Basic firefighting (1990)

Documentary №60927, 1 part, duration: 0:08:37
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Camera operators:Yu.Artamonov
Sound mixer:A.Stefanov


The use of improvised means and the simplest means of fire extinguishing, fire extinguishers, etc., in the elimination of fires of various types.

Reel №1

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On the telephone, they dial the firefighters' call number 01.

A fire truck is in a hurry to answer the call.

The paper is burning.

The paper is filled with water.

Cartoon explaining the gorenje process and gorenje termination possibilities.

Isolation of the burning object from the air.

A burning candle is covered with a jar.

The fire went out.

The paper is burning, you need to remove everything that can burn and pour water.

Most fires are extinguished with water.

The water lowers the temperature necessary for gorenje.

Water vapor limits the supply of air necessary for gorenje.

If there is less than 15% oxygen in the air, then gorenje is impossible.

A man extinguishes a fire with water from a hose.

A person draws water into a bucket from a column.

Fire reservoir.

Extinguishing a fire at the landfill.

All houses above 9 floors have fire cranes.

If a fire is detected, it is necessary to call firefighters.

Then take the fire hose, connect it to the fire crane and extinguish the fire.

A fire related to electricity cannot be extinguished immediately with water.

First you need to turn off the electricity to avoid an electric shock.

A fire extinguisher and a bucket of sand should be ready in the school chemical laboratory.

A chemical fire is extinguished with sand or a foam fire extinguisher.

Blankets and burlap are suitable for extinguishing in everyday life, and wet ones are better.

There should always be fire extinguishers in public places.

You need to remember their location.

You need to familiarize yourself with the content and the terms of use.

For example, it is impossible to extinguish a fire with a foam composition on electric devices under current.

Extinguishing a fire with a foam fire extinguisher at the landfill.

Foam cools the burning substance, forms a separation layer between the combustible material and air.

Foam bubbles are filled with carbon dioxide.

When working with a powder fire extinguisher, a powder film is formed that isolates the burning object from oxygen.

A fire extinguisher that uses carbon dioxide to extinguish.

Carbon dioxide snow reduces the gorenje temperature, because its temperature is minus 70 degrees.

Carbon dioxide and powder fire extinguishers can extinguish electrical appliances under voltage.

Fire shield.

A crowbar and a hook are needed to pull apart burning objects to bring down the flame.

Athletes in fire-applied sports perform.

Introductory lesson on firefighting at school.

Even if it was possible to extinguish the fire, it is necessary to call firefighters.

The fire may spread again, because an inexperienced person may not notice it.

A fire truck is rushing to the rescue.

Key words

Fire extinguishing means.
Extinguishing techniques.

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