The horse and rider. (Centaur) (1978)

Documentary №60585, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:06
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Camera operators:D.Kovalenko


Novella about equestrian sports: show jumping. Stable, training, the fall of the riders in the competition.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Movie №1

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Alternating photos from equestrian competitions.

A foal jumps out of the stable gate right under the feet of an adult horse.

The foal found its mother.

A herd of horses graze on the plain.

The veterinarian examines the foal.

A show jumping rider calculates his performance.

The athlete mentally loses what the horse will do on his command.

The flag is being raised.

The horse is put on a bridle.

A saddle weighs on the fence.

The saddle is put on the horse, the horse is scared.

The detour begins.

It is very important to sit on the saddle for the first time, then the horse will accept it and will be able to perform in show jumping.

The blacksmith forges a horseshoe.

A horse is nailed with a horseshoe on the hoof.

Performance of an athlete in show jumping.

Athletes are replaced on the field.

The athlete damages obstacles.

A sports horse.

A Polish athlete is performing.

The horse's refusal to jump over an obstacle.

Withdrawal of an athlete from the competition for triple disobedience of a horse to an athlete.

Horse jumping training.

The crack of the whip is a sound command to jump.

The form of raising a horse is affection and encouragement.

The fall of an athlete when taking an obstacle.

Various variants of falls.

Children come to work in the stable.

Children distribute hay to horses.

A rider makes a foal a horse, a horse makes a man a man.

Children clean and wash horses.

Overcoming obstacles in slow motion.

Children in riding lessons.

Children are taught to jump over obstacles.

The cup at the competition.

The winner has a medal.

A reward for a horse in winning competitions in show jumping.

Riders at night on the background of the moon.

The birth of a foal.

The foal got to its feet, found the mother and drinks milk.

The horse rears up.

Horse and sea.

Key words

Jumping competition.
Raising a horse.
Education of an athlete.

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