The armed forces of the USSR (1980-1985)

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Scene №1 The armed forces of the USSR

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The performance of military song and dance ensemble of one of the military districts, the faces of the musicians.

The musicians of the ensemble play the violin.

The conductor directs the orchestra and dance group of the ensemble.

Dance group performs ensemble.

Military helicopters flew to the fulfillment of combat training tasks, the view from the cockpit of the helicopter.

Infantry fighting vehicle during a training exercise on the range moving on the road.

Tanks across the stretch of terrain.

Motorized infantry are attacking an imaginary enemy.

Flag indicating that the infected area.

Soldiers in hazmat kits dosimeter to measure the radiation level and the signal rocket.

Recording data about contaminated areas, determination of the degree of infestation by special devices.

Passing car-chemical calculation.

The Department of soldiers on the ground attacking an imaginary enemy.

Burning tank-target on the range, hit the target.

Motorized infantry of the imaginary enemy attack supported by tanks.

View of a burning tank target during firing practice on the ground.

Flying airplanes.

Interior view of the cockpit of the aircraft in flight.

The arrival of the testing officer in the air unit.

The pilots in the classroom during theoretical lessons, the teacher at the blackboard explaining the issue.

Check the flight suit for high-altitude flying, pilots face.

The pilots at the airport.

Flies combat aircraft, the officers at mission control.

Flying airplanes.

The face of the head of the flight issuing the command.

Planes in the sky doing battle turn.

The pilot in the cockpit, the view from the cockpit.

The pilots at the airport after returning from a training flight.

Calendar: 1980-1985

Locations: USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823] Spring [825] Autumn [826]

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