Science – forestry production (1979)

Documentary №62052, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:01
Production: LSDF
Director:Kalabin Yu.
Screenwriters:Efremova I.
Camera operators:Rozhin L.
Sound mixer:Pocelueva G.


On the experience of the research Institute of forestry, the film shows the achievements of Soviet science in the restoration of forest resources in the country.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

City streets, traffic, pedestrians walking.

The correspondent asks questions about the forest to people on the street.

Men and a woman answer the correspondent what the forest means to them (the interview is interspersed with shots of traffic and pedestrians on the streets of the city).

Summer forest, the sun shines through the crowns of trees.

A spring on the rocks.

A stream flows in the forest.

View of a meadow with wildflowers, plants.

Panorama of tall pine trees.

Felled trees are falling.

Panorama of the forest, clearing.

Panorama of the forest, tall pines.

The building of the Scientific Research Institute of Forestry and Forestry.

Institute staff, scientists are sitting at a long table.

The speaker is speaking, behind him are posters with graphs and tables.

There is a discussion, different plans of the participants of the meeting are shown.

Panorama of the table where the participants of the meeting are sitting.

Says Moiseev N. A. - director of the Institute.

View of the forest.

Large - a tree, a panorama of other trees.

Large - grass, wild strawberries.

Panorama of the forest, clearing.

Says Moiseev.

In the frame - the building of "TSOKB Leskhozmash".

Design bureau - employees are standing near Kulman, discussing the project.

View of the design bureau - employees work behind the coulmans.

Computing center - an employee takes a printout from a special device.

An employee in the laboratory, looking through a microscope.

An employee near the devices, equipment - makes notes.

There are pots with indoor plants on the windowsill, a panorama of the office - a man is sitting at the table.

Close-up - a man's face, a panorama of the landscape in a frame on the wall.

Panorama of the field, forest.

Forestry workers are standing near the stump, discussing the tasks of reforestation and so on.

Large - a map of the forest, laid out on a stump.

In the frame - employees of the Forestry enterprise.

After the end of deforestation, a special equipment begins to work - a grubber.

The process of uprooting stumps on the site is shown.

View of the cut down area of the forest, stumps, driftwood, etc.

The prepared land is being plowed with special equipment - plow tractor PLMN. Panorama of a plowed plot.

In the frame - the LMU planting machine is working, which is planting seedlings of coniferous trees.

Panorama of the field with plantings.

In the frame - the SLG planting machine is planting seedlings without disturbing micro-elevations.

View of the landing furrow, panorama of the forest.

Panorama of young coniferous tree plantings (new restored forest area).

A road in the forest, a view of trees (removed from traffic).

Large - a fragment of the map of the RSFSR, the cities of Moscow, Tula, Orel, Kursk are marked.

Large - ears of wheat in the field.

View of the field, a huge ravine.

Different shots with ravines.

Panorama of a ravine planted with grass and trees.

Large - branches of coniferous trees, oak branches, etc.

A man in the forest screws a pin into a tree using a special device.

A man examines a tree branch.

Key words

Forest, design bureau, ravines, uprooting, planting seedlings

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Summer forest, the sun shines through the crowns of trees.

Children in a clearing, with a bucket of mushrooms.

View of a young section of the forest.

Panorama of plowed fields.

Large - works steeply inclined tractor DT-75K. Different shots with a tractor in the fields - the unit plows, loosens the ground, and so on.

Tractors work on the slopes of gullies (ravines).

Outdoor terracing is carried out by a tractor DT-75K, a plow of the PCHs is working.

The tractor cab is equipped with two seats, the driver can transfer and work in a shuttle way.

A tractor with a plow plows the ground, prepares a terrace.

After preparing the terrace, a ripper comes out on it.

Large - the ripper works.

The general plan is a panorama of fields, slopes, where tractors with special devices work.

The tractor plow is equipped with a special loosening rack - the process of loosening the soil is shown.

Panorama of the gentrified, developed ravines.

Large - part of the map of the RSFSR, the cities of Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Kislovodsk are marked.

Caucasus, Mineral Waters area - panorama of mountains, gorge, river, etc.

A worker works with a jackhammer.

See from above, from the mountains to the herds grazing in the valley.

Sheep graze in a meadow.

View of the rocky, dried-up soil in the mountains.

Panorama of the mountain landscape.

Fields with haystacks, a panorama of the institute's minibus and special equipment in the field.

Large - instrument data is automatically printed (in the form of a curved line).

An employee is on the field near the device.

Panorama of the mountain slopes, planted trees (as part of the program for afforestation of mountain slopes).

The tractor - sectional terraser of the vehicle is working.

Large - the faces of employees.

The tractor plows the ground.

Large - pears on a tree, a panorama of a field, trees.

Panorama of the planted areas of young forest on the slopes of the mountains.

Large - apple tree with apples.

A man is riding a horse, a panorama of the mountain slopes, a valley, and so on.

A mountain river flows.

Mountain landscape (panorama).

Large - water is poured into a glass from a mineral spring.

A tractor plows the ground on the mountainside.

Large - the tractor works.

Employees at the site are discussing an action plan.

Large - tractor moves a huge boulder.

People drink mineral water from the spring.

The tractor plows the ground.

An elderly man in a papakha drinks mineral water.

Top view - a tractor plowing stony soil.

People drink mineral water from the spring.

A tractor plows the land in the mountains.

Large - part of the map of the RSFSR, the cities of Kalinin, Tula, Moscow, etc. are marked.

In the frame is the arboretum of the Ivanteevsky nursery.

Panorama of the birch trees.

Large - a sign with the name of the birch variety.

Panorama of trees in the forest.

Nameplates near the tree, a panorama of the alley.

Employees of the arboretum in the forest, a view of coniferous trees.

In the frame - the head says, an employee in a white coat makes notes in a notebook.

An employee puts bags on the branches of a coniferous tree.

Cultivation of crops from varietal seeds in greenhouses under a plastic film.

View of the greenhouse (from the inside).

There is an automatic irrigation system in the greenhouse.

A plowed field, a panorama of special equipment - employees work on a tractor with a trailer, who plant seedlings grown in greenhouses for rearing.

The work of a five-row UWB landing machine is shown.

A four-row cultivator is working in the field.

The scientific staff of the nursery are monitoring the seedlings.

Panorama of fields with seedlings.

A tractor is working on a field with plantings - it digs up grown seedlings.

The seedlings are stored in special metal containers located on the tractor.

Bus, people get off.

Panorama of the delegation, field, working equipment.

Members of the delegation of the international symposium on reforestation techniques and technology walk around the planting area - look, take pictures.

A tractor is working in the forest, uprooting small trees and shrubs.

The participants of the symposium look at the process of planting young seedlings of coniferous plants, take pictures.

A tractor with saplings is driving.

A large-scale foreign specialist makes notes in a notebook.

A tractor is coming.

In the frame is a foreign member of the symposium.

The tractor uses a special device to process the soil.

Vorobyov G. I. explains to the guests the principle of work on the plantings, shows the tractor and the seedlings.

A delegation on the field, a panorama of a working tractor.

Says Vorobyev G. I. - Chairman of the USSR State Committee on Forestry.

Panorama of high-rise buildings.

People on the streets of the city.

View of planting with young seedlings of coniferous trees.

People on the streets of the city.

Sections of young forest.

People on the streets of the city.

Circular panorama of trees in the forest.

Key words

Forest, tractor, field work, mountains, mineral spring, arboretum, greenhouse, planting seedlings

Locations: Caucasus Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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