Clerk,Minister,President (1999)

Documentary №60122, 5 parts
Production: St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Romanova Zh.
Screenwriters:Romanova Zh.
Camera operators:Lando S.
Anouncers:Kuzin V.
Sound producer:Litvyakov S.


The film is an essay - reflections of modern youth about the meaning of life, about their destiny, about the fate of Russia and so on...

Reel №1

Reel №2

Reel №3

Reel №4

Reel №5

Movie №1

B/w photos - pond, boat, old Nabokov estate (Rozhdestveno estate museum), alley, a woman on the porch, a boy in an armchair with an album, a group photo of a family.

A summer evening, a rural landscape, a forest in the distance in a hazy haze, a full moon in the sky.

The old Nabokov estate (the Rozhdestveno estate museum), the windows in the house are lit.

A field, yellow flowers, teenagers riding on mopeds and bicycles on the road.

Field, gate.

Teenagers on the road playing basketball.

A calf runs around the field.

Teenagers play basketball.

Different shots with teenagers - a girl smiles, a guy sits on a pedestal from the monument, recites poems, teenagers with bicycles on the road, girls on a stone, a girl sits on the grass, a teenager next to the pedestal recites poems, a guy sits on the road, a guy with a girl on a stone, and so on.

A calf on the field.

A herd of cows in the river.

The boy is sitting on the stairs in the garden, reading a book aloud.

The girl is lying in a hammock.

A man is sitting at a pole next to a bicycle.

Village, houses, country road, field with dandelions.

A guy and a girl are talking.

A man pours water from a spring into a bottle.

River, algae, silt.

Men with a bicycle and a girl are walking along the road.

Large - river.

A boy on the riverbank with a net.

A man with a bicycle is standing on the road, reciting poetry.

A river, a wooden bridge, a panorama of a clearing, trees, a guy and a girl are walking on wooden bridges.

A narrow passage between fences.

A boy in the shade of trees blows soap bubbles.

River, wooden bridges, Wooden house, beams.

A girl in the span of the house.

A man and a teenager are engaged in carpentry work near the house.

View of the museum-estate of Rozhdestveno, the river, the embankment.

Says the man.

There is a girl in the frame.

Says the teenager.

Bicycles are lying in the clearing.

An old wooden house.

Says the man.

In the frame is a teenager.

Says teenager Alexey.

Says the man.

Shots of teenagers in the room.

Teenagers speak.

Panorama of a man and teenagers listening to him (general plan).

Old dilapidated interiors of the estate.

Different shots with teenagers in the room, teenagers express their opinion about the country, about work, about the Russian people, etc.

Old houses, highways, passing buses.

Outdoor cafe under umbrellas with plastic furniture.

A village, there is a group of local residents.

A man repairs a passenger car.

Say the locals.

A woman rakes leaves.

Highway, there are women with bales on carts.

Say the locals.

A passenger car is driving along a country road in the village.

Says an elderly woman.

View of the pond, banks, village houses.

Says an elderly woman.

A wooden house, restoration work is underway, a guy is standing at the window.

Says the girl.

The face of a teenager.

The guy cleans the wooden frame.

Panorama of teenagers in the room.

Says the girl.

The face of a teenager.

Teenagers speak.

Different shots with teenagers.

Teenagers speak.

The building is in the woods, teenagers are passing by on bicycles.

The scene in the manor park, the opera singer sings, the audience is standing around.

A group of teenagers in the manor park - standing, chatting.

Panorama of a building in the woods, groups of people.

Summer cafe, tables under umbrellas, people, the estate building.

A man with a bicycle and a girl are sitting in an old wooden gazebo eating watermelon.

Old b/w photos - a manor, a park, an alley, a family on the veranda, a group photo - people on the street at a large table.

River, panorama of the shore, cliff.

A group of teenagers with torches enters the cave.

Teenagers in the forest, near a cliff, rocks, communicate, fool around, talk to the camera, and so on.

Embossed inscriptions and names are visible on the rock.

Different appeals of teenagers.

Teenagers enter the cave.

Children swim in the river.

Teenagers are standing on an iron bridge across the river.

The girl is swimming in the river.

Teenagers in the forest, fooling around next to an elephant sculpture.

A forest, a large canopy, teenagers riding mopeds, bicycles.

Teenagers in the manor park, chatting, fooling around, climbing on statues, a girl paints the lips of a female statue.

Teenagers ride mopeds.

The sign is "Careful, children!" A man and a girl are sitting in the forest, talking about different philosophical topics.

Panorama of the blue sky with clouds.

A man speaks, a panorama of trees, a wooden wall, smoke.

River, field, forest.

A river, a strong current, a bridge is visible, a group of teenagers on the shore.

The guys are sunbathing on the shore by the water.

A guy and a girl are standing at the entrance to an old abandoned house.

An old house, a boarded-up window, a broken frame, boards sticking out.

Thunderstorm, rain, trees swaying in the wind, view of the river.

Raindrops on the water.

General view - river, rural landscape.

View of the manor house on the hill.

Old house, attic.

Large - a picture of the sea hangs on the cabinet.

The boy is sitting on the stairs next to a woodpile, reading a book.

The girl in the hayloft.

Blue sky with clouds.

A man in a wooden house, sitting on a chaise longue, talks about his dream.

A girl at a stone wall, listening to a man.

Says the man.

Large - grass, leaves, wildflowers, a panorama of the forest, the ruins of a building.

Says the man.

A mechanism with fan-type blades on the roof.

There is a girl in the frame.

Says the man.

The river, algae are visible, a log on the bottom.

Panorama of the forest, sandy slope, river.

Clouds are reflected in the water.

Teenagers are sitting on the shore, talking.

The river is in a foggy haze, teenagers are sitting on the shore near the campfire, a panorama of the forest, trees, and sky.

Teenagers around the campfire, chatting, laughing.

A black foreign car stops, a man looks out of the window, asks the guys something, waves his hand, leaves.

The guys wave after him.

Evening, gord, highway, traffic.

River, embankment, view of the temple.

Teenagers around the campfire, chatting, laughing.

Large - a bonfire.

Teenagers at the campfire - different plans.

Teenagers with torches by the river.

Night, view of the river, bonfires are burning on the shore.

Panorama of autumn trees, logs, old house.

Panorama of the autumn forest, bare trees.

A pole with wires, next to a tree with yellow leaves.

The general plan is a view of the village, houses, pond.

Large - old manor.

The facade of the estate in wooden forests.

A man is standing, looking into the camera.

Yellow leaves on the ground, the wind is blowing.

Old b / w photos of the museum-estate of Rozhdestveno, people in old costumes with bicycles.

B/w shooting - a group of young people is walking along the road.

Key words

Museum-estate of Rozhdestveno

Locations: Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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