № 612 (1943)

Newsreel №59855, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:48
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. In Bucharest was opened the industrial exhibition with Romanian and German exhibitions.

The exhibition was visited by the Romanian king Michael and Marshal Antonescu.

On the wall a portrait of Hitler.

The halls are models of machines and equipment for industry and construction.

Model steam locomotive, equipment for mines and construction.

The layout of the dock to build ships.

Photos of bridges, models.

2. Western Ukraine.

Church ceremony and procession.

The service at the Church, sings the choir.

People at the service.

3. Marseille, view of the Cathedral.

Here is a mourning ceremony for the dead Legionnaires, the laying of wreaths at the monument.

Are the girls with flowers.

Nancy, the opening of the monument to Joan of Arc, a memorial plaque with dates 1431-1943 and inscription "honorary savory".

The parade of the French Legion in front of the General.

Civilian marching units with flags.

Monuments to Joan of Arc in different cities of France.

4. Belgium.

Racing on the racetrack.

On the scoreboard the names of the jockeys: Danegr, Walrus, Wallander etc.

The audience watching the races through binoculars.

The winner of the jockey from Marseille.

5. Cycling race in Marseille on the wet road from a rain, travel in Provence, its road bridge.

Winner Emil Eddie rides with a bouquet of flowers.

6. Germany.

The use of bee venom for medical purposes.

Girls in hazmat suits and mesh on their heads going to the apiary.

The man in the hooded cloak smokes himself out of the tube.

Girls are on the apiary, removed from the hive honeycomb.

Close-up bees, which releases the poison from stings in the cell.

Cells in the laboratory, they are placed in a glass cylinder.

The manufacture of drugs with bee venom, the machine seals the vials.

Girls take the bees and force them to release the poison on the plate.

7. Traditional festival of farmers in Rijnsburg.

A procession of peasants on the road, accompanied by men in old uniforms with guns in their hands.

Decorated go carts, the men put aside the log barrier.

Women may carry a huge wreath with ribbons.

Men set the pillar on top of which is hoisted wreaths.

The traditional contest of men, they climb on the smooth pole to get the tape.

Amongst the many soldiers.

Another competition: a horseman rides a horse on the move plucks the wreath of sticks, which holds before a man in the crowd.

Locations: Romania [182] Ukraine [229] France [77] Belgium [22] Germany [84]

Reel №2

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8. Austria.

Two young men walk down the road from his village to enlist in the Wehrmacht.

The boys are on the streets of the town, gathering recruits on the square.

Woman pin small bunches of flowers in buttonholes.

Youths see off relatives and friends, they poured beer.

Young men sit in a big cart, going.

A column of soldiers marching through the streets of the city, there is the orchestra, they are accompanied by residents.

Recruits with suitcases accompanied by the officer are on the platform to the train.

Seeing the station.

Young men look in a car window, one plays the accordion.

9. Artillery school in Gothenburg.

Cadets in the classroom during the theoretical lessons.

Officer lecturing using the layout.

The students look at special devices on a map.

Analysis of artillery operations on the layout of the area, using tanks and aircraft.

Training gunners targeting instrument, playing on the layout.

A working model for practical classes, produced the blasts.

Cadet looks through binoculars on the layout.

Practical exercises on the range, the cadets fired from training guns on target – models of houses.

Planes in the air, the view from the plane on the ground.

The appearance of the tanks, they go for the camera.

The reflection of a tank attack.

10. Ukraine.

German soldiers on duty in the village.

They make impromptu racing horse and carriages on rural street, comrades cheer their cries, one shouts through a megaphone.

Congratulations to the winner and the prize – a live rooster.

Ukrainian peasants and German soldiers dancing.

The pair danced in a circle, watching the villagers village orchestra plays.

11. The Central plot.

The don Cossacks on horseback in the ranks.

Banner with the inscription: "In the name of Orthodox Christianity faithful sons of don going into the decisive battle against the Jews".

Parade of the Cossacks before the officers of the Wehrmacht.

Cossacks demonstrate their mastery of horses, they gallop up hats from the ground, jumping fighting unit.

12. The fighting in the Kuban.

German planes "Stukas" in the air, they bombed the town.

The soldiers watching from the earth to the aircraft.

A German officer with a map in hand.

The gunner looks into the device, provides the coordinates, artillery fire.

From the shelter gunner shoots.

Soldiers load a grenade launcher, shoot.

Explosions on the ground.

Key words

Eastern front
The Cossacks

Locations: USSR [863] Germany [84] Austria [16]

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