In a certain Kingdom (1995)

Documentary №60282, 1 part, duration: 0:09:45
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:Mihajlova G.
Screenwriters:Mihajlova G.
Camera operators:Balashov G., Presnyakov V.
Anouncers:Ehalov A.


Rasskaz writer A. Achalov about the world of mushrooms. In addition to known forest beauties, fungi-mold, yeast, Kombucha, etc.

Reel №1

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Movie №1

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Autumn forest, panorama of trees.

A mushroom under a tree turns into an old man with a mushroom cap.

Fern leaves, under them sits an old man-borovichok.

A forest clearing, a panorama of trees, mushrooms are visible in the grass.

An old man is sitting under a tree, a borovichok, turns in different directions and leaves.

Shots with different mushrooms - syroezhki, serushki, buttermilk.

Large - moss, a bump, an old man-borovichok appears.

Borovichok is sitting on a stump.

River bank, sedge thickets.

Mother-and-stepmother grass - parasitic fungi are visible on the leaves.

Large - spores of fungi.

A field, oats are waving in the wind.

Parasitic fungi are visible on the stems.

Close-up shots with stems affected by a fungal infection.

Shrubs, maple with white spots on the leaves.

Large - a leaf with a white coating.

Borovichok in the grass.

Large - strawberry berry in the garden, begins to deteriorate (accelerated shooting).

Greenhouses, branches with tomatoes, some branches withered, withered.

Large - dried branch and leaves.

Large - green tomatoes on branches.

View of branches with tomatoes in a greenhouse, some leaves are dried and yellow.

Borovichok is in the house, on a shelf, with other toys.

Panorama of the room.

Borovichok, yeast, and dishes appear on the table.

It is shown how sourdough is made on yeast.

Sourdough comes out of the pot.

Borovichok on the table, next to the jar where the tea mushroom drink is infused.

Krupno - kombucha in a jar.

Borovichok on the table, next to him a bottle of champagne.

Large - beer is poured into a glass from a bottle.

Large - bottle, the label says "Kvass concentrate".

Borovichok is on the table, cheese is lying next to it.

Large - cheese with mold.

Large - mold on cheese, white coating.

Borovichok on the table.

A large - open jar of jam, mold formed on top.

Borovichok on the table.

Large - spoiled products with mold.

Large - it shows how mold is formed.

A tree with yellow leaves.

Forest, grass, tree trunk, growths (mushrooms) are visible on it.

Mushrooms on the stump.

A colony of opyat on a stump.

Different shots with mushrooms - in the grass, on tree trunks, on branches.

Borovichok in the grass.

It is shown how the mycelium grows underground.

It shows how mushrooms grow (accelerated shooting).

Borovichok on the stump.

Different shots with mushrooms in the forest.

Shots with a real boletus in the forest and other edible mushrooms.

The boletus in the grass disappears and in its place appears a real mushroom-boletus.

It is shown how the mycelium grows underground.


Autumn forest

Key words

Forest, fungi, parasites, infection, mold, fungus, yeast, kombucha

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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