In the civil war (1918-1920)

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Scene №1 In the civil war

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Against the setting sun jumps the red cavalry.

Fighters 1 Cavalry saddle horses before the arrival of M. I. Kalinin on the southern front in October 1920.

The soldiers at the engine standing under steam.

The commanders sitting in the seats, specify the action plan.

Part 1 of Cavalry moving on the Crimean steppe.

Panorama of the destroyed businesses.

Children in Krasnoarmeysk rally.

Bugler sitting in the saddle, gives the signal.

The red cavalry going on alert.

Red face.

Panorama of the destroyed industrial enterprises, remains of plant equipment.

The commanders of the saddle precise plan of action.

Exploding shells.

The crew of the red army, firing a machine gun.

Red army troops landed on the shore of the Volga river in 1919, exploding shells.

Carts go on the attack.

The loading of ammunition into the cart.

Window glass, split bullets, the gun shoots out the window.

The bullets damaged the building walls, the bodies lay by the fence.

First aid to the wounded during street fighting.

The attacking cavalry.

Flamethrower burn the enemy positions.

Map of the Crimea and the southern front.

On the way, moving tracked armored cars, firing machine guns on the go.

The red army commanders during the holidays.

Fighters 1 Cavalry coming to the rally.

Units 1 Cavalry army during the parade in the Crimea.

Panorama of the destroyed enterprise.

Burning railroad tank.

The soldiers conduct rifle fire on the enemy, the crew takes position, the infantry gets out of trenches and shelters, goes on the attack.

The men of 1 Cavalry army in anticipation of the arrival of Kalinin.

Artillery piece mounted on a railway platform, firing, exploding shells, parts 1 Cavalry attack the enemy in the Crimea.

White sailors of the black sea fleet firing of deck guns.

The accounting of captured ammunition, left white during the retreat.

Units 1 Cavalry attack the enemy in the Crimea.

Sanitary train and the train was on one of the stations.

Kanin welcomed the troops.

In the Volga steppe notation moves, the red army, in carts drawn by camels.


Kalinin Mikhail Ivanovich -- statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1918 1919 10.1920

Locations: Russia [1] Crimea [981]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824]

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