Across the Mountains Of Time. (1965)

Documentary №6193, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:19, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Bubrik S.
Screenwriters:Bubrik S., Novogrudskiy A.
Composers:Boldyrev I.
Anouncers:Khmara L.


About the Lenin's activity during the First World War in 1914-1917.

Temporary description:

Film about the activities of Lenin during the First World War from 1914 to 1917. The film draws upon the Institute of Marxism-Leninism of the CPSU Central Committee, state film archives, museums and libraries of the Soviet Union. Newsreels: fighting on the fronts of World War I, production processes in the military industry, manufacturers and financiers, including: NA Second, N. A. Rockefeller, the owner of the concern Krupp, government officials, including: Germany's Emperor Wilhelm II, Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Franz Joseph, King George V, Emperor of Russia Nicholas II, Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Austria-Hungary), the French president R. Poincare; meeting the governments of Germany, Russia, demonstrations on the outbreak of war in different countries.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landscapes Galician land (Poland) - PNRM., MS.

A flock of sheep on a beautiful pasture.

Amateur photography VI Lenin against the Galician landscape, made in the summer of 1914.

Landscape with hills and copses - LS.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

The explosion of shells on Polish soil - beginning of World War I - LS.

Artillery fighting at the front - MS., LS.

Photo: suppliers of arms - MS.

Animation: spinning globe.

Portraits arms suppliers Vtorov, Rockefeller, Krupa - MS.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

The race gun barrel with the inscription "Rump» - CU.

Testing of new guns on the rating range Krupa - MS., LS.

Test a new type of weapon: a soldier crawling with a gun to the line imaginary enemy.

Guns firing at the armored machine gun (check the strength of armor).

Military watch crawling under armor soldiers, which hit by shells from guns.

Military Plant - LS.

Manufacture of weapons and ammunition in the shops of the plant.

Ready gun out of the factory shop - MS.

Descent warship the stocks of water - MS.

Column capital ships at sea - LS.

German emperor Wilhelm II on review of his troops.

Parade of the German Empire - MS.

The Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph on review of his troops.

King George V of the royal troops on parade - MS.

Russian Czar Nicholas II on review of troops - MS.

March of the Russian army - MS.

Strikes in Russia buzzing factory whistle - MS.

Stops the machine - MS.

Wheel stops - MS.

Working on the street.

Newspapers in 1914 calling for the Russian Communists to fight against tsarism and the bourgeois order.

Workers' demonstrations in Petrograd - LS., MS.

Photo: V. Lenin Poronino - MS.

Polish landscape with village - MS.

Galician house Peasant Poronino in which he lived, VI Lenin.

Portrait of Nicholas Krupskaya, 1914.

Stairs in the house, which went on VI Lenin, in the attic, he served as a bedroom and work room.

Attic, PNRM. on furniture.

Desktop VI Lenin.

Open book "Work work" on the table - CU., MS.

Countryside views from the window of the attic - LS.

Photo: Members of the Communist Party: Jacob Gonetsky, Alexandra Kollontai, Nikolai Krylenko Anna Yelizarova Ulyanov - CU.

House Mountain Peasant Guta Mostovoy, which collects the Bolsheviks, who came from Russia, Russian and Polish revolutionaries - MS. PNRM.

Table, in the house Guta Mostovoy, for which questions of revolutionary struggle - MS.

Kerosene lamp in the room - CU.

Picture: "The Bolsheviks - the State Duma, who came to the meeting with Lenin."

Animation: VI Lenin among the Bolsheviks.

White River Dunajec - LS.

The slopes of the Tatra Mountains, pastures - LS.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Crowded streets of Paris.

Bois de Boulogne, the riders on the walk - LS.

The people in the area of ​​Vienna - MS.

The people on the streets of the morning

Sarajevo - Bosnian capital.

Girls perform a dance to come to town Archduke Franz Ferdinand - heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.


Archduke and his wife, passing through the streets of Sarajevo.

Police on the streets boast Serb Gavrilo Prantsipa boy who killed Archduke.

Newspapers reported on the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Bosnia.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Panic on the streets of Sarajevo.

Photo: Franz Joseph signed the ultimatum to Serbia - MS.

Newsreel 1914:

Turn around and take aim the barrel of guns - MS., CU.

Military ship in the sea - LS.

Passes French President Raymond Poincaré, who arrived in Russia.

Poincare and the Russian Tsar Nicholas II - MS.

Russian troops march pass.

Hastily working telegraph transmitting messages about the war Austria-Hungary and Serbia, the declaration of war by Germany and France, Russia, the beginning of World War I.

The text of the general mobilization in Germany - CU.

People read the message - MS.

The crowds in the streets of German cities - LS., MS.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Mobilized for World War I Russian workers and peasants in the area - PNRM., LS.

Women accompany their husbands to the front, crying - MS.

On the streets of the town are soldiers - PNRM.

Crowds of people on the streets - PNRM., MS.

Ship with sails mobilized.

The text of the manifesto of the king's mobilization.

Mobilization order in France - MS.

Mobilization in France, sending mobilized to the front.

Mobilized to the front of the Germans in Germany.

German command searches plan of military action against Russia.

German newspaper reports of the outbreak of the war against Russia.

Reichstag - LS., CU.

In the Reichstag is a vote for war credits, along with other military credit for the captains, the Social Democrats.

German troops marching - LS.

Caricature of the leaders of the Social Democrats in Germany.

The leader of the German Social Democratic Hautsky speech to the German people with false assurances.

Leader International Vandelvelde its call abort the revolutionary struggle.

French Socialists Marcel Samba - a member of the military government, Jules Guesde, Albert Thomas - Assistant Secretary of War, who stood up for the war - CU.

GV Plekhanov, who spoke out in favor of war - CU.

Black Hundreds crowd the streets of Petrograd, approving the military policy of the State Duma.

At the session of the State Duma of the Bolsheviks vote against war credits.

Animation: a police constable of the hall displays Duma deputy Petrovsky.

Photo: Bolshevik deputies convicted by a military court for protesting against war credits for permanent settlement in the link: Peter G., MK Muranov, Badaev AE, Samoilov FA, NO Steps PNRM. on individuals, CU.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Exiles out of the car - MS.

Animation: the streets of the German city of trained troops marching.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Chauvinist demonstration in Vienna, he called to kill Russian - LS.

Photo portrait of VI Lenin in 1914.

The prison in New Bidding (Galicia), in which sat VI Lenin.

The lock on the prison doors - MS.

Viewing window in the door - MS.

PNRM. to a prison cell, in which sat VI Lenin.

Portrait of VI Lenin - MS.

Reports of police surveillance of VI Lenin.

Protests coming to local authorities, the arrest of VI Lenin.

New Street are traded, at which VI Lenin returned from prison.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Russian GHQ - PNRM., MS.

General Alexeyev.

Passing trains.


Landscapes of Switzerland - LS.

The Swiss city of Bern.

Animation: VI Lenin of the Bolshevik group gathered in a forest on the outskirts of Bern.

Animation: newspaper "Social Democrat" rush to the article, "The War and Russian Social-Democracy."

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Episodes of fighting at the front of the 1st imperialist war: the explosions of shells, the soldiers in the trenches, the Marines in the attack, firing cannons, battleships.

The ship, broken shells, sinking.

The air airship - MS.

Airship burns in the air and falls.

Destroyed homes.

Ruined Cathedral Rhine - MS.

Alpine village Zimmerwald - NPL.

House in Zimmerwald, a gathering of 11 countries socialists.

Draft manifesto, adopted in Zimmerwald (Switzerland) socialists of various countries.

Mountain village Kintal, where the conference was held with the participation of socialists VI Lenin.

Zurich, rush to the house, where in 1916 he worked VI Lenin.

Animation: picture VI Lenin at his desk - CU.

Animation: Lenin's "Notebooks on Imperialism» - MS.

American military factory shop - LS.

New York - LS.

The inscription on the building of the "Wall Street» - MS.

Animation: the internal view of the bank - MS.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


To operate quarries black slaves; overseer with a whip to monitor the work.

The clerk counts bags of colonial goods - MS.

Slave, shackled in a cage.

Colony reaches out slave.

Animation: manuscript VI Lenin's "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism." - MS.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Soldiers in the trenches - MS.

Due to an explosion on the battlefield - LS.

A shot of the gun on the "Aurora» - LS.

Vietnamese patriots fighting for the independence of their country.

Africans toppled monument white conqueror (heavy statue falls from the pedestal head down).

Freed from colonial Africans cheering on the square.

Portrait of VI Lenin - CU., Departure.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Speech by Karl Liebknecht's mass rally in Berlin - LS., MS.

Barbed wire at the front - LS., PNRM.

Soldiers before battle - LS.

The movement of troops to the new position in the winter.

Soldiers in the trenches dilapidated - PNRM.

At rest in the summer soldiers caught lice in underwear - LS., CU.

Long line of soldiers walking along the military road.

Episodes of heavy fighting at the front.

Explosions on the battlefield - LS., MS.

Lying soldier hat - departure, MS.

The corpse of a soldier hanging on a wire fence.

Horses gallop on the military road - LS., MS.

Transportation of military cargo on oxen carts are - LS.

Elephant pushes platform with military cargo - MS.

Paris still driven reinforcements to Verdun.

On the battlefield, move one of the tanks - MS.

At the airport to tie airplanes bomb.

The first air battle: fighting two aircraft - LS.

Falls burning plane - LS.

Shoot guns - MS.

Dead soldiers on the battlefield - LS., CU.

The soldiers carried the wounded from the battlefield.

The wounded were put on a train to be sent to hospitals.

Hospital train - MS.

Medical Commission examines the wounded in the hospital recovering and issues in the existing parts.

Representative of the royal court wearing a soldier's neck amulet and blesses him before the fight.

Presentation of crosses and medals soldiers before battle.

Merchant at the front - MS.

Presenting gifts to soldiers merchants to raise morale.

Priest runs along the trench and bless the soldiers before battle.

In the French army artist entertains soldiers.

In the French trenches lie dead soldiers.

Arc de Triomphe in Paris - LS.

The funeral of the Unknown Soldier under the Arc de Triomphe - MS.

Memorial stone on the grave of the unknown soldier in Paris - MS.

Killed on the battlefield - LS.

Crosses on the graves of those killed - LS.

Photo: Soldiers with rifles - MS.

Russian soldiers in the dugout reading Bolshevik leaflets - MS.

Flyer: "Brothers!

Until when we wage war? "...

482-th Zhizdrinsky Infantry.

Military propagandists-Leninists: M. Frunh, P. Dybenko, A. Myasnikov, S. Nakhimson - MS.

Soldiers reading a letter from home.

Bread lines in the city - LS., MS.

The revolutionary masses of the people in the streets of Petrograd in February days in 1917 - LS., MS.

At the rally, advocates royal officer called for a "fight to».

Speech Bolshevik Kollontai: Encourages disarm the bourgeoisie.

The people welcomed Kollontai - LS.

Stockholm - LS., NPL.

VI Lenin and the Bolshevik Party is on a city street.

Finland Station in Petrograd - LS., NPL.

Monument VI Lenin at the Finland Station Square, where he delivered the armored car in April 1917 - MS., CU.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

The protesters are carrying a portrait of VI Lenin - LS.

Photo: V. Lenin against the Galician landscape.

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