Three Springs Of Lenin.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kristi L.

Script writers: Kristi L.

Operators: Artseulov O., Gromova Z., Krylova K., Popova M.

Composers: Gubaydulina S.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Gastev A.


The film is based on the pictures and film documents. It tells about V.I. Lenin and main, historically important stages of the country's development.

Temporary description

Much of the film is based on the photo documents. Photos of different periods of life of Lenin by NK Krupskaya, their fellow party members, among them: GM Krzyzanowski, Dzerzhinsky, L. Martov, NIPodvoisky, VA Antonov-Sverdlov, Mikhail Frunze, Chicherin AVLunacharsky, A. Tsyurupa. Types city of Leningrad, Moscow, Simbirsk; village Shushensky. Photos from the facial features people of different classes of tsarist Russia. Types of books, articles of Lenin. Distribution of the newspaper "Pravda": the editorial, a newspaper read by soldiers in the trenches, in the infirmary. Newsreel and photos during the First World War. Pass recruits mourners. The blessing of the priest, rewarding soldiers. The soldiers in the trenches, killed, disabled. Military action. Photos antiwar rallies, demonstrations, speakers. Newsreel. Pass members of the Provisional Government (1917). Kerensky among the people. Plekhanov. Winter Storm, the soldiers in the Smolny. The soldiers sent to the front. 1918. City of Brest-Litovsk. Photos of the negotiations. LD Trotsky, Bukharin, the signing of a peace treaty. Types of houses and premises, where he lived, Lenin in Simbirsk, the Kremlin, Gorky (Moscow region). Photos reflecting the life of Lenin in Gorki. Newsreel. Working miners, steelworkers, farmers plow. Construction of power plants. Photos of Pavlov's work in the office, on the operation. Newsreel. VI Lenin speaks from the podium, the conversation among the people in the courtyard of the Kremlin.

Reel №1

Portraits VI Lenin - CU.

Birch (diff, without leaves - spring).

Flood - birch, surrounded by water (LS., with motion).

Volga landscapes.

River with directions.

River from a helicopter.

River surf - MS.

"Spring of Hope" (1887).

Clouds - LS.

Reflection of trees in water (removed from the train); forest, off the train (in the spring, - no leaves) - a few plans.

Neva Embankment in Leningrad (LS., PNRM., To the moon).

Spire of the Peter and Paul fortress tower (through the branch with buds), the clock on the tower - different.

Shlisselburg Fortress (LS. - from the water, the movement).

Eagle's head - CU.

Eagle Claws - CU.

Monument to Alexander III - CU.

Photo - brother A. Ulyanov Lenin.

Death sentence Ulyanova for contributing to the assassination of Alexander III.

The outskirts of Leningrad - industrial landscapes, plants on the banks of the Neva River - a few plans.

Photo: Window in prison; lattice in prison corridor, staircase to the prison, the building pictures where photographed members of the Petersburg "League of Struggle" before going into exile, this group photo, portraits of Mr.

Krzyzanowski, A. Benaiah, P. plows, V. Starkov , A. Mayachenko, J. Martov.

Leningrad - The groove is visible Isaac's Cathedral (evening), street, entrance to the Hermitage - MS., Sailing boats on the Neva against the Peter and Paul Fortress, two boats on the Neva.

Landscape - the river, the sun (through the trees) - LS., MS.

NK Krupskaya (photo).

Types of Yenisei River.

The banks of the Yenisei (with motion - from the ship).

Shushenskoye old (photo).

Streets Shushenskogo, fence, river Shushi, the boat on the river (old nature).

The house in which he lived, VI Lenin - MS.

Room VI Lenin - MS.

The text of the appeal VI Lenin to the St.

Petersburg workers, written in Shusha.

Landscapes (mountains, forest, fog).

Old Photos (Group) residents Shushensky.

Photo Fedoseev - one of the first Russian Marxist revolutionaries.

Funeral Fedoseyev (photo).

PNRM. with blooming apple tree on a house in Shusha, built Decembrist lived here (in this house lived Lenin and Krupskaya).

Room VI Lenin in the house - LS., MS.

Photo: NK Krupskaya, VI Lenin and NK Krupskaya in Gorki, VI Lenin.

Library VI Lenin (PNRM.).

Lenin's book "The Development of Capitalism in Russia."

Reel №2

Pre-revolutionary photos: Volga landscapes, fishermen pulling networks; fishermen around the campfire on the beach; peasants, burning huts set on fire, the arrest of the teacher, the landlords on their estates, managing and clerks, rural municipality, police, policeman, mayor; peasants coming to the city for burnishing, artisans, peasants - settlers.

Portrait of K. Tsiolkovsky, and his book, portraits of D. Mendeleev, LN Tolstoy.

Bookmark the new plant, the construction of the railroad, shipyard, factory workshop, steel makers and blacksmiths.

Conca in St.



Grenadtsy in line, at the post.

Landowners, capitalists, dignitaries.

Photo (continued).



Consecration of the new factory.

Laying of the first women's prison.

In the Smolny Institute, a student dance, play harps, mentor with pupils.

Cabinet VI Lenin in Smolny - LS., PNRM.

The view from the office window (Smolny monastery - spring).

Room VI Lenin in Shusha - MS.

Animation: Lenin's article "Our Program" and others.

Portraits VI Lenin (two CU.).

"Spring offensive" (1917).

Photo: The people at the palace Kshesinskaia listening to the VI Lenin.

Rostral columns with burning torches.

The bridges over the Neva - visible and Paul Fortress (white night).

Boat on the Neva.

Grate bridge.

Volkov cemetery gates.

The monument at the grave of the mother of Lenin MA Ulyanova (spring).

Portraits MA Ulyanova.

Reflection of trees in water - MS.

Tree branches - MS. (Spring - without leaves).

Reel №3

Photos of 1917: meetings, rallies and delivers VI Lenin.

Manuscript "April Theses."

Dropped leaflets.

Distribution of the newspaper "Pravda".

Soldiers in the trenches, the wounded read the newspaper.

Historic footage: the people in the square, the streets of Petrograd and in vehicles.

Soldier's Cemetery - crosses - PNRM., Travel - LS., MS.

Seeing mobilized to the front.

Photo: Soldiers in the trenches, in the dugouts.


Officers in the dugout.

Killed by soldiers.

Destroyed homes.

Soldiers in prayer.

Historic footage: the priest blesses the soldiers in the trenches.

Rewarding soldiers.


Historical footage: rallies, demonstrations in St.

Petersburg (May 1, 1917, etc.).

He spoke.

Of disabled people on crutches.

Dropped leaflets.


The soldiers, the people with the slogans "Long live socialism", "Workers of all countries, unite!" And others.

On the balcony there are representatives of the Allies.

CU.plan - Mimokov.

Note Mimokova allies (of allegiance to the Provisional Government of the obligation to Nicholas II).

Photo: Nicholas II arrested in Tsarskoye Selo.

They stand in front of the pass ministers of the Provisional Government.

City of Simbirsk - LS., The top point.

Kerensky among cheering his men.

Gymnasium characteristic Ul'yanova.

Photos of Kerensky-schoolboy lawyer.

From the car goes GV Plekhanov.

Soldiers at the Tauride Palace.

The Mensheviks and Social Revolutionaries.


Acts sailor.

Demonstration of June 18, 1917 in St.


Go Bolsheviks demonstrators with Bolshevik slogans.

Are sailors.

Reel №4

Photos: Building bourgeois edition of the newspaper "Evening time", articles, photographs, newspaper, people read newspapers.

Black Hundreds rally, in the hall of the slogan "Down with Lenin", a demonstration of the Black Hundreds.

Speakers SR, Menshevik.


Plekhanov and the other with a portrait of Kerensky.

Hall of the Winter Palace.

The shooting of peaceful demonstrations in Petrograd July 3, 1917.

Ordered the arrest of Lenin.

Portrait of General Polovtseva.

Portrait of VI Lenin.

Passport, which VI Lenin went to the spill, the photo on the passport.

Lake spill - LS., PNRM.

Hut in Razliv - LS. (Summer).

Manuscripts, books VI Lenin, written in Razliv.

Factory outskirts of Leningrad - several plans.

Storming of the Winter Palace - scene from the movie.

The damaged facade of the Winter Palace - MS.

Knocked Eagles - LS.

Photo: damaged rooms of the Winter Palace.

Cruiser "Aurora" is included in the Neva.

Red Guards at Smolny.

Sentry guns.

Photos: Portraits Podvoisky, Antonov-Ovseenko Dzerzhinsky.

Office hours at the VI Lenin at Smolny.

Handling VI Lenin to the citizens of Russia (manuscript).

"Izvestia" newspaper with the decree of the land and the decree of the world.

Footage of World War II - fighting infantry, tanks, artillery, ships, work in workshops military factories.

Sinking an American ship.

Pass the troops sent to the front, riding a string of cars with soldiers, military convoy (Army of different countries).

French, Russian and other generals and officers.

Photo: The Petrograd Red Guards at the fire.

Barricades, destroyed building (winter).

Portraits VI Lenin.

Winter Petrograd.

Pass the sailors, soldiers.

Broken, icy windows.

Petrogradtsy on the streets, women rake the snow on the streets.

Snow at the stairs Mikhailovsky Castle.

Winter Palace.

Photo: the main staircase of the Winter Palace, the throne room, laid tables, the portrait of Nicholas II in the mantle, portraits of officials and ministers.

Folder-Hundred case Union Knights of St.

George, and their pictures.

Photos of British intelligence Lord Dukes - in makeup and without makeup.

Reel №5

Photos: Portrait of Felix Dzerzhinsky.


A female security officer.

Funeral Cheka.

Kinds of winter Leningrad Neva sphinx on the Neva, the bridge across the river.

Peter and Paul Fortress - LS.

The outskirts of Leningrad.

Red Army soldiers going to the front.

Photo: V. Lenin addresses.

Listening to the soldiers.

Portraits of the Swiss Communist Fritz Platten, American Albert Rhys Williams.

Black Hundreds, who shot at Lenin after the rally in Mikhailovsky Manege January 1, 1918.

Revolutionary agitator.

Various photos of Red.

Women's squad.

Negotiations at Brest-Litovsk.

Portraits VI Lenin.

Speaker Trotsky.


The signing of the Brest peace.

German headquarters (two officers).

Passing German trucks, guns.

German soldiers in the trenches.

Kaiser Wilhelm at the car.

Photo: truck at Smolny.

Resolution VII Congress of the Party of the Brest peace.

"Spring Victory" (1918).

There is a train (winter).

People are clearing snow from railroad tracks and the streets of Moscow.

The streets of Moscow in the winter of 1917-1918., Store signs.

House with broken windows, with traces of bullets.

A damaged building of the hotel "Metropol".

Photo: Extraordinary meeting of the IV All-Russian Congress of Soviets and delivers VI Lenin.

Reel №6

The Kremlin, Spasskaya Tower, the Cathedral, the building in the Kremlin, damaged during the October fighting in 1917.

Photo: people, the driver at the Tsar Bell.

Tsar Cannon.

Entrance to the cathedral.

The bell-ringers.

The Kremlin, the Kremlin towers (spring).

The building of the Council of Ministers in the Kremlin, where an apartment VI Lenin - MS.

Entrance hall, guest rooms, a bedroom in the apartment VI Lenin in the Kremlin, a desk by the window - different.

Room VI Lenin and the dining room in the house-museum of VI Lenin in Ulyanovsk - LS.

Exterior of the house in the Hills - MS. (Summer).

Hall - LS., Chandelier - CU., Luxurious seating - MS.; Chair covered sheath.

Different photos VI Lenin, filmed in the Hills (Lenin one with Krupskaya, MI with mother, with children).

Birch Grove (two MS.).

Cabinet VI Lenin in the Kremlin; desk (some plans).

Bookcases - LS., Card - MS.

Portraits VI Lenin.

Photos - Lenin at the meeting - LS.

Photos YM Sverdlov, FE Dzerzhinsky, MV Frunze, GV Chicherin, NA Semashko, AV Lunacharsky.

Manuscript VI Lenin.

Text of the article "The main task of the day."

Historical footage of the first years of Soviet power - the destroyed bridge.

Standing train.

Broken machine.

Old wooden windmill.

Ramshackle hut.

Workers pass each other bricks, working with picks.

Miners down into the mine, cut coal; lifted out of the mine carts.

Smokestack smokestacks.


Steelworkers at work.

The farmer plows.

Peasant mends the plow.

Hunger - does the train, on the roofs of cars people, are different. pl. hungry people, children, distributing bread to children, the children have lunch (at the orphanage).

Photo: A. Tsuryupa.

Reel №7

Photos: Winter Petrograd bread lines.

House of Academician IP Pavlova - LS., MS. (Winter).

Photos: IP Pavlov in the unheated office (sitting in a chair in a coat and hat).

IP Pavlov and his colleagues and come to his American counterpart in the lab - about experimental dogs.

Pavlov and his assistants during surgery.

City in the U.S. - skyscrapers, a bridge - LS.

Dam in the U.S. are sheep spilling grain, a man goes to seed.

Photo: Red Army engaged in the class, a young teacher at the blackboard in a coat and hat.

Engaged boy, girl, man.

Workers read the newspaper.

Photo: NK Krupskaya.

The Kremlin, Kremlin wall, towers - LS., MS. (Spring).

Reflection of trees in spring water - LS.

The building of the Council of Ministers in the Kremlin - LS.

Photo: Meeting of the CPC.

VI Lenin.

Electrification plan.

Volkhov hydroelectric station construction - LS., PNRM.

Working driven wheelbarrows of sand, load sand trucks.

Photo: modern HPS.

Modern plants.

Moscow, with high-rise buildings (evening).


The young man with the lamp "Sirius."

Construction of the hotel "Russia" in Zaryadye - LS.

Kremlin towers, construction cranes are visible (in the spring).

The building of the Council of Ministers in the Kremlin, where he lived and worked VI Lenin - LS. (Summer).

Cabinet VI Lenin in the Kremlin - MS., Desk - CU.

Several plans from different surveys living VI Lenin.