The construction of brick buildings (1987)

Documentary №60296, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:58, black-white
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Camera operators:Yu.Artamonov


An educational film created by order of the USSR State Committee for Vocational and Technical Education, as a textbook on the specialty of the construction of brick buildings.

Reel №1

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New buildings.

Panel house.

A construction crane lifts a reinforced concrete panel.

New building made of brick.

Various configurations of brick houses.

The bricklayer's workplace.

The area where the bricklayer moves is called the working area.

The place where bricks and mortar are placed is called a storage place.

The device - an ordination installed vertically accelerates the masonry process.

A mooring cord is pulled between the orders.

This ensures the horizontal rows of masonry and the same thickness of seams.

The work is carried out with gloves.

The extreme rows of bricks in the masonry are called versts.

The outer verst is laid in a way in a clamp with a solution pruning.

Internal verst vprisyk.

The bricks laid between the outer and inner versts are called zabutovka, are laid in a semi-box.

Stitching of external seams.

Decorative masonry.

Laying bricks, the bricklayer brings the masonry height to 1.20 m.

It is inconvenient to work further.

The laying of the second tier should be carried out from the scaffold.

Scaffolding and openings in the walls should have fences.

Workers should be wearing safety belts.

Ventilation or smoke ducts are laid out in the inner walls.

In this case, inventory buoys of the required cross-section are used.

Buoys protect the channels from clogging with the solution.

The most stressful elements of the building are narrow piers and pillars, so it is often necessary to control the verticality of the masonry with a plumb line.

These elements are additionally reinforced with steel grids for strength.

The grids are laid according to the project, but not less than 5 rows of bricks.

For the laying of the third tier, the scaffolding is set to a new level.

Pallets with bricks are installed in front of the piers.

Containers with solution in front of the opening.

The horizontal position of the masonry is checked.

The jumper is laid on a layer of mortar and the horizontal position is controlled again.

Check the depth of the sealing ends and continue laying the third tier.

Key words

Methods of laying.

Reel №2

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The quality of masonry is checked by geodetic control.

Cartoon explaining geodetic control.

Leveling determines the mark of window sills, the level of door and window openings, as well as interstory ceilings.

The walls of the stairwell are laid out simultaneously with the construction of the walls.

This is how the mortar bed is prepared for the installation of the landing.

In the course of masonry, the assembly of prefabricated structures is carried out.

The correctness of the distance between the laid platforms is checked by the template.

Laying a flight of stairs.

The level controls the horizontality.

The walls of the building are laid to the height of the floor.

Now you can install large-panel partitions.

Installation of a sanitary cabin.

After installing the cab, straightening is performed to combine the pipe risers.

The walls where the floor-to-floor ceilings will be laid are framed by an outer side made of brick.

A solution is spread over the support surface.

The first slab is laid from the scaffold.

The overlap of the plate on the support surface of the wall should be at least 100mm.

Dismantling of the scaffold.

Laying the remaining slabs.

Plates between themselves and the outer wall are fixed with anchors.

The longitudinal seams are carefully filled with concrete or mortar.

After the installation of the ceilings, the ceiling fixings are installed.

Embedded parts are installed in the places where the balcony slabs are supported.

The balcony plate is installed.

Check the horizontal and weld the plate to the embedded parts.

As the walls are laid, a garbage chute is installed.

Its trunk is lowered through a hole in the floor slab.

The rubber gasket at the joint is reinforced with a clamp.

Bricklaying is carried out by masons, united in links of 2-6 people.

The section of masonry where the bricklayers work during the shift is called a plot.

Each link of the plot is allocated on the same axes of the building.

The part of the building where a team of masons works in a shift is called a capture.

The construction of brick buildings is carried out by the method of a brigade contract on two captures.

Masonry is carried out on one, prefabricated structures are mounted on the other.

Buildings under construction.

Key words

Installation of prefabricated structures.
Organization of the work of the brigade.

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