Monkeys have nothing to do with it? (2003)

Documentary №60829, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:44
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Camera operators:S.Mazur


For students . A synthesis of modern ideas about the evolution of species and the descent of man.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Reel №3

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Movie №1

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People on the street.

A monkey in a cage.

Animals in the zoo.

Portrait of Ch .

Darwin on the flyleaf of his book.

The royal ship "Beagle" (drawing from the book.

Drawings in Darwin's book.

Lecture, one of the students fell asleep.

Rock paintings.

Paintings by artists: K.-J. Vernet "Villa Pamphili Park"; K.Monet "Breakfast on the grass"; O.Renoir "Bathing in the Seine"; J. Seurat "Sunday afternoon on the island of Grand Jatt", P. Signac "Pine in Saint-Tropez".

Portrait of N. Lobachevsky.

Prints of ancient plants.

Fossilized remains of ancient organisms.

Portrait of Darwin.

Portrait of G. Mendel.

The structure of DNA (animation).

Cell division (animation).

Fertilization (animation).

Photos of cells.

Professor V.M.Buren gives a lecture.

Experiments in the laboratory.

Cells under a microscope.

A wounded starfish tightens the wound.

Skeletons of ancient animals in the museum.


Bumblebee on a flower.

Bird market.

Sea urchins.

The hedgehog is ordinary.

Black hedgehog in the lab.

People with their pets in line to the vet.

The doctor examines the cat.

Mutants of fruit flies.

Experiments with mice in the laboratory.

A blood cell under a microscope.

A monkey in a cage.

Silver-black foxes in the aviary.

Cubs of foxes in a cage.

Animal farm.

Stuffed foxes of different colors in the museum.

Photo by geneticist N.Timofeev-Resovsky.


Streets of St.


Waves lapping on the shore.


Key words


Seasons: Autumn [826]

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