August, 1939 (1988)

Documentary №60146, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:49
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:V. Poznin
Screenwriters:V. Poznin
Camera operators:S. Cihanovich, V. Smirnov
Sound mixer:A. Stefanov
Painter:V. Ivanov
Other authors:I. Chumakova, N. Smirnova, L. Kuholeva


Error and lessons politicians from different countries on the eve of the 2nd world war.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Reel №3

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Movie №1

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Tank on the pedestal of the monument in Poland.

View of the port of Gdansk.

Newsreel: everyday life and work of Polish peasants in the late 1930s.

Members of the Hitler youth jump out of a boat near the shore.

Babies in their beds.

Views of the streets of Berlin filled with citizens greeting Hitler.

Hitler A. goes to the balcony, responds to greetings.

Photos of Goering's estate "Karinhall" interiors.

Newsreel: Goering examines the saber and hunting axe presented to him, the guest's face.

Stormtroopers carry banners during the next procession.

Hitler's Face.

A procession of stormtroopers.

Hitler takes a parade in Vienna after the Anschluss of Austria in August 1938.

Hitler drives through the streets of Vienna, children are brought to Hitler's car with flowers in their hands.

Hitler, Mussolini B., Goering during the signing of the Munich agreement in 1938.

British Prime Minister N. Chamberlain and French Prime Minister E. Daladier Address reporters after the signing of the Munich agreement.

Hitler's Face.

Chamberlain delivers a speech at the airfield after returning to the UK.

Daladier's Face.

Arrival of Daladier from Munich to Paris, Daladier gets into the car.

Daladier's car cannot pass through the crowd.

Pointer with the name of Prague.

The entry of Wehrmacht units into Prague in March 1939.

Hitler welcomes the troops.

View of the aft part of a German warship.

Hitler on Board welcomes the crews of the ships.

Entry of German troops into Klaipeda (Memel) on March 23, 1939.

Hitler makes a speech.

Stormtroopers with standards in the ranks.

Parade of Wehrmacht units.

A military band is playing, and drummers are beating drums.

Stormtroopers pass with banners, participants of the rally throw up their hands in a Nazi salute.

Performance of artists on the stage of the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris, fireworks over the Eiffel tower.

Demonstration of new styles of evening dresses and hats.

The curtain closes the stage.

Views of the port in Danzig.

Loading of vessels.

Tourists get off the bus.

Girls relax on the beach.

Vacationers are photographed on the beach with a crocodile.

Animator in a bear costume.

View of a street cafe with a dance floor (top).

The roulette wheel turns, casino players at the roulette table.

The German intelligence Department makes its way through the reeds.

Ships on the Thames.

Views of London streets, passers-by and city transport on the streets.

People relax sitting on the lawn.

View of one of the buildings.

Panorama and views of the rally in Moscow in the 1930s.

Pass participants of the may day demonstration.

Lenin monument in front of the Central party archive.

The driver in the cab of the locomotive.

View of the front of the locomotive "Joseph Stalin".

Holidays on the farm.

Motocross competitions.

People run to swim in the sea.

Pioneers at the oars.

Cultural events and recreation of Soviet citizens.

Conductor at the Berlin theater.

Mass scene of one of the performances, fragments of performances, ready-made artillery ammunition in warehouses.

The crews take their places in the tanks.

The launch of a new submarine alternates with fragments of theatrical performances.

Planes under camouflage nets on alert at the airfield.

Take-off of German fighters.

Participants of the rally are coming.

A Japanese machine gunner fires during a howl near the Khalkhin Gol river in 1939.

Soviet tanks are going to attack.

Combat operations of Soviet troops and aircraft.

View Of The Moscow Kremlin.

Newspaper reports about the arrival of the British and French military missions in Moscow, photos of mission members.

Newsreel: Voroshilov K. E. speaks from the podium (synchronously).

The meeting participants applaud Voroshilov.

Jump at the London Hippodrome.

Maneuvers of Polish cavalry and horse artillery units.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Beck Y. he gets out of the car and greets the reporters.

Newsreel of the Wehrmacht fighting on the screens of French cinemas.

Hitler and Goering watch the maneuvers.

Build planes in the shape of a swastika.

Parade Of Wehrmacht units.

People on the streets of Paris in 1939.

View of the Sacre Coeur Basilica.

Faces of the Archbishop.

Parishioners during mass, interior views of the Catholic Church.

Volunteers on the streets of London.

Winston Churchill out of the building, responds to greetings.

People on the streets of London.

Visitors to one of the pubs play Darts and cards, drink beer.

Flags of the USSR, France and great Britain.

map of Poland.

Portraits Of Voroshilov.

Newsreel: people on the streets of Berlin in August 1939.

Long-distance telephone switchboard.

Planes in the sky over the airfield in Tushino during the air parade

in Tushino on August 18, 1939, the leaders of the USSR observe the flights.

Spectators in one of the stands.

Molotov V. M. And Kalinin M. I. on the podium.

Build planes in the shape of a five - pointed star.

Air assault drop.

Molotov on the podium.

Planes and parachute domes in the sky.

People on the streets of Warsaw.

View of the parade formation of the Polish cavalry unit (top).

Plays the brass band of the regiment, the faces of the musicians.

Lancers in the ranks on horseback.

Military parade in Warsaw, people greet the troops.

Foreign Minister Beck among the military.

Polish officers during mass.

Lancers in the ranks.

The Archbishop blesses the troops.

View of the Catholic Cathedral building.

A German soldier sneaks through a chisel past a thicket of reeds.

Views of historical buildings and monuments in Berlin in August 1939.

Types of the Nazi military-historical procession in Berlin.

Animals at London zoo.

Bears in cages.

View of the Spasskaya tower in Moscow.

View of the red square during the sports parade.

Molotov is on the territory of the Kremlin.

I. V. Stalin gets out of the car.

Types of columns of the sports parade, Molotov, Stalin, Kaganovich L. M., Dimitrov G. M., Voroshilov on the podium of the mausoleum.

Stalin and Molotov greet the participants of the parade, on the podium next to Voroshilov, Andreev AA, Budyonny Sm.

Views of the streets of Berlin in the evening.

Hitler on the podium.

Hitler's Face.

Stalin at the Desk in the office.

German scouts make their way through the swamp.

Panorama of a cluster of German vehicles and armored vehicles.

Columns of tanks are moving to the areas of concentration, recruits try on steel helmets.

Portrait of the head of the French military mission of General Dumenko.

Portraits Of Voroshilov.

Smoking cigarette butt in an ashtray in front of the national flags of the USSR, France and great Britain.

Newsreel: sending messages by airmail.

Berlin residents listen to the news about Ribbentrop's trip to Moscow to sign a non-aggression Pact.

Faces of Berliners.

Meeting Ribbentrop in Moscow at the plane ramp.

Surits welcomes Ribbentrop Pact.

The motorcade of the German delegation leaves the airfield.

Molotov meets Ribbentrop in the Kremlin.

Photos of Stalin, Molotov and Ribbentrop during the signing of the non-aggression Pact.

Newsreel: Molotov and Ribbentrop shake hands.

Portrait of Hitler on the wall of the hall.

Hitler responds to greetings, gets into the car.

Hitler and Ribbentrop in Berchtesgaden.

Hitler is playing with a dog.

View of part of the territory of Westerplatte.

The German battleship fires at Westerplatte on September 1, 1939.

German bombers are flying.

Landing of the German air force on the territory of Poland.

A German soldier breaks off the coat of arms of Poland from the barrier.

German planes bomb refugees on the road.

Soldiers run across the bridge, the bridge explodes.

German reconnaissance armored cars are moving.

Warsaw residents are fleeing from Nazi air raids, German planes bomb Polish cities.

Persons of poles who lost their homes are refugees.

Attack of the Polish cavalry.

Articles in Soviet Newspapers about the ratification of the Soviet-German non-aggression Treaty.

Newsreel: rifle and cavalry units of the red army cross the Soviet-Polish border on September 17, 1939.

Polish soldiers and officers captured by the red army.

Faces of military prisoners.

Parade of red army units in Lviv.

Khrushchev NS on the podium.

A military band is playing.

The commanders of WCCA on the street of the city.

Motorized units of the red army on parade in Lviv.

Khrushchev and Timoshenko S. K. on the podium.

An orchestra is playing.

Tanks on parade.

Publications in Soviet Newspapers about the improvement of Soviet-German relations and the Treaty of friendship and borders.

Photos of Hitler, Goering during meetings with the Soviet military and diplomats.

Map of the new Soviet-German border.

Newsreel: the entry of German troops into Paris in 1940.

German troops in Greece.

Parade of Wehrmacht units.

Faces of German soldiers.

German planes are flying.

The pilot's face.

Hitler's air force bombed Soviet territory in June 1941.

Falling bombs.

Results of the bombing.

Transportation of German tanks on platforms.

The face of a German soldier.

German troops in the occupied Soviet territory.

Portraits of the leaders of the USSR, piled up.

Stalin and Molotov during the signing of the agreement on joint actions between the USSR and Britain on July 12, 1941.

Chamberlain and Daladier leave the building after signing the Munich agreement.

The person of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Beck.

Stalin on the podium.

Faces of participants of the rally in Paris.

Molotov, Stalin, Marshal Shaposhnikov B. M. during the signing of the Soviet-British agreement.

Bomb explosions, air battles, burning armored vehicles, columns of Soviet prisoners of war, prisoners of concentration camps, soldiers ' cemeteries, people's faces through the frame.

Memorial lamps are lit.

Dead end of the old railway track.

People at the memorial to the victims of world war II in Poland, types of memorial.

Children play on the Playground near old artillery pieces.


Joseph Stalin [842] -- statesman and politician Molotov Vyacheslav Mihajlovich -- statesman and politician, diplomat Nikita Khrushchev [882] -- statesman and politician Kalinin Mihail Ivanovich -- statesman and politician Gitler Adoljf -- German statesman and politician Gering German -- German statesman and politician Mussolini Benito -- Italian statesman and politician Chemberlen Nevill Artur -- British statesman and politician Daladje Eduard -- French statesman and politician Cherchillj Uinston Leonard Spenser -- British statesman and politician Bek Yuzef -- Polish statesman and politician, diplomat Kaganovich Lazarj Moiseevich -- statesman and politician Dimitrov Georgij Mihajlovich -- Bulgarian statesman and politician Andreev Andrej Andreevich -- statesman and politician Budennij Semen Mihajlovich -- commander Timoshenko Semen Konstantinovich -- commander Ribbentrop Ioahim fon -- German statesman and politician, diplomat Shaposhnikov Boris Mihajlovich -- statesman and military leader

Calendar: 08.1938 08.1939 1988

Locations: Moscow [820] USSR [863] Ukraine [229] Poland [177] Warsaw [857] Berlin [821] Paris [850] London [870] Munich [872] Prague [879]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

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