We don't give up, we go (1982)

Documentary №62025, 6 parts, duration: 0:29:39, black-white
Production: LSDF
Screenwriters:B.Dobrodeev, N.Shishlin
Camera operators:Yu.Nikolaev
Sound mixer:V.Chepov


The fate of the children of foreign revolutionaries, or who came with their parents-the Communists in the Soviet Union, or evacuated as children of Spain. From 1920-ies under the city of Ivanovo there were "Interdom", took these children. He existed in the 1980-ies, when we were shooting the picture.

Reel №1


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Says Chavdar Dragoychev.

Children of revolutionaries in Russia.

Large - the faces of children.

Alternating shots with the children of the murdered revolutionaries.

Photo by Chevdar Dragoychev.

Photos of Chavdar's mother Tsola Dragoycheva.

Chronicle of 1933.

Ivanov streets.

The building of the Ivanovo International Boarding School named after E.D.Stasova.

The teacher of the school, Svoboda Kasabova, is at the lesson.

Chronicle of 1933.

The life of children in a boarding school.

Photo of Svoboda Kasabova's children.

Svoboda Kasabova, the hero of Socialist Labor of the NRB, tells.

Photos of pupils of Svoboda Kasabova.

Children go to school, they are met by a young teacher Lyubov Selyukina.

Photo of Boarding School teachers.

Chronicle of 1933.

Children on a picnic, playing board games.

The girl embroiders.

Children watch movies in the cinema hall.

Stills from the film "Karl Brunner".

Photo by Fritz Straube.

Photo of Fritz Straube with his family.

Chronicle of 1935.


Demonstrations of young fascists.

Arrest of a communist.

Cages with birds on the wall of the house.

Streets of Leipzig.

Photo by Fritz Straube.

Sale of newspapers in Leipzig.

Leipzig Railway Station.

Train passengers.

Soldiers ride on a trolley.

Checkpoint on the border with Czechoslovakia.

A Czech town on the border with Germany.

Narrated by Fritz Straube.

Chronicle of 1935.

The corridors of the boarding school.

The children from the boarding school feed the animals.

Aviation model circle.

Girls play the piano.

Korean Viva Pak is dancing.

Boarding school canteen.

Photo of Chinese children.

Among them is Mao Zedong's son Seryozha Yongfu.

Narrated by Fritz Straube.

Key words

Children of revolutionaries.
Repression at home.
Flight to Russia.
Life in a boarding school.


Cola Dragojcheva, bolgarukij partijnij deyatelj. Svoboda Kasabova, geroj socialisticheskogo truda NRB.

Calendar: 1933 1935 1982

Locations: Ivanovo


Ivanovo International Boarding School named after E.D.Stasova.

Reel №3


Reel №4


Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fascist occupation.

German soldiers check cars.

Children trapped in the occupied territory.

Photos of the Renyak sisters.

The sisters Renyak Lasta and Dragomir tell us.

Picnic, dog running.

Chronicle of 1941.

Children ride in a cart, live in a hut.

The Germans take people away by car.

Photo of Chinese woman Chi Ying, daughter of the commander-in-chief of the 8th Army in China.

A train is coming, in the cars of which people are being taken to work in Germany.

Workers of a military factory.

The sisters Renyak Lasta and Dragomir tell us.

Children are taken away on buses to the Ravensbruck death camp.

Chronicle of 1945.

The liberation of the prisoners of the Ravensbruck camp.

The explosion of the bridge by the partisans.

The partisans are fighting.

The partisans are resting by the campfire.

Guerrilla fighting in Yugoslavia.

Photo by Teresa Mandini.

Narrated by Teresa Mandini.

Chronicle of 1942-1945.

A partisan in Yugoslavia listens to a broadcast on the radio.

The partisans are resting.

The partisans of northern Italy.

Italian partisans enter the city.

Photo of Teresa Mandini with a machine gun.

Photo of partisans in Milan after the liberation of the city.

Photo of Teresa in Milan after meeting her father.

Narrated by Teresa Mandini.

Photo of Teresa's father, an Italian anti-fascist.

Chronicle of 1945.

People beat the bust of Hitler with sticks and tear up the documents of the fascists.

Soviet fighters are flying.

Guns are firing.

Military traffic controller.

Narrated by Fritz Straube.

German city.

Destroyed buildings.

Refugees are coming.

Brandenburg Gate.

People get off the subway in Berlin.

Photo of Fritz Straube's father.

Photo of Fritz Straube with his family.

Photo of Fritz Straube as a child.

Photos of Boarding School graduates.

Meeting of Chavdar Dragoychev with his mother Tsola Dragoychivoy.

A solemn line-up at a boarding school in the city of Ivanovo.

Chronicle of 1950.

Solemn congratulations to the pupils on their birthday.

Performance of the heroes of the holiday.

Photos of boarding School students who returned after the war, Linyak Mira and Chi Ying.

Chronicle of 1949.

Chinese pupils.

The flag of the People's China is being developed.

The joy of Chinese children on the day of the proclamation of the Republic of China.

Mao Zedong greets his colleagues.

Key words

The wanderings of children.
Fighting fascism.
Meeting with relatives.
The proclamation of the PRC.


Renyak Lasta i Dragomira, vospitannici Shkoli-internata. Chi In, vospitannica Shkoli-internata. Tereza Mandini, partizanka. Fric Shtraube, vospitannik Shkoli-internata. Cola Dragojchiva, bolgarskij partijnij deyatelj. Chavdar Dragojchev, vospitannik Shkoli-internata.

Calendar: 1941 1945 1949 1950 1982

Locations: Belarus [845] Yugoslavia [247] Germany [84]

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chronicle of 1950.

Pupils from the Ivanovo Boarding School from China are going home.

Photos of Chinese Boarding School students.

In China, young people march with flags.

Mao Zedong's son was sent to the village for re-education.

Photo of Sergei Mao.

A parade in China.

Photo Klim Yun Ping, the son of the disgraced Liu Shao Qi, committed suicide.

Photos of Chinese pupils with a similar fate.

Photo of Spanish children, pupils of the orphanage.

Photo of the Llanes family.

Verhilio's older brother stayed in the USSR, married a classmate.

Verhilio built the Kuibyshev hydroelectric power station.

Filming Verhilio at a construction site.

Photo of Carlo's younger brother at the cinema camera, because he became an operator, studied with Roman Carmen.

Photo of Carlo Llanes, who works for French television.

Photo of the Llanes family in Paris.

Photo by Carmen Llanes.

Shooting Carmen in Spain with her husband.

Carmen's granddaughter is dancing.

Chronicle 1950.

In Moscow, Spanish pupils are escorted to their homeland.

A woman rides in a compartment with a baby.

Pupils together with their children look out of the train windows.

Photo of Armando Herrera with his wife.

Chronicle 1950.


Narrated by Armando Herrera.

Spanish pupils gathered and share their memories.

Streets of the Spanish city.

Panorama of the Spanish city.

A Spanish pupil of the orphanage sings a Russian song.

A new generation of interdomites is playing snowballs.

The corridors of the boarding school.

A meeting of school teachers.

Pupils at the labor lesson.

Pupils at the Russian language lesson.

A line at a boarding school dedicated to the interdomites who died in the Great Patriotic War.

The pupils of the orphanage sing.

Key words

Children of revolutionaries.
Returning home.


Sergej Mao, sin Mao Czeduna. Klim Yun Pinj, uchenij. Verhilio Ljyanes, kavaler ordena V.I. Lenina.

Calendar: 1950 1982

Locations: Ivanovo China [46] Spain [205] Moscow [820]


Ivanovo International Boarding School.

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