Leningrad (1978)

Documentary №59921, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:05
Production: St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
Director:Zanin Yu.
Screenwriters:Nikiforov A.
Camera operators:Zanin Yu., Uchitelj A.
Sound mixer:Lerner L.


Heroes of the picture – the people of Leningrad, people of different professions: working dynasty Rosinah from the Leningrad Association. Sverdlov, composer Andrei Petrov, a famous Baltic factory Turner A. Chuev, artist porcelain factory them. Lomonosov N. Petrova, the Builder of nuclear submarines Demyanchenko, the bus driver I. Tarasov.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Dawn, views of Leningrad.

Neva, sailing boat, barge, in the distance you can see a bridge.

A barge floats under the bridge.

Different shots with bridges apart.

Cars start moving on the reduced bridge.

View of St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

Fishermen with fishing rods at the bridge.

Summer garden.

Neva, the cruiser Aurora.

The Triumphal Arch of the General Staff, the Winter Palace is visible.

Anichkov bridge with horses.

The workshop of the metallurgical plant.

An ancient sailing ship is moored at the embankment, a panorama of the rostral column and St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

Embankment, ship, turbine.

The workshop of the metallurgical plant - various production processes, steelworkers work.

The workshop of the machine-building plant is the production of tractors.

Sewing factory - sewing machines are working.

A worker in the shop.

Workshops of the plant - welders work.

NPP Control Center - employees sit at the control panels.

The world's largest telescope.

Nevsky Prospekt (taken from above).

Pleasure boat on the Neva.

Views of Leningrad.

In the frame, Anatoly Roshchin is a fitter-assembler of the Machine-Tool Association named after him.


Different shots with Roshchin, his father and other workers in the shop, at the machines and equipment.

Leningrad, Neva, bridge, buildings and pipes of the plant can be seen in the distance.

Motocross competitions.

Volleyball match.

Sailing competitions.

Views of Leningrad.

In the frame is the composer Andrey Petrov.

Sculpture in the park.

Park, Petrov is sitting on a bench.

Leningrad, bridges, canal.

Petrov in the Pushkin museum-apartment - various shots of the interior of the apartment, the poet's table, a portrait of Natalia Goncharova, and so on.

Kazan Cathedral.

City streets, it's raining, people with umbrellas.

Monument to Pushkin in the Lyceum Garden.

View of the river.

Symphony Orchestra, on stage actor Oleg Basilashvili reads Pushkin's poems.

Autumn landscape, pond, trees.

Catherine Park in Pushkin (museum-reserve "Tsarskoye Selo").

The Great Catherine Palace.

Oleg Basilashvili reads Pushkin's poems.

Rooms, classes of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum.

Composer Petrov at an orchestra rehearsal.

Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of the Kirov Theater (Mariinsky Theater) Yuri Temirkanov at the console.

The general plan is a symphony orchestra on stage (shot from above).

Peterhof, fountains.

Leningrad, views of the city.


The ship "Alexey Chuev".

Construction of ships in shipyards.

Different photos with the worker, shipbuilder Chuev.

Chronicle of the 1970s - various shots with Chuev, at the factory, with colleagues, presentation of government awards, etc.

Shipyard, ships, construction works, Viktor Demyanchenko is in charge of construction.

Demyanchenko is in the office, there is a meeting.

The sea, seagulls over the water.

The ship is in the ice.

The nuclear-powered ship "Arctic" is sailing.

Viktor Demyanchenko speaks.

An album with photos of ships.

Viktor Demyanchenko speaks.

The nuclear-powered ship "Siberia" floats in the ice.

Different shots of the sea, ice, ships.

The control room on the ship, the captain looks through binoculars.

View from the ship to the sea and ice.

Monument to Kruzenshtern on the embankment of Lieutenant Schmidt.

Park, people on benches, mothers with strollers.

Workshop of the artist Nelly Petrova.

Petrova paints a vase.

Different shots in the workshop - Petrova paints, painted dishes, paintings, another artist at work, and so on.

Petrova near a showcase with samples of products of the Lomonosov porcelain factory.

Shots from the porcelain museum - various exhibits (dishes, vases, etc.).

Petrova in the park with a child and a bouquet of autumn leaves.

Pavlovsk, a park in the museum-reserve.

Petrova paints a vase.

Workers and workers of the porcelain factory paint dishes.

Large - service in the window behind the glass.

The streets of Leningrad, tourists, people on the bus, newlyweds.

There is a bus with Japanese tourists.

Natalia, the guide, speaks into the microphone on the bus.

The driver Igor Tarasov at the wheel of the bus.

Tourists on the bus - take pictures, shoot on camera.

On the bus, Spanish-speaking tourists sing songs.

The guide on the bus speaks Spanish.

Different shots with buses, tourists.

Streets of Leningrad - removed from the passage.

The bus passes by construction sites.

Deputy and bus driver Igor Tarasov at a meeting in the City Council - different shots with deputies.

View of the Winter Palace, Neva.

A foreign delegation next to the bus.

The Mariinsky Palace.

In the hall of the palace - the Italian municipal delegation led by the Mayor of Milan Carlo Tognoli at a meeting with the leadership of Leningrad.


Isaac's Square.

Smolny, Lenin monument.

The delegation on the cruiser Aurora.

View of the Winter Palace.

Delegation, tourists in the halls of museums.

A Swiss orchestra plays in the House of Friendship and Peace, a folk dance group performs.

The rally at the factory is a meeting of Vietnamese guests.

Eternal flame.

The parade on Nevsky Prospekt on May 9.

Laying flowers and celebrations at the Piskarevskoye cemetery.

Chronicle 1941-1943 - besieged Leningrad.

May 9 - veterans' meeting, parade on Nevsky Prospekt.

Chronicle 1944-1945 - Leningrad returns to peaceful life, monuments and works of culture and art return to their places.

Chronicle of 1965 - Brezhnev presents Leningrad with the Gold Star medal.

The parade on May 9.

Monument to the defenders of Leningrad.

Victory Square in Leningrad.

Key words

Factory, motocross, volleyball, sailing, Pushkin, Tsarskoye Selo, lyceum, symphony orchestra, ships, nuclear-powered vessel, porcelain, tourists, parade, May 9


Petrov A. P. - rossijskij kompozitor, muzikant Basilashvili O. V. - rossijskij akter teatra i kino Temirkanov Yu. H. - rossijskij dirizher Chuev A. V. - rabochij, tokarj, sudostroitelj Brezhnev L. I. - Generaljnij sekretarj CK KPSS

Calendar: 1970 1941-1943 1965

Locations: Leningrad [848] Pushkin Peterhof [950] Pavlovsk

Seasons: Autumn [826] Rain [833] Spring [825]

Reel №2


Reel №3


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