Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky (1992)

Documentary №60808, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:09
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:S. Krupenko
Screenwriters:S. Krupenko
Camera operators:G. Grachev
Composers:V. Martinov
Sound mixer:N. Shknevskaya
Music designer:Mahrov
Other authors:L. Lobanova, I. Tiktinskaya, I. Zheleznova, K. Kim, V. Aleksandrov, E. Osipova, K. Rodionova, S. Popov


The film tells about the life and scientific activity of the great Russian mathematician Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky, his theory of "non-Euclidean" geometry.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Movie №1

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The solar disk shines through the clouds.

A volume of Euclid's writings in Greek, pages of the book.

Frescoes and icons of Russian masters.

Drawings by Arab artists.

River landscape, view of the Kazan Kremlin.

Streets of Kazan.

The building of Kazan University.

The doors of the assembly hall open, the view of the hall.

Portrait of N.I. Lobachevsky on the wall of the assembly hall, panorama of the hall.

A table covered with a red tablecloth.

Leather chairs in the assembly hall.

Panorama of the hall.

Portrait of Lobachevsky on the wall of the hall.

A drawing depicting the center of old Kazan (panorama).

Engravings depicting Kazan of the 19th century.

Engravings illustrating scientific experiments in the 18th century.

Illustrations for physical experiments.

Pages of the textbook on the course of military fortification.

Pages of the dance manual.

The dial of the wall clock.

Pages of a mathematics textbook in English.

Decorations of the main staircase at Kazan University, steps leading up.

Engravings with images of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions.

Portrait of A. Durer.

Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, "Mona Lisa".

The doors leading into the dark space open.

Deformation of the plane according to Lobachevsky, the appearance of a geodesic curve (animation).

Illustrations of Euclid's postulates about the intersection of a point and a straight line, the sum of the angles of a triangle (animation).

Illustration of a proof about the sum of the angles of a triangle less than 180 degrees on a surface of constant curvature (animation).

Illustrations of Lobachevsky's theory refuting Euclid's postulates (animation).

Portrait of Lobachevsky standing next to a glass flask.

Models of non-Euclidean space.

Pages of Lobachevsky's work "On the Principles of Geometry", published in the Kazan Bulletin.

View of the Kazan Kremlin.

View of the Neva River and Vasilievsky Island in the distance.

Decorations of the columns of the Academy of Sciences building.

Portrait of the great Russian mathematician Ostrogradsky.

Fragments of the text of a critical article on Lobachevsky's theory published in the journal "Son of the Fatherland".

Portraits of authors of critical articles.

Paintings and engravings depicting the development of water and rail transport in 19th century Russia.

Drawings of the first steam locomotive.

Pages of the publication of scientific works of Sofia Kovalevskaya.

Drawings of various mechanisms created by Russian inventors.

Portrait of mathematician P.L. Chebyshev.

Portrait of Lobachevsky.

View of the Kazan Kremlin.

Interior view of one of the halls of the Kazan University Museum.

Views and panorama of the library.

The door to Lobachevsky's office opens.

Portrait of the German mathematician K.F. Gauss.

The title page of one of Gauss's works, an image of Gauss' house in Göttingen.

Pages of Gauss's works published in different languages.

Illustration of Gauss's views on the geometry of the surface, portrait of Gauss (animation).

Portrait of the Hungarian mathematician Janos Bojai, who developed his theory of "non-Euclidean" geometry.

Pages of the work of Janos Boyai published in 1832.

Portrait of Lobachevsky.

Pages of Lobachevsky's scientific work.

Illustrations to the works of Euclid.

Portrait of Gauss.

Examples of imaginary geometry in space (combined shooting).

Fragments of paintings by the French artist Paul Cezanne, who broke the linear perspective in painting.

Paintings by Marc Chagall and other representatives of various trends in painting.

The wind sways the treetops.

One of the glowing windows in the building of Kazan University.

Lobachevsky's desk.

Books on the shelves.

Pages of Lobachevsky's work "Pangeometry", published in the next volume of "Scientific notes of Kazan University".

A manuscript and a pen in an inkwell, the pendulum of a wall clock.

Lobachevsky's manuscripts.

Editions of Lobachevsky's works.

Spiral staircase leading up.

Pages of the edition of B. Riemann's work on the geometry of sets.

Portrait of A. Einstein.

Portraits of Janos Boyai, Riemann, Lobachevsky, Einstein.

Calendar: 1992

Locations: Leningrad [848] The Republic of Tatarstan [752]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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