Tonwoche № 591 (1942)

Newsreel №59862, 1 part, duration: 0:11:28
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. The Grand mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Amin El-Husseini, who is on a visit to Germany, opens Islamic centre in Berlin on the eve of Ramadan.

He speaks to Muslims urging them to fight for the freedom of the Islamic countries.

In the hall of civilians and soldiers.

2. Czechoslovakia.

The name day of Hungarian Regent Miklos Horthy (German Nikolaus), the Hungarian colony in Prague held a service in the Church of St.

Jacob, made the Church choir.

3. The newly appointed Ambassador of Spain in Berlin Gines Vidal Izaura (?) laid a wreath at the Pantheon of the tomb of the Unknown soldier.

Close-up of the wreath.

The parade of honor in front of the Ambassador.

4. The building of the Goethe Institute in Munich.

Here are summer courses in German language for representatives from different countries of the world.

The students look at the library books about Germany, talking.

Girls in Ukrainian national costumes near the shelves.

Listeners sign in the guest book.

5. Caudillo Franco arrives at the opening of a boarding house for orphan children from working-class families in Madrid.

It met officials, a squad of young Falangists.

Franco runs through the dining room, the students greet him.

Franco out of the building.

6. In Prague there is a chess tournament, with the participation of world champion Alekhine.

He plays with a young man.

Chess players at the tables, watching them fans.

7. Slovakia.

Fishermen pulling from the shore in nets.

Nets shift Karpov in boxes.

A fisherman holds a large fish.

8. Workshop tattoo in Copenhagen.

The sailors look at the drawings for tattoo.

Master puts a rubber stamp with a picture of a sailboat on a sailor's arm, making tattoo.

On the breast of the young man tattoo women's heads.

Tattoo on the torso of men, covering the back, chest and arms.

The Studio owner can not complain about the lack of clients, including brides of sailors.

The girl makes a drawing of a bird on his leg.

On the back of the girl tattoo dragon.

9. Sweden.

A view of the port, ships at berth.

New cargo ship descends from the stocks, he goes to sea, on the masts fluttered the flags.

10. The Tunisian front.

German armored cars driving through the desert to the American positions.

The RAID of German bombers on the American tanks.

The broken American tanks, visible holes in the armor.

Downed American aircraft on the ground, German soldiers look at him.

German armored cars enter the city Tebourba, the local inhabitants greeted the Germans.

Prisoners of war British paratroopers, the first American prisoners, among them the wounded.

11. Military actions near Leningrad.

German soldiers roll on skates on the ice of the Bay, from the high Bank watching him hour.

The soldiers near a dugout, the entrance of which is closed with mattress, included inside.

The soldiers painted the tanks white.

The Finnish squad in camouflage in the ranks.

The tanks go to town.

Soldiers go, pulling sleds with weapons.

The soldier claps his hands in mittens against the cold.

On a travois carry grenades and ammunition to the bunker.

Gun mounted on position, charge and shoot.

A distant view of the exploding shells.

Key words

Tattoo parlor
Eastern front

Locations: USSR [863] Sweden [211] Denmark [60] Slovakia [198] Prague [879] Spain [205] Herm

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